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Altair Club Cars Our trip to BOWMAN LAKE, Tahoe National Forest In our Subaru Outback Wilderness. Will we make it?

Our trip to BOWMAN LAKE, Tahoe National Forest In our Subaru Outback Wilderness. Will we make it?

Come along on our first overlanding trip in our brand new 2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness! We are new to overlanding and learning as we go. Please let us know below in the comment section of your favorite part and where in California should we overland too next! Thanks for watching!

What’s up guys we just got done with my grandma’s 75th birthday party weekend here at reno and we’re now heading to where ashley bowman lake bowman lake we know this one’s probably gonna be the most difficult road that we’ve seen so far yet but people say it’s also not too bad so hopefully me and ashley get through it oh oh we got some sirloin for dinner tonight

Freezer we’re gonna have some stir-fry the chocolate right there as well all right so we just got to the off-road portion of this trail there was a sign that we saw it was uh it said it was closed due to extreme fire dude extreme fire danger and yeah there’s definitely a thick it’s like cloud of smoke in there and you could definitely smell it we’ll see

How far we go and if it looks bad we’ll just turn around let’s do it let’s do it foreign we’re determined right ashley we’re gonna make determination we’re gonna make it we’re gonna make it let’s go foreign decisions right now i mean i don’t know how the video is showing justice but there it’s just rocks yeah rocks everywhere on the road more rocks than

We’ve ever seen all right foreign this is up this is so up bro oh man we’ve literally almost turned around like like five times already just literally a rock field it’s not even a road anymore we’re just driving over rocks and we are not in no jeep all right nope that’s all we’ve seen so far so we’ve only seen like fjs out here without forerunners freaking big

F50s no jinxing us today don’t jinx us we’re not there yet all right guys we are here we just found our campsite finally made it to bowman lake and this trail was honestly the most difficult trail that we’ve done um we’re kind of new to over landing a little bit but these kind of these kind of roads were things that we have never seen before i was too you know

It is doable so we are driving a subaru an all-wheel drive subaru wilderness um there is dual one all-wheel drive we do recommend definitely airing down because clearance for sure is a must and just yeah air down for the grip so you can make it through some tough patches okay thanks baby yeah cute we are finally out here on bowman lake my plan is to go to

This island that we saw on the way joe’s currently rowing for me so i get to enjoy the views per usual he’s driving we’re literally dead in the middle of the lake it’s like he’s huge made it to the island is about 45 minutes maybe an hour to kayak over here we went from all the way man you can’t even see it look there’s another island right there we might

Check out that island too we made it all right guys we got ashy over here setting up kitchen for the night she’s getting this going i’m gonna start on the bed up down ashley has discovered a really sick camp spot right by the river that goes into the lake it’s about to check it out when you’re working on it said i was better tell me what you want me

Said i was better oh all right we are about to go back out in the water it is about nine nine a.m we just got done with breakfast what do you have for breakfast for breakfast we had a tonkatsu dude this book this was so good actually yeah a quick easy breakfast this is how we do right nine out of ten on the soup seven out of ten on the location for absolutely

Foreign foreign thank you straddle yep straight perfect and that concludes our trip to bowman lake we just got off uh forest route number 18. we’re at the spot where you air up got our first battle scar right here this is pretty deep we nicked that pretty hard first of many this trip was super super sick super fun give us some

Experience with our car yeah this was probably our first real over landing experience just a good question the hardest terrain we’ve ever experienced on a road trip definitely taught us a lot and luckily we were prepared and if you haven’t done so already what do you got to do baby like and subscribe like and subscribe but yeah come up come check out bowman lake

And we’ll see you guys at the next one peace

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Our trip to BOWMAN LAKE, Tahoe National Forest! In our Subaru Outback Wilderness. Will we make it? By Your Average Joe

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