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Altair Club Cars Polestars Wild New Edition: The 2023 Polestar 2 BST Edition 270

Polestars Wild New Edition: The 2023 Polestar 2 BST Edition 270

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In this video we talk about the new Delorean Alpha5. This fully electric car is very special simply because this will mark the first time Deloreon has manufactured a vehicle since the 1983 model year!

How’s it going guys and welcome back to the channel before we get into today’s video definitely be sure to leave a like subscribe as well as comment down below it helps me out a lot as a smaller youtuber but anyways today we are going to be talking about this new special edition of the polestar 2 the 2023 polestar 2 bst edition 270. now this is a very limited run

Of this pulse r2 but it is making a decent amount of more power than the actual like dual engine pulse r2 which we’re gonna be talking about the specs for the single engine the dual engine as well as this uh limited edition one in a second but again definitely be sure to support the channel in any way i definitely appreciate any of the support that you guys give

To the channel but now looking at this first article here by a car driver this is basically just the regular review article and uh kind of where they score it and this is for the 2023 pulstar 2. now it starts at 50 000 or just under 50 000 but that is for the single engine one now the single engine one is very uh low performing now obviously if you don’t know

Already these pole stars are fully electric vehicles and for what they are i mean again they’re like a boxy like sedan almost and they don’t really have that much style i do like the headlight design and the taillight design and i do like kind of like the minimalist style with the badges you just have like the pole star star on the front as well as the pole star

Star on the rear and nothing really else going on uh they also come with big brakes which are very nice but for the most part they look very boxy they look pretty ugly honestly in my own opinion compared to the polestar ones however uh they do make a decent amount of power considering that they are fully electric and obviously they do have the acceleration that you

Get from any sort of electric vehicles and even though i do tend to rip on electric vehicles a lot that is definitely one of the pros to electric powered vehicles compared to uh internally internal combustion engine powered vehicles now the single motor one does start at 50 000 and the dual motor starts at 53 and if i were to choose if i were to buy one of these i

Would 100 go with the dual motor so the reason why is because this single motor variant only makes 231 horsepower which you can see right there and it has a very not very like mediocre 6.8 second sixty time which for eight electric vehicle you definitely want a quicker uh acceleration uh than something like that now the um dual motor uh polstar ii actually makes

408 horsepower almost double the power and it actually does have a 0 to 60 time of 4.1 seconds so still not incredibly fast uh these are heavier vehicles obviously they are fully electric so they have all those batteries underneath but a 4.1 second 060 is definitely a hell of a lot more fun than a 6.8 seconds here to 60 and considering that again the single motor

Variant is basically just a little over three grand less than the dual motor i think it’s a hundred percent worth it if you have the money to go for the uh dual motor uh trim of this car now keeping that in mind uh the pulsar ii uh the dual motor variant is able to pull pull uh 0.9 g’s in corners and does have a pretty impressive uh braking uh distance because again

They do have those like brembo brake big brakes on them from factory i don’t know if they’re specifically brembos or if they’re from another manufacturer but let me know down in the comments below but i’ve seen them in person and they are pretty big breaks i think in the front they’re like six piston calipers and then in the rare they’re either uh just two or four

Piston calipers i don’t remember specifically but they are pretty pretty big and the actual uh rotors themselves are a pretty big diameter now moving on from the uh regular single motor and dual motor configurations and looking at this second article which both these articles will be linked down in the description below like always so if you want to take a deeper

Dive into them definitely feel free to check them out they’re both on car and driver and this one specifically focuses on the 2023 pulse r2 bst edition uh 270. and this one actually does have a 502 foot-pounds of torque and 476 horsepower so definitely making a decent amount more than the standard trim for the dual motor one and it also comes with a couple like

Aesthetic upgrades and you can get this like little stripe on it with the number two you know a couple cheesy stuff like that but the main upgrades are obviously again making a decent amount more power as well as i think the 21 inch wheels and there’s adjustable dampers in the suspension as well as the ride height is about an inch or like a two inches actually

Lower than the regular pull star ii also the 21 inch wheels that do come on this uh special edition pullstar 2 are actually inspired by the same designs as the wheels on the polestar ones you can actually go through this little photo gallery here i can kind of get a better picture of the wheels but you can see that it just looks a little bit more aggressive there’s

Some aesthetic features that have changed now my main problem with this car comes in the pricing now we’ll get to that in a second but this is a better picture of the wheels that i was trying to find uh before and these are again mirroring the design of the factory wheels found on the polestar ones so if you’re a fan of the pulsar one wheels uh this may be a good

Option for you and i mean who knows maybe throwing these wheels on a regular polestar 2 might be worth it for you too although i don’t know if any polestar purists out there might get offended by that but the main problem that i do have with this car is this number right here basically starting at just under 77 000 us dollars and that is a huge jump from the 53

Uh found in the pulse r2 now again uh going back to this uh first article where it compares the prices for all three of them right next to each other if i was actually in the market for a pulse r2 and what i recommend to any one of you that are out there looking for one of these uh vehicles i would just go with the regular standard dual motor uh yes the 500 plus

Foot-pounds of torque and all the almost 500 horsepower found in the bst edition 270 i’m definitely will provide for a much uh more fun driving experience but i really do not think that it is worth the 2 20 plus thousand us dollar jump in the uh starting msrp again that’s my own personal opinion you still have the all-wheel drive in the dual motor setup so you

Don’t have like the front wheel drive which i i believe is the only available setup in the single motor configuration but these are fantastic like you know little sedans they’re great for commuting i don’t know the reliability on them considering that they are rather new i think they’ve only really been out for like a couple model years by now if you’re looking for

A fully electric vehicle and you’re just using something like this back and forth to work i don’t think that you would have a problem with it and plus it does have a decent amount of power where it could provide for a fun uh driving experience although driving evs compared to you know standard internal combustion engine vehicles is a really whole different animal

In and out of itself because most evs drive the same i mean me like myself as a car reviewer on youtube it’s very hard to review evs i’ve done i think one or two uh before and pretty much any every single ev that i’ve driven in whether it’s for youtube or not they all drive the same they all accelerate pretty fast they’re rather on the heavy side and a little bit

Clunky i know this uh this pulse r2 can pull up to 0.9 g’s in a corner so that is definitely pretty promising if you wanted to take something like this out to a track day i’m sure it won’t be completely outclassed by some of the different gas powered sports cars actually going out on the track and also the range for these pole stars isn’t too bad either so overall

I do think that they are great like kind of commuter but also like semi-sleeper uh vehicles and this new uh bst edition 270. i think it’s really impressive don’t get me wrong but considering that for you know 77 000 us dollars you could pretty much get a decent used gtr us a higher end bmw even even maybe like a you know shelby gt350 or gt350r you know something

Like that like yeah i i just don’t think that uh the pulse r2 for 77 000 us dollars is really worth it in my opinion uh let me know if you guys agree with me down in the comments below and also let me know if you disagree with me and why because i love to hear all your different opinions oftentimes you guys uh teach me some things down in the comment section so i

Do appreciate any of the comments down there and also i do appreciate if you guys were to drop a like on this video and subscribe like i said at the beginning but anyways like always thank you so much for the ongoing support and i’ll see you in the next video

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