porsche 718 spyder should you bu
Altair Club Cars Porsche 718 Spyder | Should you buy one?

Porsche 718 Spyder | Should you buy one?

Its a GT4 with more headroom, is that enough to need one in your life? Well, the Porsche Spyder is a bit more than just a chopped up GT4, check out the video to find out more!

Welcome back viewers this is a 718 boxster spider it’s a spider version of a car that already comes exclusively as a convertible uh but we’re not going to get into that because this is a brilliant car so let me talk you through it under the hood you will find some storage space and around back you’ll find a bit more storage space because just like every boxster

And cayman the boxer spider is mid-engine and it’s a gem of an engine you will actually recognize it from the porsche cayman gt4 it’s the same four liter naturally aspirated flat six but it has been fiddled to produce 414 brake horsepower and 317 pound-feet of torque now that does drive the rear wheels exclusively on the boxster spider and does zero to 60 in 3.7

Seconds now that 3.7 seconds is with pdk and when you use launch control if you don’t mind going a little bit slower and having quite a bit more fun you could opt in for the six-speed manual like we have on this car that’s always a transmission option for you so clearly the boxer spider has a power train to inspire some some giggles and smiles but what you need

To understand about the boxer spider is it’s not a track car unlike the cayman gt4 which is really a track focused variant of the cayman the boxer spider is just a more extreme version of the open top boxer so part of being a little bit more extreme is the boxster spider’s aerodynamics now we will start at the front of the car where you find this bespoke front

Splitter with spider embossed in it now as air travels through this section of the car it will cool the radiators and come up through this top slot in the front end as the air travels over the body work it’s going to provide downforce over that front axle you’ll also notice these two functional vents on either side and this little slot as the air passes through

These channels it’ll exit in front of the front wheel wells and push that localized air down on these fins to provide additional downforce on either side of the front axle now as we move along the side of the car you’ll notice these body lines that really encourage the airflow into these side gills that help provide crucial cooling to that four liter flat six now

As we make our way to the back of the car you start to see some more interesting design components that are bespoke to the boxster spider you get these large haunches on the rear cabin of the car those only come on the boxster spider you get this duckbill spoiler that comes specific to this car and if you did watch my last video of the gt4 which i’ll link for you

To take a look you may recognize this rear diffuser which of course is borrowed from the gt4 as well as these two exhaust pipes that are very specifically positioned to create an area of vacuum underneath the car to suck that rear end in and give you better grip in fact because of this rear diffuser design and the way that it works in conjunction with the exhaust

System it produces 50 percent less lift than the previous generation of the boxster spider now on the subject of that exhaust i will say that in my opinion a very important part and actually one of the best parts of driving an open top sports car is that you can hear that exhaust so much better and that’s a huge benefit in a car like this because that flat 6 sounds

Absolutely brilliant and more so if you open up the valves and let that exhaust breathe a little bit better unobstructed by the environmentalists that are constantly trying to take our happiness away now that’s all well and good but let’s be honest there’s really only one reason that you buy an open top sports car and that’s the enjoyment factor something that you

Don’t get from cars that have a roof now if you’re looking for something that’s going to be a corner hugging track lunatic you can go and get a cayman gt4 that’s going to do that job absolutely perfectly so the real question becomes is the boxster spider enjoyable to drive now in a word yes absolutely it is the suspension is definitely more rough than you would

Find in a standard boxster but it’s not uncomfortable to the point of being a problem or really even noticeable you’ll be too distracted by enjoying your time i’ll say that the clutch is nice and smooth so you’re not going to have a disproportionately toned left leg and the gear selection is nice and snappy much like i would imagine an old bolt action rifle so

The frunk gives you a decent amount of storage space and the runk or trunk gives you a little bit more so if you are going on a long journey and you have a passenger there’s plenty of space for you guys to get your luggage in there so you have all of your basic amenities when you get to your destination now i should mention that the roof operation on this car is

