our first long bed dually build


We prep a 2022 Ram 3500 Limited Longhorn to get the full Legends make-over!

What are we doing squiddy seeing the delivery so i’ve taken the delivery of our new lg d31 31 i haven’t seen it yet no one’s seen it yet we found it online it’s always how it works a couple cool factors about it so we’ll see brand new we haven’t done one of these ever i think i hear them oh wow it’s a cool blue nice get off this trail that is nice so i’m gonna

Get this thing tinted now this is us or uh uconnect i believe i want to say it’s like 2.0 3.0 whatever it is um they updated the sound system in the 22s a hundred percent this thing slapped absolutely slaps it’s peanut butter interior come on can’t get any better new thing now i don’t think i realized in the other ramps uh the lane departure thing will tighten up

The steering wheel to pull you back into the lane so once that little lane arrow goes yellow it pulls you right back it’s so weird i don’t really know how i could show you but ready pulls it right back crazy pulling up to steve’s dropping off there he is man the myth going that way that’s a different site today huh all right i am taking this thing to the shop

Fast as possible to go put the all seasons back on and see if we have a bent wheel on our hands as well right after that john’s gonna be taking the porsche down and knock that out i gotta then fly back grab the truck bring that back down because stefano’s here and uh yeah so we’re just doing three different things and we’re back we’re back to the daily vlog so

I’m pretty sure this is the on daily i guess pretty sure it’s the first one let’s see how this goes i’m back different vehicle we have the uh you’ll see in about 10 seconds big body big booty ram this thing is phenomenal i actually love this thing um the camera i noticed another little saw thing they updated that it looks better on there at least i don’t know if

That’s like a programming thing but it looks way better so uh yeah two ripping ripping this off i don’t know if recon makes side bed lights yet we’ll see top of the morning to you so we are completely nakifying new word this thing um taking off everything so john is getting the porsche situated 170. yeah he’s driving i’ll tell you what so he’s gonna swap out

The rear exhaust clamp like i mentioned before and then g did a little stang of the work so john’s got the new one to put on so all this is gone and uh yeah yeah it’s sunlight that is one tailgate handle removed oh those little leds right there sir and i just go get that and bliny out meanwhile steph he’s got the whole goddamn everything’s coming apart gone

Look at that flying this mirror’s about to come off crazy yeah hell yeah got the bed rails off i’m gonna take the third brake light off look at this guys if you ever get your own porsche it’s literally just two bolts only quick easy you have to take all these out to like get it to un sandwich that piece from it but other than that you could literally just pull it

Right out i gotta go to the bay and get the other one see what we got going on over here to take off the rear seat belt guards so you gotta access at the headliner got the mud flaps coming off with the rear liners off so i can get these little lights out as well as this bottom trim piece i don’t see how that comes out i’m gonna take one of those out and because

If that lost some mud flaps or off and the fender liners big old girl take those lights out and then the plastic so we can wrap inside oh you want it john’s getting the third break off now let’s see honey do i have a car on the fingertips terrible it’s like picking that an old wound yep i’m gonna defend i actually finished taking off the right moldings right side

Molding and the lights are on a little like push push the satellites and then the exhaust tip come on check this thing out right over the factory 99 the cab lids gone headliner down oh yeah look at the scratch let’s get the calf in man oh man it’s all right there that’s the cast there it’s that skater calf tony hawk and his six-year-old body would be proud front

End naked naked we gotta get the bumper out this is the most annoying part freaking thing out see you guys up i’m taking all this rear bumper watch this let’s see it yeah hold this stand stand right here and just walk and you only have to move it is this is this recording him in oh oh john cena now that the truck is mostly torn apart except for the handles

And a couple small pieces tearing part bumpers from back stuff no it’s taking apart z lights got the skater shoes on are you ready to rip after an absolute grueling experience of taking these plastics off these rear bumpers ethanol has been attacking the handle so you have to hold the glass up with the tape so you can access that because you technically unbolted

From the actual mechanism itself run bumpers apart john’s taking apart the grill all right bet on a mad dash to get it all done but everything’s labeled taken apart handles stefano got apart obviously headlights mirrors plastics all the bumpers john is taking out these sills right now i believe oh yeah oh yeah everything’s all ready to go on the inside backside

Emblem is off um this is two parts so he’s just gonna tuck it under here this is all lifted up ready to go it’s gonna take off all the emblems hitch is gone uh uh what else what else cut the valance on that so we could actually turn pretty good other than that too sure that is a wrap for the disassembly of 31. this came from the shop we um what are we doing

The shop met with electrician met with our framing and drywall contractor to go over everything floor plans and make sure that they know what they’re doing and they are going to most likely get started next week today i’m extruding this on the 29th 28th so that gives you guys a timeline of where we’re at right now with the shop i know that you guys are seeing

