porsche 718 spyder gt4 convertib
Altair Club Cars Porsche 718 Spyder GT4 Convertible REVIEW on AUTOBAHN (NO SPEED LIMIT) by AutoTopNL

Porsche 718 Spyder GT4 Convertible REVIEW on AUTOBAHN (NO SPEED LIMIT) by AutoTopNL

Porsche 718 Spyder “GT4 Convertible” REVIEW on AUTOBAHN (NO SPEED LIMIT) by AutoTopNL

Oh pull this get these put them up like that pull this up this folds nicely and you can close this up that’s it what’s up ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this pov review bio to top now my name is max and today we are driving the all new porsche 718 spyder and this is a very very special car it is basically a cayman gt4 but a boxster although it’s not called a

Boxster anymore it’s just a 718 spyder so today i’m going to show you around it show you all the incredible cool stuff that’s on this car then we’ll take it for a drive towards the old man for well let’s do a top-down autobahn run with this spider i think that’s that’s fitting but before we begin don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell if you want to

Receive updates when we upload a new video and you can also check us out on instagram if you like at all topping out alrighty so what do we have well let’s start with the spec we’ve got again tiant blue 718 spider with the 20 inch spider wheels and a lot of cool stuff on this car is standard so compared to a cayman gt4 you get the pasm the porsche adaptive suspension

Management as standard and you get the sports chrono package as standard as well what else do you get well let’s start here with the splinter because you get this awesome spider logo in the front splitter this is basically a gt 4 spider as i said but there are some differences compared to a cayman gt4 because for example this splitter is not as pronounced as on the

Cayman gt4 it is a little bit less aggressive you do get these massive air vents on both sides another one there we’ve got the black headlights which looks really cool and as i said these beautiful new spyder wheels these are 20-inch these are mitchler pilot sport cup 2 tires but this one specially developed for porsche and it’s supposed to have a lot better wet

Weather performance so that’s great because it is a little bit wet as you can see behind that we’ve got some regular steel brakes carbon ceramics are optional but these are really really good steel brakes and that’s because this is the first time that the gt department of porsche in wisie has developed this boxster spyder there have been two boxer spiders before

And this is the first time that this is the case and this is also the first time that this is basically the same as a gt 4 so the previous ones were not developed by the gt department and they were a lot softer than the gt 4 because they thought well it’s more like a touring car you know for for nice driving along the coast on boulevards whatever but this time

We’ve got the brakes the steering the chassis and the suspension from a99 1.2 gt3 and that means that we’ve got these great brakes as i said but it also means that we’ve got double wishbones at the front we’ve got inverted dampers which is a call and guard from the gt department we’ve got the steering from a gt3 as well we’ve got a mechanical limited slip diff

At the rear with porsche torque vectoring we also have this very aggressive diffuser which is also from the cayman gt4 which looks really cool with that massive venturi tunnel in the center and of course you guys know that the cayman gt4 has this massive rear wing this one has just this little well duck tail almost i would call that a duck tail spoiler and it is

Adjustable so it raises to give it a little bit more downforce but where the gt 4 has downforce thanks to the more aggressive front end and the big wing this has it just doesn’t have lift so it is less about track driving than the gt 4 but it does have the same setup underneath which is really really cool and that means that basically what this is is the junior

Version of a 911 speedster and if the cayman gt4 is a junior version of the gt3 i mean then you’ve got probably the best driving porsches right here because you’ve got a mid-engined gt3 basically which is really cool so what do you guys think of the looks of this car you can read it in the top right corner from one to five and while you are doing that i am going

To get this roof down because this is still mostly manual so you have to pull this button right here and it will release that one there it goes the rear trunk pops open then you have to get these off by pressing a button in there put them up like that we’ll do the same on this side like that then we pull this up like that which is already pretty awesome that’s a

Very smart thing and now you can also access the rear luggage space in total it has under than 50 liters so it’s not massive but it is enough to go away for a weekend and now this folds up nicely and pull those two down and you can close this up so now that’s it i’ll lower the windows there we have it so you’ve got the double bubble roof which looks super cool

It has a third brake light in there which looks really cool at night we’ve got a spider badge right there this is a bit this is a bit of a shame i i would have liked them to you know have a little cover for that maybe but other than that i think this is a gorgeous car it almost well it looks a lot like the 911 speedster but it almost looks like a carrera gt like

This don’t you agree i think this is so cool i think i should have waited for you to vote now this is what it’s supposed to look like so in here down here we’ve got a naturally aspirated six-cylinder yes we do a flat six and it is a very special one because it is based on the three liter turbocharged 992 carrera s engine so it’s the new flat six and for this and

The gt four they have boarded out so it’s a four liter now and they have removed the turbos of that engine so that’s why you have a naturally aspirated four liter flat six with 420 horsepower and 420 newton meters of torque on the interior we’ve got a lot of alcantara it’s a gt car of course so we have a lot of alcantar on the seats on the doors on the dash right

