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Altair Club Cars Our Test Drive: Jaguar I-Pace

Our Test Drive: Jaguar I-Pace

The Jaguar I-Pace has been on the EV scene for four years now, but it carries its age very well. This year’s iteration gets a mild facelift, but is it still fresh enough to compete with newer entrants to the market?

How is this car four years old i i i this is the jaguar eye pace um and it’s been lightly updated for the 2022 model year uh and this is the i-pace black edition so you get instead of lots lots of chrome on the outside you get lots and lots of dark finished panels uh dark alloy wheels all that kind of thing um and dark badging it it’s it’s a nice subtle look for

The i-pace it’s it’s always been a really really handsome car this um i remember when i first drove it i wasn’t quite sure about the way it looked because it was such a departure for a jaguar uh but now i have to say i think it’s one of the best looking cars on the road a little bit color sensitive maybe uh but definitely a handsome handsome machine and you look at

This and you look at the more recently launched bmw ix and you think christ did bmw not know about this did people you not realize that the i-pace was a thing anyway but yeah 2018 this car was launched and you would think that the pace of change and evolution in the car market particularly where electric cars are concerned would be so fast that the i-pace would

Be left struggling in the wake of newer younger competitors but it is just not the case somehow jaguar has with some tweaks here and there with a few little adjustments to the software that allow you to extract a little more of the battery performance this is a 90 kilowatt battery 84 kilowatt usable um it’s really really impressive and i mean really impressive

I mean this is a car you would buy whether or not it’s electric it’s that good it’s so good to drive part of that is down to the weight at 2.2 tons it’s heavy but for a large premium electric machine it’s actually reasonably lightweight and you can feel that through the corners yes the weight is there obviously but the combination of really really well tuned air

Suspension and beautifully judged steering means you can make the most of it it is one of those cars that just glides so beautifully from corner to corner and it’s entertaining as well there’s genuine feeling feedback through the rim of this steering wheel it just reminds you how bewitchingly good jaguar and landro as engineers are when it comes to tuning a chassis

And making a car feel good to drive the other big update to this car is of course the pv pro infotainment system again as we often point out terrible name brilliant system uh it was once upon a time that jaguar and land rover had probably the worst infotainment system of anybody in the premium car class now this system i think is at the absolute peak i think this

Is nicer even to use than bmw’s latest eighth generation i drive it’s certainly well ahead of uh audi’s mmi system uh and it’s a bit less fiddly than mercedes uh in the ux setup it’s it’s very very good nice digital dials as well the interior again this is a four-year-old car i would remind you looks and feels really really good the quality levels are extremely

High part of that is arguably down to the fact that jaguar doesn’t build this car itself uh it contracts out to magnastere in austria so this is actually an austrian-built car not a british-built car i wonder is that why it’s doing such a good job of holding up in quality terms it does everything in here looks and feels really really nice i love the controls for

The heating ventilation and air conditioning because not only are they separate to the screen and proper physical controls they are multifunctional they are adjustable you can do different things with these little rotary dials they can either adjust the temperature or adjust the seat heating and so on the i think the only thing in the inside actually that looks

A bit weird now is the push button selector for the automatic gearbox those buttons just look a bit big and clunky and slightly aftermarket almost which is a bit of a shame but on the other hand seat comfort is excellent there’s good but not exceptional room in the back it’s it’s tolerable certainly not nowhere near as roomy as the likes of the ix or even the

Ix-3 and actually it’s the ix-3 that is arguably the closest competitor to this car because they cost around the same boats started around 74 000 euro and they have roughly the same range about 470 kilometers on the official test i’m getting about 360 370 kilometers in real world conditions out of this high pace uh given that it’s quite chilly out at the moment

That’s obviously affecting the battery’s performance now where the jag loses out in that comparison is that it has the bigger battery the uh the uh ix-3 battery is 74 kilowatt hours um this as i say 84 kilowatt hours usable so yeah it’s not great in that respect because you’ve got two motors yes you can do much more in the way of uh brake energy recuperation and

Regeneration in fact over a week of driving this car uh i seem to have recuperated about 50 maybe even 60 kilometers worth of additional range which is really really helpful it doesn’t charge as quickly as the bmw although from a 50 kilowatt charger it does do quite a good job of pumping itself back up to 80 power so that is useful um but yeah the range is it is

An issue because you you will struggle to get that claimed 470 kilometers out of it um i mean for instance if you look much further back down the price scale the likes of the hyundai ioniq 5 and kia ev6 which aren’t that different in terms of size and capability and even interior quality to this jaguar those do a much much better job of reaching their claimed

Range figures which is really impressive this it’s a bit more variable it’s much more dependent on weather conditions it’s much more dependent on how much you’ve got the cabin heat turned up and obviously it’s only about five degrees outside today i’ve got the cabin heat uh quite a long way up yes i know i should just put on a jumper thanks for reminding me but

What really gets you about this side base is just how good it is to drive it’s not just through the corners it’s also very very comfortable that air suspension is slightly firm uh there is a slightly firm edge to the way it rides but it’s still very comfortable feels very smooth it’s a terrific long distance cruiser and yes there is just about enough range in the

Battery for you to be able to do long distance runs relatively easily and with two electric motors and 400 horsepower it has all of the performance you could possibly want the step-off acceleration in this car is really really very good not quite at tesla levels because well nothing much is but uh but it’s really impressive and certainly it’s as quick and as fast

As you want any car to be i think so yeah i’m i’m struggling to uh to come to terms with the fact that this is a four-year-old car because the i-pace with a couple of small refreshes and a couple of small updates just looks and feels still absolutely fabulous it is every bit as good as the latest models from almost any other manufacturer in terms of electric cars

Yes it’s quite expensive yes you should probably just buy a hyundai or kia instead because those cars are so good and cost so much less but i can really really see buying and keeping one of these because it is just a lovely lovely machine it makes you feel good it reminds you that driving in the electric age can still be fun and enjoyable uh and stylish uh and so

Yeah um bearing in mind that it is quite expensive bearing in mind that you probably won’t get the advertised range out of it on a daily basis yeah i can really really see having one of these and keeping it for quite a long time you

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