one year review e210 2020 toyota
Altair Club Cars One Year Review: (E210) 2020 Toyota Corolla Hatchback

One Year Review: (E210) 2020 Toyota Corolla Hatchback

Its been about a year since i first purchased this car brand new in Aug 2020. Cant believe its been a year already, and I have pretty much exactly how i want it to look. Now to just drive, maintain and enjoy

Well welcome back guys um i figured i haven’t done a video on the rolo for a while um so i just wanted just kind of like a year cap i got it august of 2020 so i’ve had a little over a year now and i just want to talk about you know things that i really love things i may not love as much but overall the car has been great and as you can see if you look back on

All the videos it’s uh transformed just a little bit um you know did the the front end swap of the sedan um you know lowered wheels um and that’s really it uh not much i wanted to keep it simple and just drive every day and that’s exactly it does it perfectly and you know when it comes to cars people are always going to say you know speed is like the power

Is like not enough but really it’s when it comes down to a car it’s really about the balance and the feel it has to be overall balance and this car is just it does what it does very well it looks very good it’s very efficient it works well and that’s what makes it so valuable so much more valuable than what it really is especially to me because styling is is

Very subjective but i like i said i’m i’m pretty sure a lot of people won’t disagree that this car this looks very good uh just from the factory and literally if you get xx xse and just lower it you’re done like you don’t have to do anything else um and another thing i do love about this platform is that it’s and i guess to you and in general is like they stay

All motor um and i love that i think as i’ve gotten older um i’ve realized i appreciate naturally aspirated more than i do you know just turbos turbos was nice i had the subaru you know but there’s more maintenance more moving parts more things to worry about and i just want to see what it’s about it makes fun sounds and it’s awesome it was definitely a great

Experience but i think now i’m i’m pretty set on naturally aspirated so anything v8 all motor four cylinder all motor is pretty much what i’m going towards um as you can see this bumper doesn’t fit uh perfectly but i had to do some modifications on it but i got these little piercings it’s a long story so i’ll talk about it so i drilled so the bumper was a little

Damaged so part of the bumper was popping off so basically i got these bumper clips to kind of hold it in more um so i drilled one hole there’s a bolt here by the headlight i was going to use that but it ended up not working out so i ended up doing another bolt so i drilled a second hole so this one is just kind of extra this is what i’m actually using uh thanks to

Eric for helping me get this on so that’s why it’s there it’s only on this side because it’s driving me nuts and then that side pops out so yeah kind of annoying anyways it’s just on this side i guess give the character um but yeah other than that um the car has been such a great car and it’s about to hit it’s at 14 000 miles right now so um i believe at the

15 000 mile marker i’m going to add the fuel system cleaner and then oil change at 20 000. um but yeah this car has been great i’ve been averaging about 36 37 miles per gallon on this car um mostly highway and then mix city driving but uh yeah i mean it’s i i love this car it’s great man and i can’t wait to take it on track again um so we’ll see what happens

If we go again this year at all but uh i can’t wait to take it out and other than that it’s just been it’s been running super solid what i would love to see in the future is this car with like the gts engine like the the celica gts the was it the 2jz um i’d love to see that this car with that type of motor would be sick like something with lift or or vtec even

It’ll be awesome that’s what i would love to see in the future i’d like to just see something not turbo because turbos are starting to show everywhere you know they’re on a lot of the hondas now and you know i appreciate that but like i said simplicity is key and just keeping the traditional all motor manual gearbox type car i mean that’s what i like um call

Me old fashioned whatever um but yeah so ah just it’s been great i got no complaints like i said the highlight to this car is definitely the styling hands down the way it looks is just it’s awesome and then on top of that like i said before reliability the uh easy to work on you know and the drivability and it’s definitely one of the best cars you can get for

Around that uh lower lower 20 grand area brand new pants like you can’t beat it um so anyways hopefully there’s people still continuing to buy these and with the chip shortage you know it’s crazy but uh hope you guys get it soon and hopefully you can enjoy as much as i do um but yeah that’s it this is kind of like a one year recap the car has been solid i don’t

Regret it all i love it won’t be getting it anytime soon um and just enjoying it as far as future plans nothing much just keep it as is i painted the the rear the way i wanted it and got the front where i wanted i mean it’s i’m pretty happy with this car over like all around so um but yeah hope you guys enjoyed that and uh see you guys in the next video peace so you

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One Year Review: (E210) 2020 Toyota Corolla Hatchback By Fujibo Heavy

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