our lamborghini urus finally arr


After a 10 month wait, we took delivery of our Lamborghini Urus today! She’s a beauty!

So i haven’t uploaded a video on this channel  for four years i don’t even know if anyone is   or if the youtube channel has gone extinct   i don’t know how it works with that being said  even if no one watches this video i still wanted   to make it anyway because as you can tell by the  title it’s a fun and exciting day a unique

Day   we’re getting our urus we ordered it around nine  or ten months ago and um the first lambo pick-up   video that i put on this channel six years ago was  um was great and sometimes i look back on it and   i just want the video for myself really and by the  way we still have lucy six years old we’re leaving   for

The dealership in exactly 10 minutes so quick  life update as you can tell we are in a new house   a house that you’ve probably never seen before  and we’re no longer in our apartment which is   very depressing and very sad and that’s a story  for another time if you want the story let me   know robbie yes we’re still together

We’ve been  unbelievable did you tell them what i’m a mocker  now yeah show us your rings come on i’m a mcmaker   of time i can’t believe it no joke though we   have lived together slept together worked together  we were with each other literally 24 hours a day   one of us would kill each other  we’ve matured a little

Bit hopefully are we getting a fresh umbrella yes yes  we got one or this size oh take it back   are you lifting okay up yeah  don’t knock the plate off how’s this how’s those seats eh i’m glad we  ended up getting the hexagon i just wondered   if i should have got the different wheel yeah  it’s too low no i i think i like it like

This   your hands go clammy and it it up yeah i won’t do one i’ve got two more  deliveries what’s sos cause i this is your invoice so the card’s  we owe you one cent just here yeah you  that’s it congratulations you own a  lamborghini number two thanks robin this is my grandmaster plan this is where i put  all the plans and all the goals

For my life and   gradually everything is bloody well coming true  with this book so the footage you just watched   was from yesterday afternoon and that night last  night i posted on my instagram a photo of this guy   and about 50 people reached out and said how do  you create this the answer to that is there is an  

App an online web app that you can get it’s called  buildmygmp.com and then it steps you through the   process of building this thing literally page  by page and at the end of it you get this and   you go and print it out as a matter of fact we  created the app and it’s one of the things that   we’ve been doing over the last

Four years since i  haven’t been on youtube it’s a beautiful thing let   me explain for one second why you might consider  doing something like this everyone in your life   is going to project their values onto you and if  you haven’t taken the time to clarify who you are   and what you want you’re going to be pushed or 

Persuaded into this and into that and be stretched   in every different direction and sometimes the  way that people are stretching you has nothing   to do with who you are or what you even want let  me give you an example we have friends who have a   very high value on traveling they love seeing the  world and when we catch

Up with them they say gosh   before you guys have kids make sure you get to  europe and you got to see this and this and this   and this and here’s all the photos and the videos  from when we win oh my god you guys have got to go   and do it at the same time we have other friends  who have a very high value on family when we

Catch   up they say you guys need to start trying for  kids you’re getting old have you thought about   buying a house and getting a little white picket  fence in the middle of suburbia that you   can raise that smelly kid in and you gotta get the  kid going and they send us realestate.com listings   of perfect family

Homes and they’re living out  their world view their fantasies their desires   but in a way that is projecting it onto us and  everyone does that and then we have other friends   and finance and they’re never having kids and   they say the kids you guys need to build  the business what’s going on with the business  

Are you scaling what are your numbers when they  text us they’re sending through sales funnels   and different offers and they’re saying check out  how he’s doing this you know he’s making this much   revenue and it’s business related it’s finance  related and in a way they’re projecting the values   onto us you have people in

Your life i guarantee  who are doing the same thing projecting the values   onto you and if you haven’t taken the time to sit  with yourself and get crystal clear on exactly   what you want there’s a good chance you’re letting  some of that in and it’s pulling you this way and   pushing you that way and you have brain fog and 

To the degree that you’re not clear and you don’t   have confidence you don’t have certainty you don’t  have a north star with where you’re going in life   i guarantee your ability to manifest what you want  completely loses power because you scattered you   got fog if it’s a fog up here it’s a mist out  there is what my mentor used

To tell me and so   this is a very powerful and liberating process it  helps you to go through every area health wealth   wisdom business relationships social leadership  spiritual mission and get clear things in this   book are slowly coming true in this book i have  everything that i want to have in my relationships  

Cars you name it dream holidays dream trips   do every day what is the business that i   would actually love to do what is the product  and services that i would love to deliver and   be inspired by so if this calls to you if you  feel that you could get some benefit in them   sitting down and doing that buildmygmp.com

Check  it out it’s a very powerful app a very powerful   process it steps you through it asks you questions  that i guarantee you have not asked yourself about   who you are and what you want okay that’s all  i’ve got for you today thanks for watching   on this youtube channel or should i wait  

Transcribed from video

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