picking up my new 2022 subaru br


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The new foe has appeared when you’re in a vrz or a miata the other guy doesn’t have to know you’re racing guys i am um i’m running out of space i might need a bigger shop already i have this problem i love cars too much now the nice thing is this car will only be here for another two weeks actually like a week and a half so you guys only have about a week and

A half to enter into winning this car we are giving away this gti we actually just got this sick matching forged carbon steering what we’re about to put on so the brz will be taking up this guy’s spot i guess but you got a little over a week to enter into winning this golf gti guys it’s a two-door it’s wrapped and if you guys haven’t followed with the videos it’s

Got a bigger turbo flex fuel ethanol makes well over 400 horsepower it’s got rolling anti-lag and it is one of the coolest cars ever and i have been in the past i have been not so kind to the volkswagen guys because i think that they’re weird but cars are fantastic every five bucks you spend at 53supply.com gets you one entry you’ve got so much stuff going on too

So in the background doing all these brz things we’re still going to be getting stuff done is 300 this supra that super new turbo for the civic built engine for the skyline evo is finally getting in love and this one’s just perfect but i’m running out of space who cares though we’re about to go on our family’s first road trip gabriella has never taken a road trip

Before we are heading down to san antonio today to grab the brand new 2022 brz i’m very excited this is the first new car i’ve ever purchased and i’m excited to be one of the first to be able to modify and have fun with a new chassis tomorrow ladies and gentlemen we are at gilman subaru in san antonio and since we’re in san antonio you already know he had to have

A special guest jared lives in san antonio for school so brought her along to pick up the new subaru but i do want to say thank you i was able to do this because of an old acquaintance i have in the subaru world his name is roderick uh thank you so much roger for getting us connected and big thanks to shaylin lady here that allowed us to get this guys if you have

A brz this early it’s either because you paid for it a year ago or you got lucky i i put a feeler out there and thankfully pretty quickly we were able to grab this they bought this to use at the san antonio auto show and um sold to me right after so i had a couple different options i’m gonna go ahead and show you what we got awesome thank you sir check her out

Jiren i actually want to see the interior so badly how do i this is i’m kind of getting in because i’m cold but i’m also getting in so that people can hear me oh jiren i’ve never bought a new car before so it smells new you’ve never bought a new car before this is my first new car ever this is nice so guys absolute must jaren you know you know what the must is

Right oh carplay one thing well carplay is definitely nice manual manual it was so hard oh that’s nice one of the main thing actually the main thing i had to do had to be a manual dude this this interior is nice i actually really like this so this is the uh premium i guess it’s the premium like it’s like the it’s like the good one i don’t freaking know but like

Feel that feel that shift that’s like a stout shift all right well we’ll get it started up in a second it’s very very very very windy today which is super unfortunate but i’m going to try and give you guys a little walk around maybe i’ll do a voice over which is super awkward i have loved these cars since i first saw them i think they resembled the original ae86

Better than the brz did the tail lights especially the tail lights look amazing the rear end of the car is fantastic it’s got this duck bill they made this like a super modifiable real drivers car the little fins are interesting they kind of made it to where it’s like hey you get a little bit of like wide body feel from the factory i mean the wheels and tires and

Stuff are nice but that’s going to be replaced i already actually have wheels tires and suspension at home but oh man oh boy the front looks cool so the main thing about this versus the gr86 is the gr86 actually has a little bit more aggressive front bumper and they don’t have this little swoop on the headlights but it’s basically a gr86 this car is sick because

It’s got the 2.4 liter instead of the 2-liter so we’ll go ahead and open this up i’m super amped on this wherever the there it is check out that engine jaren all 60 horsepowers we should actually get this on a dyno and uh see how much it actually makes that’s super clean so they went up to the 2.4 liter instead of the 2 liters so should be a little torquier i’m

Going to say this up front if anybody out there that’s works in the ecu tuning business i am wanting to boost this car as soon as possible we can make a custom turbo kit for we’re really wanting to do that in-house but uh we want to boost this thing but we don’t have any engine management stuff yep you think this looks bougie over the background what is the

The background oh it’s like three-dimensional so that’s what i’m saying let’s start her up actually something tells me the that’s the wrong thing something tells me the first thing this car is gonna need is an exhaust got a push to start it made a ding that’s fancy oh wait it’s it’s manual so i have to put the clutch in you do have to do that you can’t hear

Anything at all look at like all the little buttons this is kind of bougie please tell me it has car play yes oh i have a long six-hour drive home and a track day tomorrow so i’m gonna need some good music oh it’s cold it’s really cold in here look at all these like nice little knobs and stuff it’s all led so i’m actually gonna put it up to 69 that’s my favorite

Temperature this thing has a sick interior dude it’s got a full led dash the fact it has 15 miles on it you should drive it to 69 and then never drive it i have like a 400 mile drive home so it’s like 300. i might hit 69 by tomorrow um i’m psyched let’s um we’ve got to pay for the car then we’ll take it for a spin thank you sir drive it i absolutely want to

Drive it gabriella say hello all right it’s a little quiet guys i’ve had a fantastic experience here at gilman um shaylynn is amazing you and her husband had some subscribers here it’s been fantastic ryan’s also very good so if you need guys wanna if you guys are around san antonio need some super love super help also i just i do want to mention subaru is doing

A what is it share the love every new car i think subaru sells they they donate 250 bucks to charity of your choice so i did a military veterans thing super cool but we officially own it it’s time to have some fun ready jiren thank you ryan yeah the first mod is ryan ryan had a a a thing has some crusty on it but it’s all right i wanna i gotta use carplay dude

