picking up my new 420hp 2022 cla
Altair Club Cars Picking up my new 420HP 2022 CLA45s AMG

Picking up my new 420HP 2022 CLA45s AMG

It’s finally here! Join me as we pick up my brand new 2022 Mercedes CLA45s AMG. I’m so excited to create some amazing videos with this incredible car!

Here we are guys we are finally here at mercedes and we are picking up the cla 45s i cannot wait i can’t wait to see it it’s in there it’s waiting for us bye team oh here we are we’ve taken the cover off the car looks absolutely insane i hope it’s coming from the camera but in person this matte paint is incredible i’m so glad i went for it it was the perfect

Choice it just looks so special oh yeah i’m speechless and you’ve got the gloss black trim which just stands out nicely and looks absolutely insane oh just the front grille how mean is that oh i’m speechless i don’t know what to say and obviously we’ve got the amg wheels as well and the canards come take a shot of the wheels james look at those ginormous calipers

The black wheels against the matte grey just looks insane oh i think we need to go inside we haven’t been inside yet have we nice let’s get the keys let me show you the key because the key itself is uh the key itself we’ve got the black key with the amg badge is the focus on it and then it also comes with a special amg keychain as well but we’re going in you ready

Oh that’s not the driver’s side that’s right keep going keep rolling oh oh it looks good oh it smells lovely wow look at this we’ve got the drive select dial here oh i’ve never sat in the cooper version because we had the uh we had the estate before the screens the vents all the yellow stitching oh it’s just perfect i am so happy this was worth the wait oh yes

The wrapped steering wheel as well the alcantara wrap oh it feels lovely wow i am just blowing away times a thousand shall we say even the door looks super cool with the yellow stitching we’ve got the memory seats the upgraded sound system this is this car’s basically got every single option i just went all out on it and oh the amg performance seats oh can you

See those as well james we’ve got the mercedes reflectors again because i love those they might not show up on the camera and then i’ll just get out of the car now so you can show everyone the amg performance seats because they just look amazing with the yellow stitching and the amg badge they are just unreal i could not be happier wow unreal i cannot wait to

Drive it it’s going to be painful running it in because we’ve got to do the first 1000 miles we can’t do race mode we can’t do sport plus so we’re going to be testing out the comfort of the car probably first but i’m going to be doing a full seven day vlog of the car so i want you guys to be really a huge part of this because you know the youtube channel means so

Much to me and you guys really helped me get this car um it inspired me to get it and make this purchase so i’m going to be doing a seven-day vlog i want you guys to be completely part of it every day we’re gonna be doing something different i’m gonna be talking about oh sorry i’m losing my words because i’m so excited i’m gonna be talking about different things

On different days i’m gonna take you through my experience this is day one consider this day one of the vlog then day two and then we’ll do my first drive to work we’ll be doing doing all the setups uh i might do a first wash because the roads are a bit wet at the moment so be interesting to see how the matte paint holds up but oh my god we’ve got so much content

Coming with this car i cannot wait to make videos with it you guys are in for a treat okay we’ve got the keys again and this is going to be the first startup of the cla45s now it’s probably not going to sound amazing because we’re going to do it with the valves closed and not in sport plus because we’re going to be responsible we’re going to run this engine in

But here’s the first start can’t even find a button there is oh there we go the lights look amazing now the lights are on take a look at the car with the lights on if you come around to the front as well oh the ambient lighting in the interior but check out the front first oh wow look at those that looks crazy i love the shape of them james if you come here

Now and check out the ambient light i’ve not set it up yet but take a look at that guys we’re going to do a proper video on the ambient lighting but wow that just looks amazing now before we take the cla45s out for its first ever drive i just want to give a big shout out to my friends at theftblock.com with a brand new car like this it’s so important to protect

Yourself and your car from modern thieves that’s why i’m going to be keeping my keys in this lovely designed theft block box right here it’s really nice it’s got a nice suede feel to it almost like the alcantara wrap steering wheel on the amg and there’s some nice logo embossing on the top and also on the front too it’s a really really nice box so all you need to

Do is open it up and you’ve got space for multiple keys and i’ll explain to you now why this is important so there’s a really scary modern method that thieves are using to steal cars with keyless entry and keyless start they just stand outside your house with a computer and it reads the signal of your key sends it to their computer they just open the car up and

They’re off they drive away in under five minutes sometimes it only takes seconds now these boxes right here are great because inside is a protective layer so when the box is closed it blocks your key signal so if someone’s outside trying to clone your key the box is going to completely block it and they’re just going to be outside there for as long as they want

Just looking really silly and suspicious so i don’t want to just talk about the box guys i just want to kind of show you how it works because i’m really happy to have this box because as you can probably imagine i’ve just picked up this brand new cla45s so i am gonna do everything i can to protect it so if we take the lovely amg key right here and pop it straight

Into the box pop it in there as you can see at the bottom close it completely i’ll pop the box down now let’s see if we can start the car up so fill in the brake no start it actually says place key in the marked space see owner’s manual so the car now thinks the key is not in here so that means the key signal is completely blocked so guys if you’ve got keyless

