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Altair Club Cars Porsche 718 Cayman 2.0 Review // Macht f

Porsche 718 Cayman 2.0 Review // Macht f

Heute ein Porsche 718 Cayman in der Basisversion mit wenig Ausstattung und damit mal ein Kontrast zu den sonst fast immer voll ausgestatteten Fahrzeugen vom Porsche Zentrum Mannheim. Warum mein einen kleinen 2.0 Liter vier Zylinder Sportwagen kaufen sollte, beatworte ich in dieser Review und dieses Gebrauchtfahrzeug kommt in tiefschwarzmetallic, mit PDK, mit Spurwechselassistent, 2-Zonen-Klimaautomatik, Sitzheizung, Bi-Xenon-Hauptscheinwerfer inkl. Porsche Dynamic Light System (PDLS), Sportendrohre schwarz sowie dem 64l Kraftstofftank.

Yes good morning and welcome back 911scales on a very cold day end of november. yes, but we still picked out a sports car for you. this time a slightly different model. a used car. laura, what do you have with you for us. yes, today we just have an entry-level model at porsche. we have both the boxster and the cayman on the same basis and we haven’t had a cayman yet. that’s

Why we chose a 718 cayman today . we have the vehicle in the background. is a 718 cayman with 300 hp is a great entry-level car. makes a lot of fun. with the mid-engine. even today it is simply not fully equipped. it is really equipped with the most important equipment we need. and there we show you that it can be really fun. and this is a nice little car too. a small,

Fine porsche. and also in an extreme basic version. oh yes always nice! briefly here in the villages. of course with ease. and i especially notice here with this little cayman, and can do everything again. a lot fits in it is comfortable and yet it is wonderfully sporty even if it has no sports exhaust. has no sport chrono. does he do it wonderfully! sport mode on. manually

And flies up the mountain here. that’s not a problem and of course very unpleasant weather. mega cold and of course the road isn’t perfect either so you have to be a little more careful. but he still is fun here, he doesn’t have an opf yet. it’s really a bit louder. of course not extremely whether that really makes such a huge difference. i was driving the boxster t back

Then. in principle the same car. really a funny little car and here it is in the color deep black metallic you already know it from a few other videos. the general topic here is of course the absolute basic vehicle. that means on the one hand we have the normal standard xenon headlights. but they already have pdls. that means they steer. but we don’t have much else. no

Sport design package e.g. we have beautiful carrera s wheels. they are just a corner bigger than the normal, very small standard wheels. i think that’s a must have too. on the cayman. we have electrically folding side mirrors. that means when we lock the vehicle then of course fold in that is also very nice to have. and otherwise outside, yes, cayman. actually now the first

Cayman on the channel. that means, of course, we have a large tailgate at the back. otherwise like how cayman boxster know. a very chic and sleek car. i’ve always liked it. the 718 in particular looks really good. the beautiful porsche lettering there and the two rear lights with this light band in the rear lights. here the vehicle has of course already sport tailpipes

That double. not the big oval. just looks a little better. but no sports exhaust system. that means it doesn’t really make any noise. it is very dignified. the tailgate is of course much larger on the cayman than the boxster also has an extra soft top on it. that means, like with the boxster, we have this trunk here and then again on top where you can also put something

In the cayman actually fits a lot. i think that people are underestimating it. the interior is really standard. that means we have the normal seats. up, down and forwards backwards you go manually and the backrest can be adjusted electrically, we also have the normal doors and the aluminum in the trim. and on the steering wheel. that looks pretty good, of course, but

Is nowhere near as impressive as a completely leather-covered 718. that’s another number. we have the normal steering wheel not the gt sport steering wheel. the speedometer that likes it best on the 718 black instuments with orange needle. think it always looks really good. and down here we have a few setting options. we have the sport mode. you have it in every cayman,

With or without a sport chrono. because we don’t have a sport chrono, of course we don’t have a watch here and we don’t have a drive mode selector here yet. and that’s why we don’t have a sport plus mode here. can of course move the spoiler up and down manually. start-stop. turn off traction control . and then of course we have the two-zone automatic air conditioning,

Which is really nice to have. anyone who remembers it with the red boxster gts didn’t have it, for example. the absolute basic version here is not designed for performance, but really for comfort. and one thing that he also has. which i missed a lot on the 981 boxster gts, for example . he has the blind spot assistant. that means these three slits that light up red when

Someone is in the blind spot. and that’s really a must-have for me. this is what decides whether or not i would buy a car, for example. otherwise , of course, you don’t need to tell much more about the car. with little equipment. it’s just about getting a used cayman or boxster for me, for example, i think it’s a classic entry into the porsche world we are now talking

About more than 50,000 euros. for porsche that’s really not a lot of money the other vehicles i drove. are sometimes worth three times as much. even worth over three times as much. if i remember the taycan 180,000 euros. is really crazy. or back then the panamera turbo se hybrid 225,000 euros. yes, those are almost unaffordable values, i say for normal people. we are

Out of there. that is clear. you really have to work in completely different hemispheres. but here such a small cayman. i’ll say a porsche for 50,000 euros and it’s really a really funny porsche . looks really good. he drives incredibly well. is a great car. the basic version here is of course also suitable for daily use . consumption is humane. that’s really a fine thing

Yes people on the autobahn. the little one performs too. it’s okay again. 300 hp! from the 2.0l turbo engine with real torque down below. feels much stronger. than the 981 gts. that you liked very much. it’s about sound. of course, this is not about sound. on the highway when you accelerate below 4000 rpm. it is definitely faster. and otherwise they certainly don’t do

Much. that was just a little bit of gas and there were already 180 on the speedometer. it is the smallest porsche the cheapest porsches. is the entry into the brand. and that’s just incredibly fast. yes that was the last acceleration. now a construction site is just the thing, that’s just how it is when you shoot the car videos. that can happen sometimes. but i hope you got

A good impression. why i also like such a small base cayman. and why i would recommend anyone who wants to buy their first porsche to start with such a small one. 100,000 euros do not fall into everyone’s lap. and i think there are a lot of people who work very, very long and very hard for 50,000 euros. and you are really super happy with that too. shouldn’t underestimate

That. these little 2 liter four cylinders. they are really funny. so in that sense. very important if you liked it. drop a like. and the main part over 90 percent of you. watch my video without subscribing. that’s not possible, right? so be so kind and subscribe. and then we’ll see you next time – ala tschau!

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Porsche 718 Cayman 2.0 Review // Macht für "kleines" Geld eine Menge Spaß! PZ-Mannheim By 911scales

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