picking up a ferrari f8 tributo
Altair Club Cars Picking up a Ferrari F8 Tributo | 800 Mile Road Trip

Picking up a Ferrari F8 Tributo | 800 Mile Road Trip

This week we pick up our clients new 2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo and bring it to the shop for some upgrades/protection.

We are currently in route to pick up a ferrari f8 from one of our really good customers and it’s the first f8 i’ve seen so i’m really looking forward to driving this f8 there is no other car that compares the ferrari besides ferrari and you don’t understand it until you drive or sex but they all have such different characteristics one thing is this fit and

Finish ferrari is by far the best foreign oh man this thing does not disappoint i had the 488 on such a pedestal and until we modified one i wasn’t impressed and this thing just out of the box is it’s unreal yeah it is it’s what i was expecting yeah so it’s got nothing on it yet full body stealth go grab a piece let’s put it on oh i don’t know stealth yeah

These would be really difficult though it would be cool to do some black though stripes some accent pieces do some things a little differently add a little bit of black to it for sure and some wheels get rid of the massive wheel gap and option that’s so sexy though isn’t it yeah i love the rear window i love that the tips are black already the rear glass is really

Cool did a great job did they get funny the horse is smaller the first thing i noticed so hahaha we just arrived here in phoenix picking up a really special valentine’s gift for one of our clients wives i don’t know if i should tell you about it yet you’re gonna have to wait looking it over checking it for any damage don’t want to go driving off find

A big old scratch down the side of it or something all right guess it’s ours so we’re at our buddy shop i met him he’s got a similar chevy build to mine um he’s got a lot more performance he’s way more badass and he beats the hell out of it far more than i do that’s for sure and that’s how i met him and now we’re here sitting in his uh his shop and we’re

Gonna put some paint protection on this before we drive it back a thousand miles back home and then we’re gonna rip it off and do a full satin black paint protection how long do you live here that quick detailer i moved out here plus soap august favorite stuff because dust and debris that might be on it off doing a quick install we still want to do it right

I wouldn’t call it our best work but it’ll get us home safely and then when we get home full satin black stealth paint protection on this the gloss accents 24 inch bostons it’s gonna be bad okay to do it without pulling it apart just the kit in our show in our shop with everything we need rolling the edges you can but still just straight kidding right yeah

Like that was like the only difference is like another hour of time and it would have been perfect been able to just take our time it’s amazing that it looks as good for how fast i was laying down i’m glad you’ve been in the dark shop this fender i’m proud of i’m proud of the fender and you’re like a bunch of little bubbles though you can still get rid of yours

Turned out okay got some stretch marks that’s right it’s all gonna get torn off sam did a great job on the headlights all right let’s do it i’m glad that those are safe just got out of the snowy mountains and check out this abandoned place it’s called the paint of the desert project it’s a come check it hashtag but the escalade i’m in love with it that thing

Drives so nice it’s definitely the most european filling car that we’ve driven in a long time where you at dude oh weird oh so 700 miles later we’ve arrived i’m in love like that is the most incredible vehicle i think i’ve ever road tripped in in my life the thing that impressed me the most is the fact that it handles not like an suv where i’d say every

Cadillac every top however you come before is really floppy felt like an suv this actually handles like a sports car the automatic cruise control everything about it it’s incredible i like it yeah joe contribute the heat throughout the vinyl all the way across joe’s gonna pull out that way you see a lot of guys using a heat gun for something like a

Bumper maybe on a bigger panel like this that ir lamp can put out a lot more heat and a lot more evenly than a heat gun so you’re going to get a more uniform stretch not distort any areas more than others so like that’s one way keep our printed wraps looking how they’re supposed to design this is the rear diffuser for the tesla model 3 that we just wrapped

Vorsteiner actually makes this kit so we just finished up wrapping this new model 3 in multi-cam’s pattern you actually have to buy the rights to be able to print this pattern but it is definitely one of the most unique camo prints that i’ve ever installed we also added all of the vorsteiner carbon fiber lip kit come around the whole entire vehicle i can’t

Get enough of how the rear diffuser turns out and then we’ve got a really good looking set of austin wheels coming for it um what else vinnie oh yeah an exhaust we got an exhaust coming and uh intake and cabin air filter be more happy with how this model 3 turned out appreciate everybody watching the video stay tuned for next week we’ll be adding a set of

Boston to this and i’ve got a dozen sets coming so stay tuned we’ve got a lot of cool projects coming up so

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Picking up a Ferrari F8 Tributo | 800 Mile Road Trip By Envision

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