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Altair Club Cars Polestar 5 New Leaked Patent Images Reveal Full Design, R&D Continues in The UK

Polestar 5 New Leaked Patent Images Reveal Full Design, R&D Continues in The UK

The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) has published patent images of what appears to show the production Polestar 5.

Everyone welcome back my name is zane today we’re having a look at the pulse star 5. now production for the post r5 appears to be in reveal in the recent pattern images so this is actually quite exciting we’ve known for some time what the pulse star 5 would look like we’ve known what the precept looks like most of the post star fans who do subscribe to this channel

Will already know that the uh the pulse star 5 is actually based on the pulse star precept it was a concept car that was built by polestar simply to show the world what the brand of poststar is capable of and now that they have shown the world what they’re capable of they’re working on a real version of this car to put into full production and it’s gorgeous it’s

Absolutely beautiful now this car is actively being developed in the uk and this car is actually scheduled for 2024 i do believe it’s either late 2024 or early 2025 but nevertheless now the european union intellectual property office that’s the eu ipo has published recent patent images of what appears to show the production of the pulse star 5. the electric sudan

Was previewed by the poster precept concept this was a concept vehicle that was just phenomenal absolutely beautiful and as fans and many people we weren’t sure if postar could actually pull this off and make this car possible we weren’t sure if postar could make this car similar to the precept as possible but in recent pattern images it does appear that pulse star

Is really close to that concept and they don’t want the vehicle to look identical they want it to look similar and better if can be so with this recent pattern image it gives us an hint that postar could be releasing more images of the post r5 before the end of the year it’s not guaranteed but it does give us a good idea of where we are in the development of the

Poststar 5. so obviously it’s no secret to any one of us that the pulse r5 the electric sedan obviously shares its architecture its body style with the brand’s presup concept from two years ago so this new look at the poststar is actually a really simplistic and minimalistic style of car and this is what postar has opened to translate into production courtesy of

The european union intellectual property office we have these images to share with the world these pattern images of the vehicle they almost seems unbelievable but completely within character of the post-op random post our family of cars though there’s no model name included within the design filing submitted by postar performance a b i think it’s quite obvious

To all the postar fans especially the long awaited fans that this vehicle is clearly the precept that is being redesigned and reshuffled into the pulse r5 so comparing it with the earlier concept the vehicle in these images share a fastback shape a very aerodynamic simplistic arolistic shape now this vehicle does show images of a split boomerang shape headlight

A full width tail lamp the preset rear opening back doors however appears to have fallen to the cutting room floor so now it’s taking a more typical design of a sedan not just like an hatchback but the design of the boot the design of the back door of the vehicle is actually falling down closer to the license plate area now post our new flagship is due to ride

On a bespoke bonded aluminium platform look for the model to feature standard all-wheel drive courtesy of at least two drive motors one at each axle a driving range of more than 300 miles by way of a large battery pack with energy capacity greater than 100 kilowatts per hour now this vehicle does leave us fans quite excited so let’s take you back to the concept

Vehicle of this car the precept the original design of this vehicle so first thing to notice is that the back of this vehicle is slightly different it still has the long sidebar the signature look for this vehicle and looking at the back of this vehicle you would see close resemblance of this vehicle in the poststar concept o2 you’ll see a slit down the back of

This vehicle down the back door now in the post ro2 concept this is actually where the drone comes out of the vehicle so there’s lots of similarity within the pulse star family of vehicles and i will talk about this in another video now at the time post i wasn’t providing much details about the precept electric powertrain saying only that it has a large battery

Pack that’s fitted with a 122.4 inch wheelbase the long and low proportion looks to provide lots of rear seat room and obviously the large hatchback door opening at the rear for an expensive cargo space this means that you can fit a lot of things into the back because electric cars they usually are just just a bit more minimal even in the front of the car there

Isn’t any engine so there is space in the front of the car to fit groceries and possibly even bags now obviously with this car it typically goes along with poststar signature moves obviously that just includes the gold seat belt and obviously the gold brake calibers not to mention the huge light bar along the back of the vehicle those are all signature designs from

Pulse star but overall this is a positive thing from poster now that we have some more idea now that we have some more proof on the development of this vehicle a more standardized look at this vehicle because there’s been many different design interpretation of this vehicle and finally we have a simplistic idea of what it will look like and now we can actually make

A more decisive interpretation of what this car final look will be so i hope you’ve enjoyed this video thank you for watching subscribe to see more and of course i’ll see you in my next video

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Polestar 5 New Leaked Patent Images Reveal Full Design, R&D Continues in The UK! By Monument

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