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Altair Club Cars OVER 100 2023 Civic Type Rs ready for new owners

OVER 100 2023 Civic Type Rs ready for new owners

The new 2023 Honda Civic Type R has arrived! Dealerships should receive pricing and expected deliveries soon! Subscribe to my YouTube channel to to stay up to date about the FL5 civic type r. More info and resources below. ↓

Thank you hey what’s up car fam man the 2023 honda civic type r it looks so sick in person so sick today is probably one of the most exciting videos i’ve been able to make so far this year besides the time when i’ll get to actually sit in this car and see it in person by the way if you haven’t already like this video and hit subscribe please do i drove about two

And a half hours just to be able to get that to show you guys what the civic type bar looks like and also to show that yes it’s here in the states i’m here in northern california so that’s a really good sign that the car is going to be hitting the dealerships pretty soon and at least you know it won’t be one of those things where they announce pricing and then

We’re still waiting for them to even get shipped here from japan and stuff like that so they’re literally here i saw them for myself you can see in the pictures in the videos they look so dope so dope i wish i could just sit right there and like take it in for like an hour it looks even like smaller kind of but also so sporty and aggressive and so like minimal

At the same time like the designs is super curvy for sure like seeing it in person it is like a very curvy design softer lines and stuff but it looks so sick way more classic for sure in the wheels like the wheels look really good online but when you see the wheels in person man that like matte finish just looks so dope so dope i can’t wait to actually hopefully

See this car at the la auto show and be able to like really sit down in it you know take you guys on a tour to see both the interior the exterior pop the hood all that kind of stuff so i’m super super excited that i got to you know see the car once these do you know go on sale we’re gonna get them a lot quicker there was a good amount there but also i mean the

Demand is so high there’s probably only like maybe a little over a hundred there or something like that it was a good amount of cars don’t get me wrong way more than we would have expected last week it’s still gonna be hard like if you break that down that’s like two per state is what it almost looks like but at least they’ll be on the road you know it’s probably

Going to be easier to get them on the west coast a little bit quicker and then maybe they’ll gradually work their way i hope it goes on sale really soon because if there’s more of a delay once some of these like areas let’s say on the east coast and things like that where they get snow and winter i hope these get delivered way before then because then that will

Delay it for those that want to buy it on those parts of the you know states and stuff like that so super exciting honestly this is probably one of the most exciting videos i’ve made so far this year besides like the reveal and stay tuned i’m definitely going to be covering a lot more civic type art content in the future i’m going to the la auto show and thanks to

All your support i have a media press pass so that means i’ll be able to cover cars there in full before like the general public gets there so that’s really good because then i could take my time i’m really really hoping that the civic type r is there the 2023 to fl5 so that’ll be cool so stay along you know join for the ride we’re definitely going to be showing

Some experiences and things like that the other thing i did want to cover is based on the colors that i saw right now championship white is going to be so much harder to get than i expected this is just you know the first batch who knows how many other type bars are here in the states besides here in northern california but based off of what i could see i saw ton

Of boost blue i saw some red the sonic gray pearl looks so dope on this car looks way better than i expected it looks it’s a little bit more of a darker kind of gray than like the one on the civic si that one has more of a bluish finish to me from from what i remember so uh yeah so if you are thinking about that championship white and black i didn’t see a ton of

Those but boost blue if that’s your pick or if you’re like hey i really want to get you know this particular color so far from what i could see those are the ones you know boost blue red and then you know sonic gray pearl and stuff like that are gonna probably be your best pick for a while championship white looks so sick in person uh the boost blue super fun

It’s very bright it looks like the same shade and everything as the current civic hatchback that’s boost blue and i have a video on that too if you want to check it out but yeah super dope so thanks for watching this video like i said make sure you share it with some people that way everyone else can kind of get insights and show that hey the car is actually here

And all that great stuff and if you haven’t again hit that like button hit subscribe and i’ll catch you in the next civic type r video peace

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OVER 100 2023 Civic Type R's ready for new owners! By Dekiary Carter

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