polestar 2 with aftermarket rims
Altair Club Cars Polestar 2 with aftermarket rims (RIAL M12)

Polestar 2 with aftermarket rims (RIAL M12)

Polestar 2 with the RIAL M12 aftermarket rims. Got these as standard on my winter wheels, from Lease Plan.

So i got some questions on what kind of rims that i’m having on my pole star too so i figured i would show you them a bit more in detail show you what they’re called where you could find more information on them and yeah we’re gonna take a closer look at them uh so these are actually the original um rims the standard rims that comes with lease plans um leasing car

Or default star leasing car so i didn’t pick this i got these selected for me so if you’re having a polestar 2 least from leafsplan a lot of leasing there um you might get these there’s no guarantee but i believe that they send these as standard i’ve seen other polestar 2s with these the same but this is what they look like they look really good they’re not that

Special it’s just a 5×2 spoke design and these are the real ryl m12 and i believe the color on this is called silver polar but yeah they’re kind of stylish they’re a bit different from the pole star original wheels they are also staggered that means that they’re wider in the back and narrower in the front and this is the model number for this front one kba five

Three zero seven two that you saw there and in the back it’s kb ab and that’s just because it’s a 19 inch and then the the width so if you enter this number then you get the same as i have here but we’re going to take a look at the website and i’m just going to show you um what they have there but yeah i think they look good what do you think do you think these

Look better or worse than the pole star standard stuff start by trying to see if we can get this in english english okay maybe not so just go down here and then we scroll a bit to the right and we should see the m12 and the m12 actually comes in a few different colors but the one i have is the one that’s a polar silver click that one and this is what it looks

Like looks like it comes in a few different sizes so the way of knowing um i mean obviously the poster it has the 8 by 19 in the front and 9 by 19 in the back but there is also the configurator here so if we go to that one and then we type in pole star number two this one uh for this um configurator it only works to go with the top one here but it doesn’t

Matter because all of them have the same wheels and such so here we can see what they look like from a few different angles but also we can see the details down here click the details and here we see the article number the size the et and everything so here on the right we have abe so we click down and on here we’re going to see that this is the 8 by 19 so

This is the front and then you see the number which is 53072 and this is the same number that we have that i have on the on the front rims so if we do that on a on a 9 by 19 we do the abe document then it’s a 9 by 19 and the number is 53075 and so this is a way of finding these wheels from a reseller so you look for this number though well i guess that’s all

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Polestar 2 with aftermarket rims (RIAL M12) By B as in Bjorn

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