Everything um kind of way later then it’s actually happening and you don’t know exactly how later so again this is being shot on 20th so rest of the day i need to meet with our powder coater to go over plans for the shop our potential painter why am i showing you guys a truck while i’m talking about this our potential painter and then i have to also meet with our

Potential rapper so the painter is going to be doing these parts on this truck for the first time this is his test the wrapper that’s doing this truck is doing this truck for the first time he’s ever doing something for us and this is also his test the wrapper is going to be in shop the if of course this rapper ends up passing the test or wants to do it and then the

Painter is going to be subcontracted out of shop we can’t put a paint booth or a powder coating booth inside the shop there’s not enough space and we wouldn’t want it all in one room anyways so for now in the immediate paint and powder coat are both going to be out of shop but still we need somebody confirmed to do our work over and over every single week anyways

So this truck is going to go to wrap down the street i don’t know how much of it i want to film i don’t really want anyone seeing of course where it’s going or who’s doing it just yet don’t want to give it away but we are going to drop this baby off so parts that we need to take to paint let’s pile them up so i went over everything yesterday and i labeled it all

So we’re gonna wrap this i didn’t even labor these yet i’ll go through those label those so on this truck we’re doing a green ish wrap um it’s a type of green you guys aren’t going to see it until we actually start wrapping the truck but only a few parts are going to get actually painted green we didn’t want to paint every single piece green of course if anybody

Let’s just say this was a giveaway truck right if anybody would ever take off the wrap then they would have blue underneath it so some of the parts are going to be black gloss black and just stay gloss black so that that’s not going to be a problem but the other parts that are green painted green if anybody takes off the wrap are going to need to be switched over

And we’re going to try and make it as little as possible for the most part it’s going to be the lights as you can see we have some green on here can’t you just can’t wrap that and it doesn’t look good as good i should say as good if it was black so we need to do the green in order to make it good look good and as good as possible need to do green you can’t just

Do gloss black everywhere we’ve done a lot of gloss black i would show you on the canvases but they’re all off the wall so we’ve done a lot of trucks that are wrapped in a crazy color that we can’t really just paint and like chrome right so we can’t paint chrome inside of headlights you can’t paint chrome on you can’t match chrome paint at all unless it’s over

Chrome if we were to paint red over this it would be red chrome right if you wanted to do a base coat or a sealer but it’s very difficult to match chrome paint on normal pieces with a regular primer or a normal sealer there he is so anyways gotta label these once this is labeled up make one big pile and we’ll go over uh well not go over painters come in here pick

All this stuff up all right it’s been uh what an hour and a half two hours since uh last time i picked up this camera within that time frame powder coat are swung by painter just left and now we have the truck all loaded up ready to go to wrap with everything that needs to get wrapped and john’s gonna get stuffed in here with his neck crunched underneath this

Headliner and drive her on over step one start ignition there’s so much everywhere stefano’s height all right you got no mirrors you got no backup camera you’re good come on back around all right i’m gonna lock up and then off we go all right so we just got back home it is approximately seven o’clock i think it’s about seven o’clock um i just got a bunch

More packages for stuff for the shop and some stuff’s going here some stuff’s going there there’s a bunch of stuff so i’m gonna go ahead and start unboxing some of this stuff so that i actually know what’s and what because i know all that stuff’s lights all the stuff that came in first and then this stuff i miscellaneous stuff so i’m gonna unbox all that stuff i

Got a few more things to do for the rest of the night and um yeah we’re gonna conclude that video right here so i will see you guys next video the next video that goes up should be something to do with the shot you’re going to start seeing a little bit of the shop in every single video from here on until it is completely done some videos are going to be just shot

Videos some videos are gonna be just trek videos it’s gonna be a mixture of everything for the next two months or so there’s a lot of stuff going on and yeah we’re gonna film all of it or at least try to okay we’re gonna try our best so blue truck’s gonna be sick it’s red truck giveaway just ended by the time that you see this it’s gonna be over um and the orange

Truck is live at the moment so orange trucks in the back at the moment but you’ve probably seen it on instagram or youtube we’re gonna throw on a clip right here so you can see it yeah that’s what giveaway is live so it’s a 2022 high country duramax it’s absolutely sick i want to keep it but the giveaway was coming up too fast to keep it for a little bit um it

Fits the season perfectly it’s a halloween themed truck with a little bit of creamsicle white in there um it’s really cool someone’s gonna get it with 50 000 cash that’s the best part of it all you don’t pay anything out of pocket for taxes when you win which is a big thing so you get 50 grand you get a truck you’re going to pay uncle sam a little bit but you’re

Still gonna have cash left over most of the giveaways you won’t so if you want a really cool truck that you have to essentially pay nothing out of pocket to actually obtain lginsupplyco.com the shirt’s up there and you know what this trick can win you a truck so lgsplico.com or the link in the description below either way guys i’ll see you next video foreign

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