owning an s class for 6 years pr
Altair Club Cars Owning an S-Class for 6 Years: Pros and Cons

Owning an S-Class for 6 Years: Pros and Cons

Owning an S-Class for 6 Years: Pros and Cons

Okay so in this video i’m gonna sum up six years of s-class ownership we’ll talk about the pros we’ll talk about the cons of it and we’re going to talk of why i’m really replacing it and i’m not buying another s-class i know most of you guys that have ever looked up s-class owners they always replace an s-class with another s-class and in this video i’m

Gonna explain to you why i’m not doing that um so let’s just get right into it so my first s-class i got i used to drive a cls uh for about three years and then in 2016 i replaced yes i replaced my cls with an s52016 s550 uh which was a huge jump from this from from the cls to the s-class and then in 2019 i replaced it was actually 2018. i replaced

That s550 with an s450 which is what i’m driving right now this is a 2019 s 450 that i got in november of 2018. okay so let’s get right into that’s the history of the car there i’ve always gotten black on black black outside black interior it’s just the color combination that i like now let’s go through the pros and cons of this and why you may want

To get one or may not so the the con of it and there isn’t very many except the price tag s-classes are of course very expensive vehicles and paying its monthly payment is very expensive now just to give you guys a heads up the first one i had was an s550 once again that one was about 1200 12 or 1300 a month this one is closer to 1500 a month uh it’s

Is the monthly payment on this it was it was a lease that i would eventually buy over and now i’m selling it uh so it was at least this one i think uh 14 something or something like that so the one of the major cons of owning these cars is of course the incredible amount of money you’re paying every month and it’s massive depreciation hit right these

Cars are known to depreciate to zero i mean you can find s-classes out there for five thousand dollars and then your car originally cost like a hundred thousand dollars so major con price major con depreciation which is not um which is not a hidden thing when buying these cars the dealer will tell you that too uh the other major con that you’re probably

Gonna have is reliability issue that i’ve seen some s-classes got the guy there’s a there is a stock guy down the block for me he owns an s-class he uh he has a newer a little bit of a new one i think he has a 20 20 20 or 20 no he has a 21 he has a 20 20 and he has a nightmare with this car but for me in the last six years of ownership i have had no

Problems with this car both of them the 550 to 450 no issues never had an issue with it except it’s new york city and the potholes are of course crazy and i cracked my rim and i had to replace the rim and replacing the rim was very very expensive as that cost me uh about twenty eight hundred dollars to replace the rim and there was something else with

It with another tire or something like that to deal with 2800 for it so one con that you may have that i didn’t get maybe reliability issues but i never had a reliability problem no electrical failure nothing that’s i should put that in a pro column right for me so the only con of this car is the price tag that is it i have no other really major issues

With this car now pro lots of pros with this car now i will not get in to the actual uh features of this car there’s a whole bunch of videos on s-classes you know check doug the mural channel although i’m not sure if you reviewed an s-class check other channels out there are the famous youtuber that they go through all the features of these things the

Thing with a lot of youtubers they just don’t own the cars right they just have them for a few hours and review all the features but they don’t actually own it uh so what are the pros and what are what what are the probes well number one amazing comfort nothing drives like this car when it comes to comfort uh your seats are incredibly comfortable now

I have some serious back issues and spinal problems leg issues i’m all messed up and this is one of the cars that i am so comfortable in that i never complain i can take this car for incredibly long drives never have an issue so incredible comfort i’m six feet tall my friend is six foot four and he drives it i drive it we never have a problem ever find

In a comfortable spot yeah you could be maybe seven feet tall and probably still fit in this thing really comfortable the back seat room is amazing everyone that has ever taken a drive in this car or a sat in those backseat or set anywhere in the seats oh my god people don’t know how to drive in new york city change lanes and put you so comfort wise

Unimaginable nothing compares to it next thing that we have is going to be um the the dimensions of the car in terms of i like a big car i like big vehicles so now this may be a comp for you i like a car that is not just big on the outside and the inside but also big on the inside on the outside to me i just feel safer in a bigger car now some of you

May not like that some of you may see that as a big con i drive this car in manhattan i drive this car in new york city quite often especially sometimes i use it to go to work nowadays and i drive this car through manhattan traffic and it’s not easy i mean it doesn’t bother me but for some people it would like my wife would find that to be a huge con but

