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Plastic WARRINGTON: Wanting to Leave

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Foreign foreign foreign turns it says cost of living hack 92 cancel your netflix account and play chess with your cat instead okay everybody out not allowed two of my favorite youtubers very good guys auditing britain and black belt barrister completely unrelated types of channel one’s auditing one’s law they both use my name in titles in their

Recent videos and i am honored i’m honored and i cannot believe auditing britain and i were walking around the city center at the exact same time and we missed each other we even spoke to the same people we knew we were out to look for each other and for some reason it didn’t happen that’s rare that is rare city center manchester is tiny tiny unusually when i’m

Meeting up with mates in the city oh yeah i’ll be in the city and then within half an hour you find each other where are you a.b i’m gonna find you i’m gonna find you it’s amazing because it’s my name road manchester oxfordshire road station the journey to warrington is already a success a young lady who works at costa saw me in the station and she goes you did

A video for my friend their partner or brother i didn’t catch it declan and the young lady gave me a coffee i needed the coffee so declan and to the young lady thank you train chad with a ticket a lookout over the spiked metal gates they really don’t want people in the station look you’ve seen these before haven’t you you’ve seen these bad boys but they’ve put

Rusty nails in them look upgrades for the modern cracky rusty nails that’ll f you up hope you’ve had your tet in the shots 113 but it’s not it’s not 113. it’s 12 33 i mean why would they do that what are they doing to us that’s all the evidence i need society’s gone society’s collapsed the brand of the watch is jet gents and no one knows how to fix it anymore

It’s idiocracy now all right this is as far as you’re allowed to oh shivers yes as far as you’re allowed to go and i noticed percy brothers limited old we’re here let’s do some trainspotting this is deutsche bahn a german train deutsche man deutsche oh he’s so done oh royal diamonds what is it oh it’s my train oh we better get to warrington then behind me is a

Guy with a very cumbersome id card look that’s british id cards now you’ve got to carry this big license with you all righty then warrington central let’s do first impressions okay first impressions eh let’s see so you come out the station and you’re greeted with that that and that and that and where’s the trees there’s a couple of brown site trees but uh no

First impression is not so good anyway my first ever time in warrington so let’s do it let’s do it everyone seems to be going this way and that looks like a bus station and there’s a bunch of roses on the coast here signs of death great love it i’ve walked 50 meters at the station and we’ve got a buzz bingo buzz bingo and not only that i’ll let the let the postman

Pass he’s doing a good job you’re right mate postman so and then we’ve got dirty dirty generator pumping out smoke 5g 5g will knock any man down you should stick to one g on a night out it’s two whoa let’s get some smoke for you guys love it outside the rag shop and i look to my left and there is uh chernobyl pripyat a terrifying building in the distance there

But we’ll circle around and get it but what we’ll do we’ll go into the pedestrian road next to the primark next to the hop pole you’ve got some hops in your beer you like the pool full of hops look at this modern art granite pillars wow 404 waffles geez sometimes it’s like you’ve been to one down english high street you’ve been through them all guy with blue

Hair vaping outside the vape shop there you go that’s that’s britain for you foreign dolls this time pink shop on the right ragdolls more vape shop that’s what we need man on the accordion of course that building’s being demolished port chernobyl another one bit of green a bit of green now i found the lloyd’s bank for the blind i don’t think the logo is big

Enough my god and there you go more green city square but it can’t be a square because it’s a round with a with a bubbler was a little water bubbler in the middle look at that gorgeous and that green ladies and gents is copper oxide nice and green that’s what you need i found the rock the rock also has a bubbler the rock is also surrounded by coppery goodness

And it flows down and falls onto the globe with the children hand imprints not weird at all perfectly normal security monitoring us everywhere yet it’s still super stabby still super shooty crimey what’s the point the hexagons on the side of an impressive building no it’s the times square car park so many hexagons it’s like i’m in a hive am i in a hive no i’m

In warrington i’ve stumbled onto some futuristic square there’s a cinema there’s a warrington market we’re going to have a look there’s all source there’s the beehive and it’s great if you like wide open desolate sterile spaces if you like the one thing pretending to be a tree now there’s a few bushes over there telling me that i’m being watched my face is being

