our first 2022 subaru ascent lim
Altair Club Cars Our first 2022 Subaru Ascent Limited – Autumn Green 22AS0774

Our first 2022 Subaru Ascent Limited – Autumn Green 22AS0774

Hey everyone tyson the subaru specialist from subaru prince george here this is our first 2022 subaru ascent in the autumn green now this is a limited and i’m actually super pumped about the autumn green metallic being on the ascent now i think it’s a great color on it limited being one step under the absolute full load premiere trim level so it’ll have almost

Every feature you’re missing a few on the premiere but this is still very very well equipped get things like power liftgate you can do from the door the driver’s seat or the key fob we’ve got the backup sensors in the rear bumper they’ll actually apply the brakes if i think you’re going to hit something at speeds of between 1 and 15 kilometers an hour in reverse

Very very handy for parking lots in the third row or behind the third row rather even with the third row up there’s an all right amount of space we have some usable storage under here along with your privacy cover and your spare tire equipment but to fold these down really really easy it’s just lift and fold and even if you just have one side down it’s a lot of

Room in the third row two usb ports got cup holders on both sides tablet holders on both sides depending how you want to call them simple the privacy cover plugs into those squares right there and hides everything from this level down of course we have cargo light that’ll shut off after we close the rear hatch 12 volts outlet for any charging needs and we’ve got

Some physical hard tie downs here if you have anything heavier you need to secure now when the vehicle’s off because it is running right now you can actually lock everything and close the door or you can just close the door you can do it manually as well you will not wreck it like the old motor driven hatches in the second row it’s a seven seater in this one so

You get the two captains chairs so what that means you get easier access to the third row you also get these adjustable armrests and they fix it multiple positions but you can still access the third row like an eight seater that’s designed to be a step and as you can see there’s not a whole bunch of space behind the second row but there is a bar like a manual

Pasture seat so you can actually adjust the second row seats so that there’s more room in the third row and you can still have a decent amount of room in the second row you do get to appreciate the large panoramic sunroof moon roof combination even in the second row the second and third row have their own climate you can control it from back here if you want and

The vents are actually out of the roof so you feel the heat of the cold sooner you don’t have to wait for the floor to heat up or cool down before you experience it as a passenger two-stage heated seats in the second row two usb ports we’ve got cup holders we’ve got bottle holders in the door or cup holder there bottle holders down there limited is the first trim

Level to come with the sun shade which i made really look really difficult to use there but blocks out the sun a little bit easier if someone needs to take a nap walk the sun from a tablet screen gaming screen now there are the lines on the handle there in conjunction with the proximity key you never need to take this out of your purse your pocket your backpack

You walk up put your hand in the handle it’ll unlock when you press those lines when the keys within about three three and a half feet it’ll uh it’ll lock it and right now when i do it it’s just gonna beep solid because the vehicle is running you can’t lock it like that don’t know if you can hear that in the video but it’s saying hey i’m can’t be locked power

Windows locked mirrors as you’d expect two position memory settings that will remember your seat angle height all that great stuff now it will not remember your physical thigh extender or your lumbar support level is that something that can change depending how long you’re in the vehicle for we do get the upgraded harman kardon audio system phenomenal audio system

On the sides of the mirrors we have those little black screens and they illuminate like so whenever someone is in your blind spot on the corresponding side so it doesn’t eliminate shoulder checking but it is a nice aid down here we have some more buttons that’s to open the rear hatch you can turn on all of the interior lights at the same time with that you can

Set the memory gate position so if you don’t need it to open all the way or don’t want it to you park in a underground parking lot and it would hit it if it opened all the way you can set that this is the scroll wheel for the gauge brightness we’ve got traction control and then our blind spot detection and cross traffic alert left-hand side of the steering wheel

We’ve got our bluetooth and audio controls you can make it take calls control the volume of the calls in the music these arrows right here will cycle through this center display gives you a bunch of different information i personally like the digital speedo we’ve got our adaptive cruise so you get to select the distance behind the vehicle ahead of you you follow

At if you catch up while you’re using cruise and we have lane centering helps keep you between the lines above 60 kilometers an hour now both of those systems use these two stereo color eyesight cameras that super is mounted behind the windshield to protect them and it’ll actually illuminate white whichever of those grayed out lines which whichever road lines it can

See so if you can only see the left one the center one it’ll only illuminate on the left or if it can see both it’ll illuminate both and it’ll actually give you gentle steering input either way pretty cool now a nice upgrade that they did to the ascents this year it’s a full surround heated steering wheel it’s not like the old ones where it cuts out between here

And here they went full there might be a little spot right here where it isn’t but other than that they call it a full surround heated steering wheel up top little information screen you can cycle through it with these two arrows here enter is kind of the select go change your settings your clock this one shows what safety tack is on widgets weather navigation

Destination what you’re listening to fuel economy all the important stuff to know while you’re driving we have this awesome screen here it is all touch screen but we also have the physical buttons below so you’ve got navigation there’s no subscription fee for it it’s there with you you’ve got the my subaru connected services it’s not subscribed because you’re not

No one owns the vehicle yet it’s also a backup camera put in reverse shows you the top of the bumper you’ve got rear assist braking on you’ve got your parking sensors on and when you turn the wheel those lines show you where you’re going to end up climate controls driver and passenger temps and it is dual zone so ranges from 30 all the way down to 15 freezing to

Tropical now if you want to control the rear you just press rear and you can adjust it from either the driver or the passenger side now if someone’s playing with the controls in the back press and hold get the little lock symbol they can no longer play with it and you can just turn the rear off if you don’t have anyone back there you don’t need it and it is easy

To sync up both the driver and the password you just hit sync there you go three stages of heated seats for the driver and the passenger we’ve got x mode here which is like 4×4 low and a pickup for that really extreme rough stuff avh auto vehicle hold it’s a break holder for construction traffic stop and go traffic rush hour traffic it works really really well

It’s something that i don’t have in my vehicle so i’m not used to it it’s kind of it’s weird it’s something to get used to for sure two usbs and auxiliary and up top here we have a 12-volt cigarette lighter plug any charging you may need parking brakes are electronic up to pull on put on and you still get the red p for park on the dash to shut it off with your

Foot on the brake you push down and it comes off my favorite feature in any vehicle ever the auto dimming mirror so there’s no switch to flick if someone’s got their high beams on behind you your side mirrors are also auto dimming and i don’t know if the camera will focus on it but we do have three buttons there that’s the home link system you can hook up to three

Separate garage doors to your mirror so you don’t have to carry a bulky opener on your sun visor in addition to sunglass storage which there we go you’ve got a spy mirror so you can keep an eye on people in the second row second and third rows without having to turn around you’ve got your sunroof controls the shade and i did pop it open there and you got a three-year

Trial of the connected services so sos roadside concierge service you can also download the my subaru app and you can do things like remote start your phone you can set speed alerts curfews a whole bunch of things that are very very handy so that’s a brief overview of the 2022 subaru ascent limited i’m tyson the subaru specialist from subaru prince george talk to you guys soon

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Our first 2022 Subaru Ascent Limited – Autumn Green 22AS0774 By Tyson Remmelg

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