polestar 2 china edition


Managed to get my hands on the Chinese base version of the Polestar 2 for an afternoon.

Hello german woman gentian li khan post star 2 g bender pros and cons let’s go searching for greatness in a sea of the dying shameless sir i see the aimless i don’t want to be one of the nameless imma wake up with the mindset that one day i’m gonna make it and i don’t think i’ll be fine if i don’t break my limitations from the start if you hold down the unlock

Button the windows will slowly open this is super handy for summer time when the car gets super hot the same can be done to close the windows by holding down the lock button when i first got the car i struggled to find this bare wheel but i realized that it is hidden a little bit under here so if you open the bonnet up nicely under this charging here is your

Tow hook as well as your mixture for the wheel and your pump in case you need to pop up the tires of it another one of the benefits of having this gigantic boot is of course that if you have smaller luggage items you can pop them towards the back and just fold up the divider and that should keep it from sliding around another benefit is of course this button

That you can use to close the boot moving on to interior i must say there are a few things that i absolutely love about this car let’s get to it so these buttons over here are actually used to open and close garage doors other feature that you guys really might like is the fact that the mirrors can be brought in using these two buttons here so if i press them

Simultaneously it’ll really help so that if you guys go through tight spaces that you will not be damaging your mirrors another benefit of the pulse star is that it does come with electronically adjusted lumbar support now i must admit one of the things i absolutely love about this is the fact that there is no start button so you just put into drive and there we

Go so hey guys one thing you will notice is that if you look at that rear window over there that it is not quite as tall as other windows are but guys don’t let that put you off because when you do use the reverse you will see that the cameras will definitely be able to guide you into the parking spots there we go done another pro is that the driver seat position

And corresponding mirror positions can be programmed for two different drivers the heated steering wheel is a fantastic surprise on this base model one of the downsides is of course this touchscreen does have a tendency to get dirty but if you hold down on the home button over here it should give you a cleaning mode and you have a 2 cup center console the pulse

Star’s back seats have rear seat heaters as well as 2 usb type-c ports

Transcribed from video

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