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Altair Club Cars Our 2022 Tesla Model Y (with a few upgrades)

Our 2022 Tesla Model Y (with a few upgrades)

A few weeks ago we collected our new 2022 Tesla Model Y after trading in our 2019 Tesla Model 3P. It’s my first week driving it, we’ve added a few upgrades, but after one week, it’s been an absolute joy to drive and live with.

Good morning welcome to another episode we are in the model y today not with lawrence i don’t know if you can see florence she’s in the backs we don’t have the um hello hello please remember to check out our other videos and to click on the subscribe button and tap on the bell icon so you get notifications each time we upload another video um we don’t have

The isofix kit yet for the front so florence is in the back at the minute aren’t you yeah what do you think of the model why it’s good it’s good so we picked this up on friday um first impressions are it feels a lot bigger than the model 3 but i don’t think actually it is that much bigger it just feels it i think it’s a much different uh driving position you’re

Much higher up which i quite like one of the things i noticed immediately was that the build quality feels better than the model 3 that we had the doors open and shut much more quietly which i know seems like a silly thing to say but it’s noticeable it feels a higher quality um the interior is much nicer it feels much more sturdy um so yeah the interior layout’s

Fairly similar like with the armrest under armor storage the two cup holders the storage in front of the cup holders what this really odd feature which is quite funny and it’s amused us and then it has a somewhere it seems on the outside and you can you can make lots of different noise pressing a button so that’s entertaining obviously not a reason to choose a

Car but it’s a nice little addition especially if you’ve got kids um so one of the really really really big differences is the space on the inside of the model y so the boot space is obviously different because it’s not a saloon like the model 3 and it’s got a really nice big boot and if you lift up the boot floor it’s got like extra space underneath like like

The model 3 and the model s do as well um there’s a funky little function where you can just press a button and it folds down the the rear seats to extend your boot space which makes it a really sort of cavernous space which is which would be really useful for us particularly if you’re going on holiday that kind of thing space inside now james sat in the back

Yesterday just so we could test out the space in the back and it’s enormous he can sit with his legs sort of stretched out in the back while i’m in my driving position so if you’ve got you know teenage children this is probably a good car for you i think it’s much quieter than the model 3 but bearing in mind we had the performance model 3 which has a really hard

Suspension um and you did feel every bump every single bump it wasn’t a pleasure to be a passenger necessarily um in this it instantly felt smoother a smoother ride handles really well still obviously doesn’t have the same amount of um talk as the model 3 performers but it’s got plenty plenty you know more than more than you can need really which is which is fine

For us with a small person in the model 3 the seats weren’t overly comfortable again if you were driving it wasn’t so bad if you’re a person a passenger i mean i’ve not got particularly long legs but there wasn’t a lot of support for your legs so if on a long journey it did get quite uncomfortable these seats seem to be much more supportive and they’re also higher

So you can sit with your legs at a right angle which is your optimum seating position because you’ve got the support under your thigh and you can sit with your legs that are um sit with your legs much more comfortably especially as a passenger but even as a driver i’m finding this a much more comfortable seat so far it’s also heated as as the other ones were which

I appreciate and this has a heated steering wheel which i’m going to be so pleased of in the winter in terms of looks i do really like it i think i prefer it to the model 3. but the model s will still be my all-time favorite of the teslas i just think it just looks so stylish my sister saw this yesterday and she says it looks like it’s been pumped up and it does

A bit it has that kind of i don’t know steroid look to it um but it’s really nice so got a really really nice and smooth outline i’m going to get florence after school and then i will see you a bit later on can you say bye flaws bye to predominantly this car is going to be used by me so for me it has to be practical in terms of family life and one thing i always

Look for in any car is whether it’s going to work for people with children so this is a nice high car so i mean florence gets in and out the car now by herself so it’s not a big issue for us but we do still have to lean over and obviously attach her seat belt but it’s so good because if you were putting a baby in you’re not having to bend so much to put the child

In and there’s a nice big open you know wide door so you can lean in put your baby in strap it in do whatever you need and the boot space i mean it’s brilliant model s had a really really good boot space this has a really really good boot space model three wasn’t great you had to sort of slide things in but i’ve already bookies in the batman so easy to put in

And out so for things like buggies shopping anything like that is much more practical than a model three i think i said before practicality wise in terms of family if you’ve got bigger children young teens you know with really long legs you’ve got so much space in the back i don’t know whether you can fit three children’s seats across the bag that’s that isn’t

Something we’ve tested and i know people with with three children need three seats so that would be useful to know um not entirely sure depends how big your seats were i guess i can’t get over the difference in the seats i don’t really know exactly what it is apart from the fact that i think i don’t know if this seats on the model 3 were kind of slanted so you

