overlanding set up on the jeep r
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Overlanding set up on the Jeep Renegade

Jake and I are planning an overloading trip. I will finally get to put all my upgrades to the test. In this video I do a walk around of my Renegade and talk about all the different mods I’ve done to it and how it will come into play on our trip. I also go over some of the item we’re bringing on the trip that are both essential and handy.

What’s up guys this is george you’re watching ben gt and in today’s video we’re going to be going over my renegade and all the different stuff i’ve done to it to prepare us for this trip that i’ve been telling you guys about for the last couple weeks we’re finally doing it it’s this weekend and we’re excited so today i’m going to show you everything that we’re

Going to do you might need for over landing let’s go this is my renegade you guys know that you’ve seen my videos you know that this is my 2017 cheap renegade latitude edition in the hyper green i’ve been planning to upgrade this car for so long and i’ve been doing it a little as we go so let’s go over some things that i have done to it real quick to prepare for

Our over landing trip we’re taking as you can see right here first thing i upgraded the wheels and tires with the dx heists that i just found out actually are no longer production so unfortunately for me and you guys they don’t make these rims no more they are wrapped in the falcon wild peak at3 i’ve also upgraded the ground clearance as you know i added a two

Inch lift kit to kind of give it that extra height moving on i’ve also added these spot lights spotlights are gonna come in handy when we’re on our trip for sure it’s gonna be real dark where we’re going i did add the crossbars and in doing so i added a basket i have this basket for when we go on our trips this basket’s gonna come in handy for sure and as you

Guys can see i finally committed and bought a full spare which ironically is how i found out they no longer make these wheels when i went to go get my spare i got really lucky because the guy told me they don’t make him anymore and he did a little research found one left in colorado and they sent it to me so i got the last one they have so it’s always good to

Have a spare 100 you never know what can happen last thing i want to show you that i added recently which you guys haven’t seen yet is a trailer hitch this took a little bit of work i did have to pull the bumper off and replace it with this hitch so it’s a hitch bumper now now i have a proper recovery place that wasn’t going to cut it i had to get something

Proper i’ll talk all about this kit another day i am going to make a separate video on it and you guys might like this one that’s pretty much all i’ve done besides doing the essentials you need before a trip oil change filters anything you have to do before you go on a trip now let’s go inside a little bit about what i’ve actually got to take with us to the

Trip now i don’t have everything i need in here part of the stuff i’m taking is what jake is taking so jake and i are both going jake’s taking a lot of some other stuff i’m taking some of the other stuff but as you can see you’re gonna need some lawn chairs you’re gonna need your bag of clothes some extra pair of shoes of some sort i’ll get into this in a bit

I do plan on doing some fishing so i’m bringing some poles and uh there’s a couple goodies in here so let me set up the camera and let me show you some of the stuff we’re going to take we’re going to need a table so pretty sturdy you can hold whatever you need do whatever you have to i like it a lot because it was made out of aluminum but an essential for us

So that’s our table one thing you guys want to remember is to pack properly utilize your space correctly and for the renegades as you guys all know renegades don’t have a whole lot of space in the back so you got to utilize that space to the best you can using totes is a great idea i’m going to show you what i have in this tote just some things that could come

In handy for sure when it comes to camping or over landing this is a pro tire deflator kit in case we’re going to some rougher terrain we can lower the tire pressure down so it’s good to have a kit like that these are just a little silverware kit so that’s good to have silverware straws little stuff whatever you need you have this little light light fan so

I mean just kind of have it for like i said accessories you guys saw the video of me doing the inflatable bed for the back well i decided to upgrade last minute and get a bigger one because i do have a co-pilot with me so we’re gonna be sharing the back and uh i upgraded to a bigger one so look forward to that this is gonna go with another part that i have to

Show you so i’ll talk about that in a little bit and i didn’t mention fishing so i do plan on doing a little catch and cook so here is a little filet kit that i found on amazon a lot of the stuff i have found on amazon it’s got a couple knives got a cutting board everything i’m gonna need to do a little flame and preparing so i’m hoping to catch some trout

So we’ll see how that goes like i said this is just more of accessories enjoying the time i have um going back to this i will show you this with another piece that i have okay so what we plan on being there isn’t going to be a bathroom or an outhouse so we had to be creative on different ways so i have a part of what we’re going to be using jake does have the

Other part which is going to be the toilet part but you also want to have a way where you can do it privately so this is your little privacy tent as you can see this is our privacy tent is actually really nifty really cool it uh well actually let me open it up and show you okay so basically it’s just a yeah just a place where you can go in here do your business

Um take showers you can use it as a shower you can use it as a bathroom put a little toilet in there and you know kind of seal yourself off from everybody now going back to what i had over here this is actually like a like a mat it’s made out of bamboo laying on the floor when you take a shower and um that way you don’t have to step in the dirt or mud or whatever

You have gravel so it’s just kind of to help your feet so not essential just more of a nifty accessories a lot of the stuff found on amazon it’s really cool stuff i’m gonna put it to the test and we’ll see how they all do one thing i forgot to mention guys is i did bring up the fact that with renegades you don’t get a whole lot of space so something that i did

Was this initial space down here typically sometimes carries a spare tire carrier but unfortunately for mine it does not so i decided to clean it out take out the my sky bag and utilize the space for my needs for this trip and a couple things i have in here a little tool set some tools to the side uh light speaker this is where i’m keeping our blanket first

Aid kit a tent in case we decide to change it up do a little tent camping and pillows so little fun fact sometimes when you buy a comforter set it comes with some pillows those make the best camping pillows because realistically they’re not the best pillows but they’re good comfort pillows for camping so just wanted to show you what i’m utilizing this space for

Taking advantage of whatever i can for the renegade well guys like i’ve said before i don’t have everything i need currently we leave in a few days still waiting to get at one more thing as you saw i do have my spare tire up top on a basket i do plan on using the basket for something else i do plan on actually using the new trailer hitch to mount a spare tire

On a tire carrier so that’s gonna look dope it’s gonna make some sweet pictures i’ll probably make a separate video on that as well i am really looking forward to this trip i’m looking forward to the fishing i love fishing as you can see we’re out here one of my favorite fishing spots as you and i both know you don’t need to have a four wheel drive vehicle or an

All-wheel drive vehicle to do any sort of over landing it is just another accessory to have if you want to do a little bit more extreme or a little bit more rougher terrain you might need that stuff as you see in jake’s build videos you know that you can take a two-wheel drive car and still have a lot of fun doing over landing honestly you can get in your prius

Go out to colorado and have fun you know this is just kind of our little adventure that we’re gonna take you guys on and i hope you guys enjoy it by the time you guys watch this video we’re gonna be on our trip that’s all i got for you guys i’m closing it off here i’m gonna link some videos at the end of this one so you guys can enjoy those as well that’s it

This is george you’re watching retrogt we’ll see you on the next one

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Overlanding set up on the Jeep Renegade By Adventure GT

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