There we’ve got a smaller steering wheel than in a regular boxer 360 millimeters you can also get the carbon fiber bucket seats in this car but i think this is a little bit more fitting for this car they are electrically adjustable yeah i think that’s a bit better if you decide to take this on like a trip these are better than the carbon buckets because they are

Really hard we’ve got a six-speed manual which is absolutely delicious it’s from the last generation cayman gt4 and a pdk 7-speed is coming they are modifying a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox formed irregular came in 718 and boxer but the 99 to gt3 they’re working on that right now so that’s why this is delayed but it will be available later okay so ignition is all

We will press this button so we’ve got the exhaust open and we’ll get a rev counter slash speed okay i’m going all right i think i covered it all we’ve also got an auto blip button right there that means that the gear box automatically ref matches if you shift down which works really well and we’ve also got the adaptive dampers as i said standard on the spyder

Okay here we go so immediately you hear that quintessential porsche flat-six sound this engine revs to 8,000 rpm which is just delicious it doesn’t sound like the other tt cars it doesn’t sound like the older flat-six that wraps out to eight and a half thousand or even nine thousand rpm it’s not as creamy but it is delicious and it is so good to have this engine in

This car i know in my reviews of the other 7/18 with the four cylinders i said we’re just going to have to deal with the fact that we don’t have a flat six anymore in these cars and those four cylinders are probably the best out there and i stand by that but man it’s good to have a flat six in this car again because this chassis now set up by the tt department is

So nice and this manual gearbox everything feels so good in this car the steering feel you feel everything through your seat the gearbox is nice the throw is short the sound is amazing it is one of the best cars i’ve driven this year i mean just for driving experience wise the tactility of everything you touch that is just delicious so 0 to 100 4.4 seconds slope

Speed is 301 kilometers an hour with the roof up or down oh man another thing that’s so recognizable for these flat-six naturally aspirated engines by force is that the sound changes during the revs at 3000 rpm this engine sounds quite dark it’s quite a deep sound and then at 5,000 rpm it gets a little bit higher a little bit more urgent and then from five to

Eight all hell breaks loose and i mean this is or this is what we want of course you’ve got that great weight distribution because that engines in the middle and if you combine that with all that gt3 goodness in and around this car oh man this is it’s like the car knows what you want to do before you know what you want to do so maximum power is at 7600 rpm but

Which is really high by the way that’s like 400 revs before the red light and that means that it it really pays off to go all the way to that red line and that’s the beauty of these naturally aspirated porsche engines that they they just become better and better and better if you go further and further up in the rev range this is also the only way to go if you

Build like a track-focused car well this this spider is not as trek focused as the gt 4 maybe even though it does have manually adjustable suspension this is maybe more geared towards like nice drives in the eiffel mountains or something like that or in the alps that would be absolutely incredible okay so here we are at the ball tobin we’re going to see if we can

Get close to top speed 301 there’s an hour as i said okay proved out and i hope you can hear me okay here we go so the sound disappears oh my god that’s loud oh my god that’s loud whoo you can hardly breathe with all that wind coming in there but it is fun but throttle response is so immediate oh man so guys what do you think of the performance of this car

Let us know by raising it in the top right corner from 1 to 5 this is intense maybe i should put the roof up i’m going to put the roof up because it’s so intense with that roof down you can’t really hear the engine anymore i don’t think you guys were able to hear me but that’s just a guess because i can’t hear anything okay brb so the roof is up again if you’ve

Done it a couple of times you can actually do it quite quickly it’s like 30 seconds i think it’s not bad and of course this is a way lighter construction than you get on the regular boxster maybe it’s also because otherwise the six-cylinder it wouldn’t fit with the roof mechanism but here we go so we’ve got a little more sound now instead of wind so now at higher

Speeds you do hear that roof is a lot less well insulated compared to a regular boxster it’s much more fair so this is really meant to be driven with the roof down that’s why it’s called the spider lift course so as you can see especially first at second here are really long that was like a hundred and thirty-eight kilometers an hour in second gear but because

The engine has enough torque it it’s actually okay so we have also called the adjustable dampers as i said so if we press that we feel that it becomes a little harder this is more like the the track setting i think and if you have them in normal mode it’s perfectly fine to drive on regular roads and that’s the beauty about these cars that have been set up by the

Gt department they are always perfectly charged yes it’s it’s hard it’s firm but it’s not too hard not too firm the car never unsettle because of the suspension so that that wit knows from that roof we’re driving got into 200 loads an hour now it’s quite loud and if you drive it like regularly 130 to go just an hour even then the poor under that for 350 it starts

Getting annoying a little bit annoying and a little bit tired soon this sound oh never does and never will if you are looking for an exciting roadster i don’t think there’s a whole lot out there in this price range that’s comparable to this i don’t even think there’s one that you can compare with the 718 spyder or the cayman gt4 they are so special so unique

And they will always be so that’s it for this review guys i hope you enjoyed it because subscribe by clicking this button right here you can also check out this video or go check out this playlist see it the next one bike

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Porsche 718 Spyder "GT4 Convertible" REVIEW on AUTOBAHN (NO SPEED LIMIT) by AutoTopNL By AutoTopNL

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