Were sitting in a dip almost whereas with these yes you still got a slight decline on the on the base of the seat but you can adjust that a bit more and you can raise the seat up so that your legs are like i said at right before position to be in i definitely feel like this for a long for a long journey it would be much much much more comfortable the model 3 that

We had before if anybody’s driven a model x you’ll know when you get inside it there’s this enormous feeling of space and that’s to do with the um the massive windscreen and the panoramic roof and this doesn’t have quite the same as the x but it still feels very very spacious even though it’s got blacked out windows at the back which it came with whereas with our

Model 3 we had to do those ourselves but even with those it doesn’t feel dark and dingy it feels really light and airy and spacious and it’s just a nice it’s a nice just done the school drop off and i’m driving uh now to go to work i’ve not got a very busy day today um i’m on i’m on duty so i don’t really leave the leave my phone but um yesterday i had a reasonably

Busy day and i’ve got to say throughout the day i just liked this car more and more the more i’m getting used to it the easier it is to drive and it’s just it’s just a really nice car i was saying to james yesterday i’m struggling to find anything that i really really don’t like about it um i suppose the only thing i could say is that compared to some some other

Electric cars the ride isn’t as comfortable so it’s much more comfortable than the model 3. it’s much more smooth and cushioned so when you’re going over bumps you don’t feel them quite as much in the model 3 you’ve had everything and in this it’s definitely not as bad but it’s not as comfortable to say something like that which was insanely comfortable myself for

James aren’t generally that fond of the suv style vehicles because they’re generally not as efficient as the non-suv electric vehicles that you get but with this actually so far the efficiency is running around about the same as our model 3 which is quite a surprise really because it is a very much bulkier car it’s not a streamline i mean i guess it’ll be easier

To sort of give a proper figure after a week or so of driving it but currently the efficiency isn’t that bad so i was a little bit unsure um about the shape of the model y i wasn’t really 100 convinced on whether i was going to like it or not but i’d actually really do i’ve mentioned in some of my other videos that my favorite tesla previously was the model s

And i think it still still is but this is definitely my second favorite in terms of looks and style we have got the upgraded wheels here which things are really nice and on all the model y’s you get the isd chromed which again i wasn’t so sure about i’ve seen people do it on model s’s and i’ve not really liked it but actually looks really good rear windows are

Tinted as standard which is also really good we find that useful especially when florence is in the back and it’s really sunny it also just gives you that little bit of privacy foreign here is the boot space the model y boot is so so much better than the boot we had on the model 3 i hated that boot you had to slide everything in and access was just not great

At all and but this is a nice big boot space just push that back you can see all the space there and you’ve got a couple of little buttons just here i don’t know if you can see that and if you press those i’m not going to do it because florence’s car seat is is currently in position but that just flicks the rear seats forward and then you have any extra extra big

Space underneath the boot floor there’s also extra space i don’t know if you can see that there but we’ve added a boot liner as well just to protect the boot floor because we’ve got we often have the running boogie in and it’s often muddy and we had one in our previous test and it was definitely worth having you also get this acoustic parcel shelf which you didn’t

Get on the earlier models so if you’ve got anything in your boot you can keep it covered in terms of styling from the rear my sister made a good point she said it looks a little bit like it’s been pumped up and it does it’s um it’s it’s kind of a lot more suv in style but i do like it it’s got kind of a mean look to it take you around florence’s car seats in the

Back so it can be attached to the isofix we haven’t got the kit to put it on the front and but we are going to get that james has found he’s sat in the back more than me that there is just so much leg room um even when the driver’s seat is reclined like it is now in james’s position there’s lots and lots of space lots of headroom really good so much easier getting

Florence in and out of there but she gets in in and out by herself really now but if i was having to lift her in and out it’d be much easier than it was on the the lower model 3. something a little bit different to our previous teslas they’ve continued the wood paneling onto the doors which is really really nice and the overall finish of the interior just feels

So much better james has fitted this usbc adapter in here um the model y comes with wireless charging which is fantastic um we fitted it ourselves on the model 3 but it was a bit temperamental this so far has been absolutely spot on no issues are charging at all but we have also had um james has also fitted this so it means that when the passenger is wanting to

Look at their phone and wanting to charge they can do that because obviously once it’s on wireless charging you can’t pick your phone up and lastly we fitted a power frunk onto the model y which is really useful you can open it from the app on your phone or from inside the car really decent space if you’re going on holiday or you’ve got small people and you’ve

Got lots of extra stuff really useful i think we’re going to have a light as well fitted um around here just so you know at night time you can see a little bit better thanks for watching don’t forget to like and subscribe and follow us on twitter at kate phantom and we’ll see you again soon with another episode foreign

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Our 2022 Tesla Model Y (with a few upgrades) By James and Kate – The EV Team

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