picking up friend from high scho
Altair Club Cars Picking up Friend from High School in my AUDI R8 V10

Picking up Friend from High School in my AUDI R8 V10

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What is going on guys welcome back to another jack ultra motive vlog we are here we have the audi r8 back home but those of you that don’t know air suspension capristo exhaust roof box bbs wheels all decked out here and it has come straight from the sema show we have road-tripped all the way from vegas to la and now we’re back home in the heart of seattle washington

So this thing has gone some miles if you want to see some more coverage of that and the more true real day in the life of jack ultra motive you could hit up my instagram right here to go see that but today we’re doing something that’s not very realistic we’re doing something that straight out of the movies and it’s kind of a common youtube trend these days and i’m

Gonna be doing the kind gesture of picking up one of my friends from high school with this car for those of you that don’t know i graduated from high school at the beginning of this past summer and we will be going back to that exact high school because we’re picking up my friend payton who’s a senior there and we’re gonna be surprising and making her day by giving

A little outta ra pickup kind of a homage to a live stream of always wanting to complete that 17 again see some of you may know just just some of you have seen him in oh we have our guide tim here at blue underscore m3 he’s gonna be helping me film get some outer shots and for now i’m gonna ask you to help you film because we got to get the cold start going sure

Nice yeah nothing happened there now on all right as you already know we’ve hit him with them tony stark glasses while in the mari head to the high school i’m actually just a little bit anxious i don’t know why but it’s something about like going to your old high school i don’t know if you guys have gained relate to something like that or if you will relate

To something like that when the time comes you never need to go back but it’s just a little bit of an anxious feeling for me doing this hopefully we’re making someone’s day and that’s all that matters we got school zone we got keep it under 20 under 20 we are pulling in now this is flashbacks to my last day high school video right here oh boy oh good lord school

Speed bump okay we got a we got a hair this thing up i don’t know how he did that okay now we just got to drop it down and we’ve arrived officially made it out here at the school up right beside everyone’s gonna come out from there so now we basically just have to wait for the bell to ring a few moments later we’re just waiting in the car and people are already

Spotting us father inside the classroom and there’s something this is frickin this is funny twelve seconds later the bells just gone out and chaos has unfolded out in the parking but the freak is going on dude what’s up how you been yeah we’re back out here making more content i thought i’d come back one last time how’s the high school i’ve been boring this guy was

In the same in the same video when i took the r32 here last time yeah and we’re back i’m ready to graduate i know right i bet i’m waiting for peyton you know peyton somewhere you guys like it yes it is did you rent it no it’s mine yeah yeah what did it cost you oh decent eval yeah it’s full i can adjust it you want to see something cool watch this it could go

Up and then it could go all the way back down yeah we’ve tested some good limits you know yeah that’s what’s up dude found already yeah i do it’s right in front of the box oh my god what do you think anything it’s on air suspension so i could raise and lower it it’s your ride home what do you think storage and aesthetic all right you didn’t actually i don’t even

Know if you can okay if you want to squeeze into that i’m sorry yes the magic is basically she’s all the way back feel that it was like a little roller coaster we’re gonna have to go all the way up because there’s some gnarly speed bumps up there that’s what i’m trying to do but but you’ve been in it how do you drive a pound right hey there you go we got to

Keep it calm we got the police yeah dude this thing’s deadly i think this is the biggest one thing that this school is seen yeah oh boy oh boy feel like that’s the most high schools these days you know like doing this we’ll pick up things fun and all and then i forgot to calculate that we’re gonna be stuck here in like we’re being gridlocked for a long time no it

Is forever yeah what’s up do you guys subscribe subscribe do it you guys subscribe do it don’t bully people oh my god they’re trying to race oh bro he’s got it oh jeez oh he’s going for it we’re really leaping out here we’re really leaping oh my god oh he dropped his backpack oh my god he’s zooming right now oh he’s still going i feel bad having to go you know

At least a little bit no it helps me have connections yeah literally my boss has in the clampy one just in our lobby i know it’s a shell bow but he realized real forgt in the log yeah your boss is the head of forza just subtle flecks he’s a chill dude i think i saw a few were you like accelerators like that’s my hell yeah my kind of thank you so much i’ll

See you yeah daisy’s mission accomplished anyways as always thank you guys so much for watching the video and this is gonna be jack ultra motive sign in our little festivities off future

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Picking up Friend from High School in my AUDI R8 V10! By JackUltraMotive

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