Not for me i find that to be a huge pro i like a big car just feels much more safer especially on on roads where people just don’t know how to drive which is probably going to be the most of the world drivers so to me great outside dimension another pro is the look and the presence of the car i love the way this car looks to me this car looks absolutely

It’s one of the best looking sedans on the road i love driving and as you’re driving down the road you can see that uh mercedes-benz symbol right over the hood amazing to see that i don’t know if any other mercedes right now has that emblem on top of the hood anymore i think most of them is just built into the grill now so i love seeing that uh when

You’re going down the road people know i mean if people people know okay that guy has that guy’s seriously successful that brings me to the next pro of it just knowing that you own an s-class is a great feeling coming out of work stressful day at work i am a business owner uh coming out of work dealing with crazy people all day long crazy customers driving

Me nuts you know it’s just amazing to know that uh you’re going to be driving home in an s class you know your comfort’s there it’s incredibly quiet in here to know that you have worked hard in your life and be able to succeed in life this proves it right this gives you that validation that you know what your hard work is paying off you could afford nice

Toys so that’s another amazing pro of this another amazing pro of owning this car is the technology set now once again i want to get into the features but one technology that i do love on this car is the drive assist system so this one comes with the full drive assist the lane keep lane centering which is so useful on long drives sometimes i go upstate

New york really long drive i go to washington dc quite often yeah you know one of my businesses i have a location there and it’s just so nice to drive you just stay in your lane and basically my hand just holds the steering wheel down a little bit to apply a little bit of pressure and it stays perfectly center in my mind most of the time so it’s really a

Breeze to drive so not only are you driving in comfort the thing basically drives itself on most highways as long as the lane lines are visible so that’s amazing so those are you know those are going to be some of the main cons there the comfort the road presence the design the way it makes you feel uh is going to be some of its main thing and of course

This technology set now comparing an s-class to other cars i drove a 2019 bmw 7 series 750 for about three hours it’s going down to dc one of my friend owns that and it doesn’t drive like this nothing first of all no other car i’ve ever driven drives like this car period that does not a seven series is not compared to an s-class in terms of driving it’s

Much more sportier it handles too tight it’s not so laid-back it’s not buttery smooth that’s an um i’ve driven an audi a8 test drive that garbage does not drive audi a8 does not compare against an s-class it just doesn’t have the interior comfort to me everything felt small inside of it um so i wouldn’t compare an a8 to this now some people say andrew

You got to try a rollers royce or bentley but i’m not doing so good in business and i’m not interested to get one of those cars so i’m not gonna you know i can’t compare it against that but if you are looking for something that is absolutely amazing to drive and keep in mind guys i own ferrari i own lamborghini i’ve owned the 911 turbo uh 2017 911

Turbo um i’ve driven some of the best drivers car out there i mean right now the garage is a 458 parked next to uh next to a c7 corvette with a lamborghini park in front of it so it’s not that i haven’t driven i’ve driven a lot of nice cars i’ve owned a lot of suvs and cars and none of them and i mean none of that first of all forget the sports car they

Drive completely different none of the big luxury cars and suvs that i’ve ever driven i’ve driven a lot drives like an s-class this is the standard this is the benchmark of luxury vehicles that is still affordable not for the ultra wealthy rich now why am i get rid of it so let’s end this video on that why am i not going to get a new s-class well i just

Mentioned that i love the look of this s-class and i do not like the look of the new one to me the new one looks like an the a-class and the the new s-class basically looks exactly the same i don’t like the fact that mercedes now makes the s-class make it look like every other of their cars now it’s just a bigger version of of a cheaper car so you’re

Not you know if you’re gonna go spend 120 000 is what this car you know most of the sticker price would cost it’s not special anymore i mean when you go buy a range rover it’s a range rover nobody you know there’s no such thing as a cheap range rover so and and and the big range for 129 looks different the versus the the cheaper one so you guys hear the

Drive alert system always beeping when i got too close to people so the range rover you know it does it it looks different we’re going to spend that kind of money now you’re going to go spend 100 and 230 000 and you’re basically going to get a car that looks exactly like everybody else’s car so that’s one of the things so i don’t like the look of the new

