polestar set to lead in the ev m
Altair Club Cars Polestar Set To Lead in The EV Market Polestar vs Rivian Stocks Comparison

Polestar Set To Lead in The EV Market Polestar vs Rivian Stocks Comparison

1. Can Polestar compete in the real EV Market. A stocks comparison, long term Polestar VS Rivian Stocks Analysis!

Everyone welcome back today we’ll be having a look at rivian versus tesla which is the better stock long term which of these stocks will benefit you most when it comes to holding now just a reminder to everyone this video is not financial advice this video is specifically for educational purposes now rivian and post are both backed by major automakers let’s keep

That in mind both ev maker will deliver tens of thousands of vehicle this year now one of these stock is too pricey relative to its growth and we will discuss that the pricey stock is obviously rivian a lot of people included myself we do believe that the rivian share is completely overvalued and on the other hand the pollstar share is completely undervalue so

We’re in an interesting situation so these two promising ev stock stands out in the market but while there are some of the well-known companies in the ev stock market the ev stock market is also filled with failures so we have to keep that in mind keep in mind that spac spac acquisitions they they’ve become extremely popular in the last couple of years and many

Electric makers they went public over the last couple of years however several are also disappointed in their early investors with ongoing delays cancellation and reduced production targets a lot of these ev companies they actually came around with a lot of interest and ideas a lot of great momentum but after they tried to start production they realized that making

Electric vehicles is basically mission impossible especially when you’re low on resources and money naive makers that went public by merging with spax special acquisition companies also frequently represented bullish long-term forecasts before shipping a single vehicle i mean of course we all know that rivian ipo that above 80 to 90 billion dollars how crazy that’s

The same value as porsche ipod now when investors realized that they couldn’t fulfill those promises their shares collapse like rivian it’s collapse but despite the fact that riveness collapsed and lost like 60 to 70 percent in terms of market cap value rivian is still overvalued they’re like 28 to 29 billion in market cap and for a company who hasn’t completed

25 000 vehicles delivered that’s too much and i think a lot of people will happily agree with that statement now in all of this rise in interest rates exaggerated that sell-off by crushing speculative unprofitable and overvalued stocks and a lot of stocks got hit hard this year a lot of them including post star and rivien to a certain extent despite the fact that

Rivian still holds a 28 billion dollar market cap i can guarantee you the investors would much rather the share still be at 80 to 70 billion dollars a market cap they didn’t want it to fall this low but what a lot of investors have to consider is that they’re in too deep they’ve lost too much money so it’d be and completely lost if they sold out right now the

Only way that investors sell out right now is if they want to tax break they would sell their shares and claim that they’ve lost capital during their investing which means that they’ll end up paying a lot less tax when that tax season comes around because they’ve lost capital in terms of their investments and incomes it’s a very strategic world that we live in

Especially with investors whenever they sell out they’re selling for specific reasons some investors haven’t sold out in rivier because they understand that they’re in too deep they also understand that rivian can be a profitable company if they’re willing to wait 10 years if they’re willing to wait five to ten years so granted that there are investors out there

That are thinking exactly like that and they’re willing to wait now as a result the red hot ev sector turned ice cold this year come on we all know this however a handful of promising ev companies which had actually started to mass produce thousands of vehicles these individual companies like pole star like rivian they’re starting to ramp up production pollstar

Is going for 50 000 vehicles delivered this year rivian is going for somewhere between 10 to 20 000 vehicles delivered which was roughly the same amount postdoc delivered last year while that’s not exactly what we wanted from rivien in their first year it is better it is way better than what canoe is doing what arrival is doing what plenty of other ev makers are

Doing elise rivien is showing that they have the potential to produce up to a hundred thousand two hundred thousand half a million a million and so on they’re showing that they have the potential so while they are overvalued keep in mind that they’re only overvalued because they’re not delivering a hundred thousand or two hundred thousand vehicles consider this

For a moment if rivian was delivering quarter for a million vehicles 250 000 vehicles right now would you be saying that rivian has overvalued absolutely not i would not say rivian is overvalued if they were delivering 200 000 vehicles or 250 000 vehicles i would not be saying that i would actually be investing at this price so rivian is only undervalue because

They can only deliver 10 000 vehicles twenty thousand vehicles but one day quite soon in the next five years maybe less they will be delivering up to a quarter of a million vehicles they will be delivering over 250 000 vehicles in the next five years so how exactly will this so how will the stocks perform for the next five years is extremely crucial as an investor

Because if the stock price is still the same in five years yet rivian is producing 250 000 vehicles well then that there’s a lot of questions that need to be answered right there but i can guarantee you i will but i can guarantee you i’m not sleeping in rivian it’s a great company it’s a great company to invest in it’s just that it’s a little bit too expensive

