osmium grey metallic 2019 volvo
Altair Club Cars Osmium Grey Metallic 2019 Volvo XC90 T6 R-Design with Polestar

Osmium Grey Metallic 2019 Volvo XC90 T6 R-Design with Polestar

Carbon Fiber, Nubuck & Nappa leather, Bowers & Wilkins sound, heated steering wheel, heated seats, AWD….check. Check. Double check. This impressive 7 seat SUV has under 17k miles and is available for immediate delivery at Portland Volvo in sensational Scarborough Maine.

All right here we go heather here from portland volvo with a certified pre-owned 2019 volvo xc90 t6 r design in osmium gray metallic with a gorgeous charcoal nubuck and nappa leather interior this seven-seat all-wheel drive suv has less than seventeen thousand miles on it so if you are looking to upgrade your family rig here you go this is it it has 20 inch

Wheels it has the advanced package so you get that 360 degree camera system the graphic heads up display and pilot assist with adaptive cruise control there’s a giant panoramic sunroof keyless entry t6 means that it’s a four 4-cylinder turbo and supercharged engine with 316 horsepower but wait there’s more it has the polestar optimization so that is a software

Upgrade that does not cost you fuel efficiency but does increase your overall performance gives you much quicker response on the throttle shifting is quicker and smoother you get the increased horsepower to 330 and it’s just a really sporty feel and with the r design trim level seems very appropriate plenty of space in the back with that third row folded down

Flat that center row does fold down flat as well you get the black headliner this has the air suspension so it’s a much smoother ride that also helps when you’re pulling a large load like a boat or something like that it helps stabilize the back and you can lower it for aging dogs to get in or heavy loads to get in and out of the back there and we’ll

Watch the back lift up osmium gray is a beautiful color i think it looks great on everything especially in our design you get the carbon fiber inlays the leather uppers and the perforated leather just a cool combination the bowers and wilkins that is an exceptional exceptional sound system there are 19 speakers in this car so even the people in the very

Back have their own speakers and an exceptional sound experience so this is the booster there we go it clicked up and that’ll pop down flat cupholders there’s a latch right here that you can push that down flat the side seats are heated and this is a four-way climate control situation and you’ll even be able to adjust the back seat temperature from

The driver’s seat memory seating for three the r design on the sill there metal petals and these seats are so comfortable and that new buck makes it so quiet in here the r design and the headrest and the previous owners did a little after market carbon fiber and since i’m an accessory nut i love it i think it looks so cool and they did it here too around

The start stop button or your ignition switch i should say it has metal paddle shifters perforated leather steering wheel the r-design steering wheel your climate control is right here choose where you’d like it to go you want to adjust that rear climate you can get into that and it says rear right there so you know you’re adjusting their temperature back to

Your front seat climate we can adjust that sync with our co-pilot heated steering heated front seats tons of different vehicle functions this road sign information system so that’s super cool one of my favorite features so if we unclick it you lose the speed limit sign but if we click it back on we get that back and that just helps you know how fast you’re

Supposed to be going right beside your actual speed pilot assist it has rains auto rain sensing wipers navigation set your destination capital b o get back to portland volvo this is a sweet design all ready for your next family adventure riding in style it is stock number 6468a there will be a link in the description box below with all the details to get

You in to 9 us route 1 in scarborough maine to come get your car thank you so much for watching we’ll see you soon from portland volleyball

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Osmium Grey Metallic 2019 Volvo XC90 T6 R-Design with Polestar By Portland Volvo Cars

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