p0335 code 2009 nissan murano
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p0335 Code 2009 Nissan Murano

2009 Nissan Murano SL ,had a code P0335 for a CKP sensor. I did test drive the truck , drove around the block twice, but yet to drive a good distance yet , So far so good,. I did clear the codes and is stopped a lot of other codes from showing up. The Crank sensor does have some what of an effect on other systems, especially on Nissan’s.

With a lot of the car systems as you can see my check engine light soon is still on the vdc light was also illuminated as well as the slip light uh with the two squiggly lines going underneath the vehicle right up in that area up in there as you can see it’s not lit but i’m going to explain to you why i’ve been a big firm believer in that sometimes after market

Parts from a third party such as your regular auto stores in your neighborhood like autozone o’reilly’s advance uh you can buy parts brand new out the box especially sensors on these modern day cars and they will not work i am a firm believer of that and i had my mind made up that when it came to sensors any kind of sensor go to the dealer and get one well here’s

What happened i went to nissan and got this brand new crankshaft position sensor is still in the box i put it in the box i put it on didn’t even have to jack up the car just laid on the ground was able to get to the boat the wiring harness very easy tried to start the car up once this was in there the car would not run at all would not run i put the old one

Back in and the car did start up and it was running rough it had a really rough idle it wouldn’t accelerate wouldn’t go past 1500 rpms so after going through that i went up to my local auto parts store which was something that i tabooed myself with doing and i picked this up from autozone the crankshaft position sensor for this 2009 nissan murano put it in there

Hook the wiring back up bolted it back in and the car starts up is running now as you can see instead about uh 7000 rpms i’m trying to get that glare light out of there sorry for that the car is running now it still has a slight miss and that could be from uh you know it might be time for a tune-up i got 150 000 miles on it um but it’s running and it’s running

A hell of a lot smoother than what it was with that old crankshaft sensor in there it’s running smooth i’ve yet to test drive it i’m gonna drive it around the block and if everything works out i’m going to put my scan tool on there and clear the codes out and get that check engine or service engine soon light out now it could be something else wrong with it but

Nevertheless i spent 160 dollars at nissan getting a crankshaft position sensor and it didn’t work the car would not even run i’ll go to a place where people say stay away from go to autozone and the car is running so keep that in mind people keep it in mind is i guess it’s like the chances are odds and percentages of you can get something that works good or you

Can get something that fails out of the box when it comes to going to your local auto parts store but for me it was the opposite i spent a hundred and sixty dollars the price was 145 and some change but with taxes and everything 160 at nissan and that sensor failed it failed brand new still in the box you know and right now uh i don’t know if they’ll be able to

Take uh anything back they did have you know signage on the wall no return on electronic parts uh a certain day or certain time period that you can only return or you can only uh get an exchange no refund so uh people keep that in mind when you’re out here doing this you you work yourself and you have to make a choice between autozone and the car dealership or

O’reilly’s in the car dealership or advance in the car dealership keep that in mind thank you and have a good day

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p0335 Code 2009 Nissan Murano By keving52002

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