A little bit complicated where most modern cars have an automated roof that you can control with a flick of a finger this car is a bit more medieval and does require a minor in mechanical engineering now luckily i do have a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering so this shouldn’t be too complicated i’m going to go through all the steps and it’s just going

To be the reverse to put it back up so to get started obviously first thing you’re going to need the key so go ahead and open this up go inside and we’re going to turn the key to the on position then there’s this little switch on the center you’re gonna push that and that’s going to release the lock on the roof and it’s going to open the rear hatch so before

You open the rear hatch there’s these little pieces here you’re gonna push down on this piece and that’s gonna come up and you’re gonna fold it nice and intricately and you’re gonna nuzzle it into this little part here until you hear a click which should happen at some point in time during this process there it goes all right that’s one side so far so good not

So bad so click on this and come right out and you’re going to fold this real nice bit of origami and you’re going to slot that right in there no big deal all is well going to go back to the rear of the car and you’re going to lift this bad boy it’s going to come up not unlike the 911 speedster so that is nice and beautiful now the manual labor part you’re going

To lift this it does help if you have a second person if you don’t have a second person you may want to hire a second person or just have a passenger with you at all times that will fit nice and snug in there it’s very important this part these little flaps need to come down on either side there’s another one on this side now again if you do have another person

Maybe you know wife boyfriend husband best friend makes this process a little easier now we just bring down this beautiful rear end and it’s going to click into place there it goes and now you can sit in your beautiful speedster and enjoy the drive hopefully the light hasn’t turned from red to green yet now to put the roof back up it’s much the same process

You’re gonna click the other button that’s gonna release the rear end you’re just gonna go ahead and get back out of the car and you’re going to open that rear end nice and slow okay now everything is going to be done opposite so these flaps need to go up i’m going to try and do it a little bit faster so these flaps go up now this room is a little bit heavy so it

Helps if you fit which i’m not and we’ll just leave that there for a second this rear hatch can now come down comes down a little bit easier and click into place let’s not forget about these so click this little button and they should pop out there it goes weird thing about this is when they go back in actually do the click in place that’s great okay and then

We’re gonna push this button get this out and we’re going to click that back in place all right not done yet gonna get back in the car we’re gonna hold this button and that’s going to lock it in place see that was no trouble so the verdict is would i buy a boxster spider well i would but not unconditionally and i’ll explain you see the boxster spider is a more

Exclusive uh it’s it’s definitely a more rare it has that cool factor to it uh and it’s a more raw and raucous version of the base boxster but if i was looking for a car that i’m gonna put a lot of miles on i’m gonna i’m gonna go travel the world i’m gonna get it nice and dirty me personally i would prefer an automated roof so i would go for a boxster gts now

The current generation of the boxster gts does share the same four liter naturally aspirated flat six albeit it is detuned and has a little bit less power a little bit less torque but again this isn’t going to be used for the track so that 10 20 horsepower is not going to make that noticeable of a difference the boxster spider is a work of art it is magnificent i

Love it i want it i think about it every morning every night and when i have my cheerios but like i said if i am looking for something that i’m gonna put miles on i would opt for the gts because it is a little bit less expensive and it is a little bit more convenient now the flip side to that is if you are looking for something that is a little bit more collectible

Something that’s going to hold its value over time and that you can still put miles on you can still enjoy while losing less money or honestly even possibly making money this specific car is worth more now than it was when it was brand new and it has almost 9 000 miles on it if that’s the criteria that you’re trying to fit into then the boxster spider is 100 the

Way to go now that’s all i have on the boxster spider for today i want to take a minute to thank porsche of riverside once again they were kind enough to loan me this car as well as let me use their facility to film the video so i will leave the regular links to their youtube channel where they make some porsche content of their own as well as their website if you

Want to check that out now thank you so much for watching please like subscribe leave me a comment below on what you think would you get a boxster spider or would you opt in for the gts like myself let me know down below other than that i will see you in the next video take care

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