Right now i need it to be a little bit more cheap and i know it can be a bit more cheap because it wasn’t too long ago back in may rivian was just around 22 billion in market cap or 21 billion in market cap that’s the perfect place to buy ideally i’d like to buy even half of that price but ideally that’s our marker right there but once again not financial advice

Just my opinion now rivian of course they went public through a traditional ipo last november and pole star they went public by merging with a spec this june now originally i think postal was scheduled to go public last year because the market was performing so well however that got delayed for a lot of strategical reason and business related reasons and i can

Understand that but what post i did not predict was the complete downfall of the ev market this year come on you can admit that the market has been very unkind to ev companies this year especially spac mergers so you might be wondering is why should i care about post star or rivian so both of them do stand out there’s lots of other ev companies to talk about but

Today we’re focusing on only rivian and pole star now rivian which produce electric pickups delivery vans suvs is backed by ford and it’s also backed by amazon amazon is a huge investor in rivian and they’re a huge partner with rivian as well amazon ordered over a hundred thousand electric delivery vans to be fulfilled by 2030 and thankfully rivian has recently

Started delivering these delivery vans to to amazon so this is fantastic now post our top investor is gili and volvo in fact originally post hour was a race in division and performance division within the volvo company condo flight mercedes version to amg but in 2016 postal became its own company with investor parent company of volvo gili so poster is backed by

Two major company and that’s why polster has been able to deliver such great numbers and that’s why post has been so successful so far and not to mention postar has a new suv underway their first suv to post our 3 will be debuting this month on the 12th wednesday and i will be live on my youtube channel reacting to the entire event so i hope you watch just to

Watch me react to the entire event that’s going to be fun now rivian is a manufactured approximately 8 000 vehicles since its production since last september and is planned to produce 25 000 vehicles this year but that number has been reduced of course we’ve only got three more months left i don’t think that they can hit the 25 000 vehicles this year but despite

That they’ve done pretty well to ramp up so quickly but of course they they have no excuse in this because they’ve got the factory and they have the money to invest but at the moment because rivian is so inefficient at producing vehicles i guarantee you they’re running through cash the only good thing about rivian right now is that they have a lot of excess cash

A lot of money that they made in their ipo investment now allow me to update my previous said state statement post are actually shipped 29 000 vehicles last year 29 000 vehicles last year that was their first year in production this year they’re going for 50 000 vehicles originally they were going for 69 000 vehicles that’s been reduced next year they’re going

For i believe 129 000 vehicles but i think they’re gonna have to reduce that number to around 90 to 100 000. now post out so far has delivered over 21 000 vehicles in the first half of 2022 and is expects to deliver of course to 50 000 vehicles by the end of this year and i think that they can definitely achieve that number now let’s look at some revenues by both

Company rivian generated 55 000 in revenue last year but analysts expect to generate 1.8 billion in revenue this year they expect that figure to soar to 12.19 billion by 2024 so basically in two years time by 2024 rivian will be making over 12 billion in in revenue that’s pretty impressive now this represents a compound annual growth of 159 as it ramps up production

And gradually fills amazon order of electric vans now we can expect that rivian will be losing billions of dollars each year because they’re so inefficient at manufacturing vehicles they still have so much to learn and so much to learn of how to improve and to reduce the cost of manufacturing vehicles kind of like tesla that’s why tesla vehicles are so minimal in

Areas that you can’t afford to save and still sell a large amount of vehicles now post are generated 1.3 billion in 2021 from their 29 000 vehicle sale analysts expect the revenue to rise 77 to 2.39 billion in this year not mentioned posters looking to grow to at least 11.8 billion in 2024 that’s what some analysts are saying now keep in mind our post types bring

In two new vehicles to the market that’s the post are three this year and suv a big suv next year would be a mid-sized suv coupe that’ll be the post office so they intend on bringing new vehicles to the market to introduce to their customers to sell to their customers and they are in so many different areas i believe post-stars in 25 different markets so that’s

Really extraordinary and they just keep on ramping up they just keep on excelling the point of this video is to demonstrate the essential point that despite the fact that post-star produced more vehicles than rivien they’re on the value at 10 billion in market cap rivian produced less vehicle and their overvalue of 28 billion in market cap but both companies have

Great long-term trajectory both company will be extremely valuable long term they hold great potential for long-term growth both company despite the criticism despite the fact that once two overvalue and one is on the value their long-term trajectory is massive so that’s it for this video thank you for watching and of course i’ll see you in our next video

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Polestar Set To Lead in The EV Market! Polestar vs Rivian Stocks Comparison! By Monument

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