Monitored for crime prevention just as well my face is going to commit loads of crime if it wasn’t for the cameras now this is all great i wonder how they raised money to do this which backhanders got money into swiss bank accounts who knows stupid little governments love these big building projects and again desolate hurts my brain i mean the irony there’s a

There’s a pub called the botanist and it’s got a few fake trees and some of these little corporate council trees planted in front but anyway we’ll go into warrington market we’ll stick our head in i have a feeling it’s you know that might be nice you never know it might be good i shouldn’t be so cynical oh that’s a blast of hot air as you go in okay i’ll stop

Being cynical it’s it’s okay there’s no problem with it look there’s like a big hulk like pepe from hot man look instead of an arrowhead it’s a syringe why why why are they messing with my head like this why why can’t it just be a normal arrowhead cheshire it’s smiling like a cheshire cat or frowning like a chesh or bike thief or is that frowning like a cheshire

Bike thief watcher what a cuck that’s what i’m really interested in the collapse of the 20th century the destruction of stalin hq lenin uh boys club and we’ll let the bus go past he’s going to westy you’re like westie and danger asbestos our max site is mr anderson good for him search for the decay the ugly the horrific i come across the lovely portra’s ale

House when do you think this was built 1850 1860 1888 i don’t know but i am curious to know if it’s still running um oh come on don’t do this to me no it’s abandoned it’s got guard dogs now and more cctv no porter mr porter let’s see can we see inside what’s mr porter got in there yeah he’s finished but you can see look at that traditional traditional church a

Little row of traditional houses and the traditional pub and then the counselors were like yeah the past is shitty and boring let’s build that forget you know we’ll ignore the fact we’ll have to demolish it in 30 years or 40 years let’s build that people love it we’re on orford street not oxford it’s orford hey you’re right and um yeah there you go i’m i just

Came here for um good old abandy i like uh abandoned and this is the best abandoned feces i’ve seen in a long time we’ll have a look so yeah i just want to commend these fine men dressed in bright orange for destroying this piece of building look at it look at this ugly piece of and i love that you guys get paid to operate big machines to smash up ugly i

Would do it for free i’ll start right now brilliant it’s been 12 years since the war with the machines since skynet uh hit the singularity ray kurzweil even though he’s wrong he was right the first thing the machines did was commandeer jcb diggers and start demolishing the residential units of the human primates it’s all over it was over before it started but

Nice rebar though i bet it’s really strong we got to get that machine from manchester with the bigger teeth to sort it out so we’ve just finished with a the abandoned chernobyl hello madam how are you we witnessed the beautiful mosaic brick mosaic on the wall don’t you find madam this is very reassuring diamond-shaped mosaic very nice thank you about time that

They did this mosaic the lady said i agree look at that 1993. thank you very much i also want to go into hedge shopping hedge why not we’ll go in we’re in the hedge oh my god i’m getting heart palpitations there’s an asda and there’s a yeah i think the one thing you do when you get in here is you leave public spaces protection order that’s funnily enough the

Law that they arrested me for in toronto and then they paid out 25 000 canadian dollars to me because it was fake anyway how’s this for a british symbol look at this ed 209 without legs having a look having a good look and i love the anti anti-vandalism spike they’re expecting absolute civil disorder and collapse for people to be climbing up cctv pools to destroy

Them first thing i noticed arriving in warrington is the sheer number of plastic clad buildings plastic buildings just to give it that vibe here oh here’s oh look a massive one in the foreground plastic clad guess they don’t want it to you know to burn down or something but i don’t know man i think i am sick of filming ugly i want beauty i want aesthetic you

Know titillation i want to be moved by truth beauty and love the trinity of reality and as theodore dostoyevsky one of the good russians are we allowed to say that russian’s got a bit of a bad press at the moment fill those holes up theodore said he said beauty will save the world and if you’ve watched the show chernobyl on uh hbo you’ll know the russian guy

At the end you know he makes the friendship with the nuclear scientist the good guy and i realizes he’s been irradiated he’s probably gonna die of some sort of cancer and a beautiful little green caterpillar crawls across his finger camera zooms in he looks at his eyes well with tears and he says beauty will save the world nuclear weapons of mass destruction not allowed

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Plastic WARRINGTON: Wanting to Leave By Charles Veitch

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