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Altair Club Cars Porsche 718 Cayman GTS | First Impressions

Porsche 718 Cayman GTS | First Impressions

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Hello my name’s jack and this is life in motion and welcome to my new porsche 718 cayman gts this video is all about first impressions i’m going around the outside the inside and talk a few numbers and probably start the car up and i hope i can see what i think of my new daily driver if you’re new to the channel welcome make sure to subscribe see plenty future

Videos to come but for now you know what let’s jump in when this car was new the gts costs 59 800 pounds and then you can add your optional extras on top things like the gts interior pack miami blue is a very bright color and some other bits besides that means that this car has a 2018 car with around 20 000 miles cost me 57 990 pounds this car probably with the

Spec was around mid to late 60s when it was brand new so it’s probably lost about 10 to 15 percent of depreciation it’s one of the reasons i really wanted to go for the car is because the gts has a good residual value also let’s take a minute to appreciate how good it looks so this car is finished off in one of my most favorite porsche colors miami blue my last

Con was one called a gate grey it was very nice it was very subtle i wanted something a bit more flamboyant the weather at the moment is glorious in the uk and what better than have a bright color like this at the front you’ve got the gts sports design packs you have a slightly different bumper as we move around to the front lights you’ve got pdls plus or porsche

Dynamic light system plus which gives you an automatic beam as well as the four spotlights you get at the front moving to the side of the car you’ve got the 20 inch carrera s alloys in matte black which and also you’ve got red brake calipers which denotes a cayman s and cayman gts with the red calipers you’ve also got a nice little gts logo at the side now before

I speak to some of the features of the back of the car you might think that this car is quite low and that’s because it has porsche active suspension management and sports suspension that means the car is 20 millimeters lower than the base cayman now i thought my original base came in did look a little bit high i think this car really sits down well it looks great

But at the back we have clear lenses on the lights we have a different splitter as part of the gts design sports kit and we also have the gts logo at the back we’ve got retractable spoiler here and other than that that’s pretty much the outside so guys one thing to note do you like this color miami blue make sure to comment below whether you like miami blue whether

You’ve gone for another color whether you’ve seen different cars in this kind of color let me know below now as we step inside the gts what are we greeted with well to start with we have these sports seats and they are glorious they hug you very nicely on the sides they have alcantara in the middle and leather around the outside and a nice embossed gts logo they

Are two-way electric so the back of the seat goes forward and backwards now to let you know this car has a gts interior pack what does that give you well a lot of goodies you’ve got an alcantara steering wheel alcantara around the pdk gear shifter you’ve also got a full leather extended dash carbon fiber inlays and alcantara pretty much every else you touch the

Bottom of the glove box the side of the doors and you can see more carbon in the center on the side of the doors so as we turn the ignition on what are we greeted with well we have the traditional 718 cabin analog dial so we’ve got a rev counter in the middle the speed on the left hand side and on the right we’ve got this digital display it gives you things like

Media like navigation other displays around mars per gallon and g-forces if you’re ever going to need that if i’m honest i think the gts is starting to look a little bit dated the 718 cayman’s been out since 2016 and so over those last six or so years it’s not really changed at all inside now things like the jaguar f-type the audi tt-rs the alpine a110 have all

Got virtual screens virtual displays and so this car is starting to look a little dated comment below what you think does the said one like cayman as a car starts a little bit dated on the inside but anyway as you drop below those you’ve got some multi-function steering wheel so you’ve got volume controls you can answer any calls below that you’ve also got this

Little button here now that changes your driving modes in the middle from sport sport plus and also individual but also has this little button now because i’ve got the pdk it means that i can press this button and something called sport response comes on that gives me 20 seconds of ultimate driving it means that it block blips the throttle the gears will change

And it ultimately be in the best position to overtake or receive the most amount of power for 20 seconds as we move to the middle we’ve got this touchscreen which is great it works very well it’s responsive it does what i need it to do but if i’m honest i plug my phone in using this cable that central in the middle here you’ve actually got one usb port there and one

Usb port in the glove box i use carplay i’ve got an apple so i use apple carplay and i just have my media my maps through there i never used the maps in here i never used the media really it’s got a cd player who’s got a cd anymore no one so i use that i think most owners of the car would use one and it works perfectly for me as we drop down you’ve got automatic

Climate control which you can control here you can synchronize both sides obviously you’ve got the vents that you can turn on and off you’ve also got heated seats as well if we drop to the middle here this is always i think a really telling sign of basically how rich you are how many buttons of this is filled in my scenario i can’t afford the big expensive gts

You got today also i probably couldn’t afford a car with all these different buttons what i’ve got is sports exhaust and porsche active suspension management i also got one for the spoiler and you could turn your start stop off but if i’m honest the sports exhaust gives me something a bit louder and the porsche expensive management just hunkers down and really

Solidifies the car i use those kind of buttons every so often and they do enough for me i don’t know really what else i would want on the car as a different extra a different button so down there again it’s very simple it’s very poor she’s very minimalist and it works very well as you move to the passenger side the passenger also has the same sport seats with the

