polestar 2 dont overlook this ca
Altair Club Cars Polestar 2: DONT Overlook this CAR

Polestar 2: DONT Overlook this CAR

Polestar 2: DONT Overlook this CAR

Foreign star 2 is a car not to be overlooked it is a car with very cool features this video will review the cool features and specs of the car you will learn a bit about the history of pole star and what makes pole star 2 special if you stick around you will know what updates this car has in the future and why it is worth your attention volvo swedish car maker

And pole star sub brand produces the pole star 2 a battery electric five-door liftback in march 2020 a limited number of manufactured units were produced in luciao cma super factory in luciao china the dual engine the long range version of this car can accelerate to 60 miles per hour in 4.5 seconds it has electric motors on both the front and back axles and

A maximum range of 301 miles thanks to its large battery pack this pole star model’s maximum output is 476 horsepower and its maximum speed is 127 miles per hour all thanks to its two motors there is also a single motor option which is essentially just the front wheel drive variant with a huge battery pack and an electric motor the maximum power output is 231

Horsepower all of which come from a single engine and in just seven seconds you can go from zero to 60 miles per hour while few drivers actually exceed 100 miles per hour the post r2’s top speed of 100 miles per hour is still somewhat modest in comparison to other vehicles the pole star 2 is powered by a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 78 kilowatts per

Hour and it takes just 35 minutes to fully charge when connected to a dc rapid charging station and if you want to charge it overnight you’ll need roughly 8 hours of all time a single charge for the pulstar 2 should get you about 245 miles then i’m a person strut front and multi-link rear suspension design of the pole star 2 are firm and it includes folding

Stampers that are adjustable and brembo brakes up front that are even more powerful full star also has three different regenerative braking levels the most effective of which may bring the vehicle to a full stop without the driver even pressing the brake pedal the pole star 2 also features a standard 19-inch wheel with low rolling resistance performance tires

And there are also the optional 20-inch alloy wheels that feature optimized performance tires before we get into the inner workings of pole star here’s a fun tidbit did you know that pole star back when it was known as flash engineering was actually a racing team that built and raised its own cars to help volvo’s racing division win the 1996 swedish touring car

Championship the pole star racing team saw great success in the 2010s bringing home numerous wins for both themselves and volvo in 2013 the company released the first production versions of its s60 model to the public volvo’s s60 and v60 pole star were both introduced the following year in 2014. polestar’s designs reflect the extensive experience of the company

Ceo thomas ingenlat in the automotive sector that’s why aesthetics seem to play such a central role in the pole star experience prior to joining full star he was senior vice president of design at volvo he has also worked in similar capacities at audi and skoda both of which are owned by the volkswagen group the pole star 2 takes many styling influences from the

Volvo s60 and because of its unique design and attractive curves the post far too attracts attention wherever it goes the interior design continues this trend with use of simple geometric shapes the two’s cabin is a beautiful example of how well common materials like wood linen and plastic can be used to create something truly unique it has a contemporary look

With its smooth curves due to color scheme and sparse controls the two takes cues from the volvo lineup including the knurled start knob and the buttons on the steering wheel but the overall effect is more conservative polestar uses eco-friendly vegan fabric for the interior to go along with the car’s electrified drivetrain so you can get leather if you really

Want it the cargo space is at 14 cubic feet and the front provides an extra cubic foot of space full star is the first company to offer android automotive android automotive which should not be confused with android auto serves as the primary user interface for the pulse r2 it manages the audio system the climate control the vehicle settings and the navigation

System and any other apps or services that may be installed the interface is well designed and easy to use to access all of the functions users must be logged into their google accounts it’s designed to work with a central touchscreen monitor that measures 11.15 inches 203 millimeters diagonally the car stereo system is among the best you’ll find anywhere with

Its 8 speakers and air woofer full star offers several mobile apps that connect to the car and allow seamless digital integration with a few clicks and swipes you can check the vehicle status and control other functions of the car even before getting behind the wheel the polestar app for ios and android has a digital key feature that allows you to open and close

The doors with the tap of a screen the interior also features a total of four usb ports two in the front and two in the back as well as standard satellite radio with premium harman kardon audio let’s talk about safety and driver assistance features the pool star 2 comes loaded with several driver assistance and safety features which should provide added peace of

Mind safety features like standard automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection standard adaptive cruise control and the standard blind spot monitoring full star’s limited warranty adheres to industry best practices the company also offers competitive coverage for the electrical components of the pulse bar too however it does not provide the same three-year

Comprehensive maintenance package as its parent company volvo the limited warranty lasts 4 years or 50 000 miles and the electrical components are protected for eight years or 100 000 miles with no free scheduled maintenance on what to expect for the future full star plans to release three new electric cars over the next three years and after its recent nasdaq

Listing a large suv in 2023 a smaller crossover in 2024 and a flagship four-door coupe in 2025. polestar also debuted a new type of its pulstar 2 fastback car the 48 400 pole star 2 long range single motor in march for the 2023 model year the pole star 2 will receive lots of new upgrades including a more efficient heat pump improved aesthetics and new eco-friendly

Electronics pollstar improved the two in 2022 by increasing the single motor variance epa estimated range to 270 miles and the dual motor models horsepower by 68. the range of the dual motor model will have risen by 11 miles by 2023 taking it to 260 miles thanks to software improvements the pole star 2 will be available in two new exterior colors beginning in

2023 the first jupiter is gold gray with red flakes while the second space is metallic black every other color will cost more than the original pricing including snow white a darker thunder gray jupiter beige midnight blue and space black for the seats inside the options are light ash room and zinc gray and apple leather pole star also has plans to improve the

Mechanical heat pump’s ideal temperature range to 20 to 77 degrees fahrenheit the pump which was developed for 40 to 60 degrees will increase the range in adverse conditions in addition existing pole star 2 cars will get a free heat pump via an over-the-air update polestar will also introduce an improved interior particulate sensor and upgraded the cabin filter

Which is now paired with an app to monitor cabin air quality versus outdoors for the 2023 model polestar has incorporated a panoramic glass roof with a detachable sunshade the best part deliveries are set to begin in september prices have gone up a little bit for 2023. the price for the single motor version starts at 49 800 while the price for the version with two

Motors starts at 53 300 hundred dollars the plus package costs an extra four thousand two hundred dollars and the performance pack cost an extra five thousand five hundred dollars it adds 68 horsepower and fifteen pound feet of torque and is only available on the dual motor model the pole star 2 has enough range storage and thoughtful features such as frameless

Mirrors a raised center console and no start stop button you just press the brake the design is good and the interior concept looks like it will be around for a long time all of these things create a sense of unity in the vehicle full star has given much thought to every little detail and it shows the full star 2 with its understated elegance is well made useful and easy to drive

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