Entry or keyless start in your car make sure to check out theftblock.com you can buy these boxes i’ll give you a discount code which they’ve really kindly given to me it’s a b auto 10 pop that in and it’s going to give you a brilliant 10 discount also guys if you’re not quite ready to make a purchase for the box or the box isn’t right for you and you still want to

Protect your keys they also sell these really nice high quality pouches as well works the same you just open it up and it’s got the same material on the inside as the as the box so you just pop your key in here close it up and you’ll protect it in the exact same way right now the moment you’ve been waiting for guys let’s take the cla45s for its first ever drive

Right the engine is running we’re sitting in the car i can’t believe it it’s so good i love this steering wheel calm yourself adam there’s so much to go through and so much to share i’m just so excited but let’s drive i’m going to leave the dealership now oh just putting the way on the clutch it’s still snappy even in comfort mode oh when you put the windscreen

Wipers on there we go or two oh sorry james it’s just so powerful right now we’ve got to tackle the speed bumps oh man this feels so good i love the steering wheel we’re going to have so much fun in this car once we’ve uh once we’ve ran the engine in oh they are nasty people yeah they are nasty speed bumps we’ve got one more yeah once we’ve ran the engine in

We’re going to have so much fun and make some amazing videos how many miles oh there’s 12 miles on the clock because they would have had to have put some petrol in it so 12 miles pretty new can you smell that new smell yes how many miles before you uh oh how many miles before it’s running a thousand miles okay the running period is a thousand miles so um just

Get all the engine and stuff bedded in i’m gonna do a separate video about the running process and sort of give tips on how to run the car in and explain all about it i mean this is the hand-built amg engine after all so it’s very important to run it in you can just feel that this car just wants to go it’s a bit of an animal the only downside is it’s raining because

Me and james were originally going to go take the car out for like a glamour photo shoot but we’ve got so much time and you know there’s going to be so much content on this car i mean what do you think of the car james i think it’s absolutely amazing what do you think of the paint because uh so a lot of people want to get the matte paint but they’re a bit scared

Is it what how does it like now you’ve seen it in person like it’s so well in person you have yeah as first person and i think it shows up on the uh i think all the videos as well i think it it really shows up in person it’s got such a yeah nice satin kind of matte look and the gloss flat the gloss black trim as well just sits so well with it it’s the contrast

Between the the matte and it’s just very unusual which makes this cast so much more unique yeah and worship when we are shooting on a canon r5 and an a7s3 so i think it’s going to look amazing on film i mean james took some incredible photographs so we’re going to put that on on the a b or to instagram i i really want to kind of i really want the ab or to instagram

To take off and now they’ve got this car because it’s such a pretty car that i think so many cool photos but yeah unfortunately we’ve got to run the engine in so we can’t just floor it and get some pops and bangs but i promise you guys once we get to a thousand miles um i’m gonna invite james around and we’re gonna do race start launch control i didn’t actually

Get to do launch control in the car that i borrowed um so yeah i am i’m ready for launch control it’s quite quiet as well when you’re in comfort mode yeah uh so yeah it’s it’s quiet and comfortable and comfortable mode and you know obviously this is not this is not the massive v8 so it doesn’t sound crazy but i don’t know if you remember james when we had the

Yellow one yes um we had it in race mode and it sounded really good in the cabin even though some of it is piped in but they call it amg real sound but but you told me you said this reminds me of when i was in the mclaren because you went and your friend your dad’s friends mclaren didn’t you yeah obviously it doesn’t sound like a mclaren but i think you meant just

The feeling and the speed and because this car is absolutely rapid it is the world’s fastest four-cylinder production engine which is ridiculous and yeah that’s the auto stop start so oh wow when you’re in comfort mode what turns the engine off so you save a bit of petrol um which is good because petrol is expensive at the moment um so what’s it like driving

Probably one of the newest cars in the uk right now oh uh it’s a little bit scary but i’ve like i’m just thinking now i’m gonna leave a nice gap on this roundabout but i think it just feels so nice to have it and it’s still it’s still sinking in to be honest right we’ve got quite a lot of traffic because it’s but yeah it’s still sinking in i’m just i’m still

A bit shaky just from the excitement like i have worked so hard for so many years to be able to afford this car and it just feels so nice to finally be here um so yeah so guys this is the first little drive we’re going to be doing some amazing driving videos so i hope you guys enjoyed this pickup video um me and james filmed loads of stuff i can’t wait to edit it

I think it’s going to be incredible it was an amazing experience um massive felt massive shout out and thank you to james for filming this photo fever check out his youtube channel i’ll pop it on the screen and huge thank you to mercedes-benz of milton keynes for sorting this car out for me and you know letting us letting us do the amazing video um i am so happy

And so excited but yeah if you enjoyed this video guys hit that like button and like i said we’ve got some amazing content coming in this car so if you haven’t already hit the subscribe button you do not want to miss it i’m so excited thank you all so much for watching i’ll see you soon me

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Picking up my new 420HP 2022 CLA45s AMG By ABAUTO

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