That’s my favorite thing in the world oh son what’s this place called tinkle what’s it what tinkle tank tank hole sorry tenco ten there you go i got it you up on your pronunciation skills in japanese you can’t drive this many japanese cars and then not know how to pronounce tenko this thing is sick okay so before before we go uh in case you don’t want to drive

It in manual there’s an auto button right there what no traction control all that kind of stuff so we got like sync oh oh so we got off and they got track oh wait hold on traction off oh that’s track off track mode okay because we’re gonna be using that tomorrow dang you ready to put six you ready to put another mile on this car on this bad boy it’s gonna hurt i

Wonder if it has automated rev matching i don’t know if subaru’s gotten a oh this thing’s smooth jarren i think you you would like driving this thing probably should i peel out should i do a burnout i think i don’t know if this car is capable of turning bring out yet we’ll have to find that out tomorrow oh yeah we definitely jiren this car needs an exhaust i agree

Instantly yeah it’s pretty fast it smells new it’s always weird to me driving a manual car i grew up racing dirt bikes so like i didn’t use a tachometer to shift i use my ears i like to hear the cars especially when i’m zooming zooming understandable look at this look at this look at these knobs look how sick that is like it’s all led displays and stuff like that

This is actually a nicer car than i thought it was gonna be i had like low expectations but i’ve got a track day i’m going to actually bring this to harrison raceway and i’m going to test this car out completely stock i’m really stoked about that a little backstory here i’ve actually wanted a brz since they since the frs first came out i was in high school and

Uh i had always loved subarus i obviously couldn’t afford a brand new frs when i was in high school see it does not have rap matching i don’t think let’s see yeah nope it does not here we go all right we’re getting we’re getting into the higher rpms there but miss miss jenny just pulled out in front of us and we can’t you know we’re full throttle right now it’s

It’s please elaborate did you sound like a minecrafter it needs like e85 or a little more power now are we in sixth gear i think we’re gonna say here it tells you right there oh it does listen all of my manual cars are all old and stinky it’s kind of cute just because it comes with lawn mower sized tires doesn’t mean it’s cute i want the japanese likes you know

The speed like the little lines that just pop up on the screen that make it look like it’s faster hey i’m trying to race dude i’m trying to make this mustang guy feel good about himself today are you trying to intimidate him this car sounds good at high rpm yes it does oh there’s a challenge or two oh or maybe we can just be the follow car and they can race

Because we’re not gonna do we might not even keep up with the race to be honest but i’m scared oh no oh oh oh oh no please rev with him i’m gonna rap ready oh he has air pods in he’s air pods in one truck yes sir i think you won when you’re in a brz or a miata the other guy doesn’t have to know you’re racing that’s true oh he looked vr oh he’s behind you now

Are you about to have a bonding experience yes that’s pretty crazy i think one of my favorite things about all brzs is the fact that they um they made chairs for quadruple amputees back here look at that dude if you don’t have legs you’re welcome in my back seat at all times it’s pretty nice my butt’s warm right now it’s a little chilly day and so it’s just

Been it’s just been kind of nice it’s very slow and um that’s to be expected though it’s kind of like the modern day miata they kind of they brought back i mean the 86 and the miata back in the day they were both naturally aspirated cars that didn’t make a lot of power but they were drivers cars pretty excited to to do some modifications and stuff to it i’m gonna

Have drew make a full exhaust for it as soon as possible and i’m working with ma performance and stuff like that to get some parts but uh seriously i am looking for some uh how you say ecu tuning solutions cause i would love to get this thing on ethanol or something pretty soon and if we can i’d love to do like a supercharger turbocharger something like that we

Can fab anything in the house and in-house now because of drew so no no maybe next time you’re here this thing might be actually kind of quick in like two weeks oh true i like the smell oh yeah it’s a new car smell and the burning smell i well i was kind of going hard on the clutch but it’s fine like i had mentioned earlier we’re at the hotel now but like i had

Mentioned earlier we’ve already got wheels to test fit not like the permanent i’m getting three-piece wheels made for this we’re also testing suspension on it as well as for now we got to get ready for tomorrow we got a track day and i got to say bye-bye to jaren everybody say bye bye jiren she’s gotta go back she gotta go back to school she gotta go do homework

If there’s a chance you might be new to the channel i just wanna let you guys know i do um i every video i end it with daily advice i wanna tell you guys right now and there’s it’s hard it’s kind of hard to hear this sometimes but i’m i’m so thankful for this i’m thankful for you guys too thank you guys for watching i want to let you guys know material possessions

Will never actually bring you true happiness in life like take it for me at the end of the day you have to find value deeper than what you’re able to spend your money on um your value is worth more than what you know the amount of money you make it’s worth more than the your grades in school or the amount of women you’ve you know been with whatever you name it you

Define your value deeper than that um now our car is amazing absolutely and do they make you happy for sure but i just want to encourage you i mean as there’s always going to be something that is just like you can buy and buy and buy and buy but there’s always going to be a void at some point actually at all points until you find um true joy and true happiness

I am so excited i’ve wanted to be rz since i was a boy a wee lad i’m still a boy at heart i’ll catch you guys later and next video should be a track day hopefully everything lines up and we should be good make sure you guys subscribe and turn those notifications on and i’ll catch you guys next video peace hey i got two videos for you guys to watch it helps me out

A ton if you continue watching the content i got two videos for you to click on just so you can choose and also if you subscribe to others notifications on also just have a good day bye

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