Gts and moss logo we’ve also got a glove box in the middle here and i said you’ve got a usb button there for the passengers to charge their phone you’ve also got storage bays i’ve got a couple of different uh glasses in there in the manual and it all kind of fits very well you’ve also got which i really like in my porsche i loved it on the first one i’m glad it’s

Still there and the second one is cup holders push that down you push these in and they fold out and then you can close that away to keep a nice streamlined design to the dash they work very well they’re a slightly shallow in here but they do absolutely fine if you have a starbucks and then as you say you can put those away just have them both you can just have

One and i often have one just for me if you go to the side of the car you’ve also got bose surround sound system and if we go further to the dash you’ve got the leather interior pack on the daf as i said and you’ve got the sports chronograph in the middle basically a nice clock that comes with the sports chrono package giving you the clock the little button there

And also you’ve got pdk we’ve got launch control so what do i think of the inside what’s my first impressions well everything is really nice to touch the alcantara is a really cool option as part of the gts interior pack i like that i like that it’s got it on the interior and the gates and we also got it on the side and the door handles i also like the carbon

Fiber it’s gloss carbon fiber i i’ve always undergone about whether i really like the look of like exposed carbon fiber on cars i really like it’s tastefully done in here it’s on the dash it’s gloss it looks nice and high end but also it’s not everywhere so it’s just a nice amount of carbon fiber also got it down the side there and i guess it does mean that it

I can see some scratches so perhaps that’s going to potentially annoy me if i drop something but i’ve just got to be super super careful i like the leather dashboard again it’s part of the gts pack my last one didn’t have it it just had a nice kind of soft touch plastic to it i don’t really mind it’s just part of the pack so i’m happy it’s there equally i might

Not be that fussed about it the seats are lovely i had them in the last car though so i’m pretty much used to these but first impressions are really good on the inside they’re not so good well as i said it’s a little bit daisy downside i don’t mind that i don’t really use the technology because i have carplay but also there isn’t a huge amount of tech in the car

It’s pretty driver focused i guess which is probably the main idea i’ve got cruise control i’ve got automatic lights i’ve got the pgs plus i’ve got automatic beam it’s very easy to use but it’s no more than that it’s not a technically advanced car the other thing i’ve had this car for a little while now and the alcantara steering wheel does get a bit grubby now

I’m really conscious i don’t eat in this car i will have a starbucks a drink go through a drive-through but i’ll only have that when i get in i try to make sure i wash my hands before i get in the car but let’s be honest you know at some point you’re gonna probably get in you might get a bit hot on your hands a bit sticky i can already feel and i’ve washed this

Twice now and it takes about half an hour 40 minutes to wash it and obviously it’s going to dry out after that and it does revive it it does come back up and it feels nice and soft again but if i’m honest if i had a leather steering wheel i’d probably be a bit happier but it looks great and i’m sure on a track day it would be really really useful so now it’s time

For you to tell me what you think of the interior you’ve already commented below what you thought about the miami blue and the outside comment below is it outdated in here or is it up to date and modern do you like the way it’s laid out the carbon fiber the leather the alcantara do you find alcantara annoying like i do let me know in the comments below so let’s

Finally talk about performance this car this 718 cayman gts has a two and a half liter four cylinder engine with 365 horsepower and it’s mounted right there in the middle of the car now this particular car has a pdk gearbox and with the sports chrono and launch control goes from naught to 62 in 4.1 seconds now my original car went from north 62 in 4.7 seconds

With pdk and launch control that means this car is up 65 horsepower from the base car and around 0.6 of a second quicker to 62. you have to have a decision on whether the gts is worth the extra money now when i bought my base cayman around two-ish years ago it was around 42 or 43 000 pound with this car a couple of years later actually being a similar age is

Around 57-ish thousand pounds you’re looking at around 15 or 20 000 pounds more for the equivalent gts than a base so is actually performance worth it for you comment below let me know for me after going from the base to the gts well i’m gonna do a review very soon so make sure to keep subscribed and i’ll let you know but for now before i end the video let’s

Have a listen to what the gts sports exhaust sounds like so there you have it that has been my first impressions video of my new porsche semjet cayman gts i really really like this car obviously you can hear what it sounds like i think it sounds great miami blue i’ve been lusting after a miami blue car for a very long time i think it looks fantastic it sounds

Great it’s brilliant for daily driving with and i’ll let you into a little bit of it in sight around 28 29 miles per gallon even though it’s still got 365 horsepower and it’s quicker than most cars out there now what i want to make sure i do is ask you guys what your opinions are so again what do you think of the color what do you think of the look of the outside

Inside is it dated do you like it do you like carbon fiber what do you think about alcantara and also that exhaust do you think it sounds good do you like the sound of it comment everything below guys i’m going to make a lot more videos off this car including a drive including a review and i’ll let you know what i think about the car so make sure to subscribe to

See plenty future videos to come but for now well i’ll see you soon cleaning up

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Porsche 718 Cayman GTS | First Impressions! By Life In Motion

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