S-classes is not something i like the other thing the new s-class doesn’t drive much different than this i don’t care what you see in reviews guys i drive i’ve been driving this car almost every single day i went to the dealership to potentially get a new one i wanted to test drive the new one i got into it i had just driven this there to the dealership

I got into the new one and it was basically the exact same thing i did not see a difference between the new s-class and this one in terms of driving it felt the same it felt just like sitting in this car and i did not like the layout now contrary to what people say you know a lot of you guys probably call me hater by now um i don’t like the layout of it

The screen everything just feels so close to me the new screen that comes down the new vertical screen uh is very much in your face it comes all the way down up to the driver’s hand because it’s right next to your hands it’s a the screen is right in your face prefer things far away uh so that’s one thing i did not like about it i don’t see any of the new

Tech that made it better the drive assist system on it is not much better than this one it’s pretty much exact same thing uh it’s more it has a lot the the i don’t i don’t really like screens where i have to do acs and touch the screen too much this one still has physical buttons on it that i would prefer i would prefer this s-class over the new s-class

Period it looks better this to me that one may have a couple more gimmicky features but this one has a lot more features if you’re gonna go get an s-class consider this model before you go lease yourself a brand new one maybe you could buy this one for half the price so i don’t like the new one the another reason i don’t want to get another car is that

It’s it’s become incredibly expensive while this one was 1500 bucks a month the new ones are gonna go all the way up now to about eighteen hundred dollars a month for an s 500 not even a 580. so they’re becoming incredibly expensive uh and they don’t even come with massage and seat function which is something i do like in this car i think the chip supply

Shortage is not making that feature now on most of these s-class from what the dealer at allman so it’s less features it was 300 more to me it i didn’t like the look of it it just didn’t have the road presence that this one does uh and it wasn’t a better card the new s class to me is a step down in terms of looks it may have more features but again in

Terms of look and to me look look look means look goes far away uh the other reason is that i’m actually making money on this so i’m making seven thousand dollars by selling this car so the lease was up back in november and i went to merced i called a few places just to see you know the car market’s crazy right now and i said hey what can i get for this

Car and i got an offer for 65 000 and um returning the car my buyout was at 53 with taxes 58. so i i decided to purchase the car right out and i this is my last week with the car the car goes i got a buyer at the same dealership i got the car from he’s wanted to give me five thousand dollars for the car so that’s another reason why i’m gonna get rid

Of it because i’m gonna make seven grand on it so with the not liking the new looks not seeing any new features that i want uh and making seven thousand dollars i’m just gonna get rid of it because i’ve been driving this car this helps the car for six years now i prefer just to you know try something new and i did buy another replacement that’s gonna be

Coming hopefully in two weeks a few months ago i bought a replacement for this car it is drastically cheaper it’s half the price it’s much faster i’m not going to tell you what it is but later on you know another video whenever i get it i’ll i’ll tell you guys what it is so i’ve decided you know what i don’t think i want another s-class i think i’ll never

Forget it that’s that’s what i will tell you guys i did you guys saw i have a gls in the previous video i did when i didn’t like the escalade what i am going to do is i will get another s-class at some point in the future maybe when the gls leases up you know one of my kids when i don’t need a three-way suv anymore and the gls is very very comparable to

This incredibly comparable it drives almost as good as this it’s just higher off the ground suspension is good seated position is good it has the same type of screen layout as this so that’s what i like uh if you drive the gs you drive the s-class you’re not gonna really notice much of a difference between them so i would say uh do i need another s-class

No i have the gls now that drives just as almost as good as this has all the same features so i really don’t think i need this car anymore i want something a little bit more sportier not to mention if i’m going to be spending 1800 i’m going to prefer to put it towards another exotic car than putting it towards a a car that would depreciate down to zero at

Least when you buy an exotic car you know it’s not going to go to zero if you buy the right one that is okay so those are the reasons why i am getting rid of it uh in another video i’ll post on why i’m replaced and what car replaced it with so hopefully you guys enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up hey subscribe to the channel i have a pretty

New channel i’m a car guy just doing something extra on the weekend uh if you like my content subscribe to the channel and i’ll see you guys in the next video

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