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Here is an unmissable opportunity to own the best looking and best specced new registration Bentayga S available & with the sought after 7-Seat Specification is even rarer.

Foreign car center and you’re watching another episode of on the road with aklam cars and today i’m in the beautiful the most amazing the new bentley bentayget s was the four liter v8 twin turbo 550 brake horsepower and not a 60 in 4.5 seconds now this is a 72 registration with only 1 200 miles on the car in the beautiful metallic onyx black and you’ve got that

Amazing and i mean amazing looking hot spur and beluga interior now the yes for me is a very special car the bentley bentigas from the dear dot for me i thought you know what is a great suv it looks superb the power was always there the sound but this sort of four liter v8 version ds which produces more than enough power for me to sound the exhaust i think they’ve

Done a cracking job with it and i’ll let you listen to it a few seconds but the car is amazing now this one is quite special and for many reasons one is a specification but little things like this has got the seven seat specification so it’s a seven seater so although this is not the biggest four-wheel drive it comfortably seats all seven people in it you get a

Boot space and just look at it it looks it looks amazing the car is absolutely insane it drives unbelievable such a comfortable car with little road noise whatsoever and it is it’s super comfortable i’m going to put it in sport mode and then you’re going to hear this exhaust kick in and it’s it really is something really really exciting it’s just it’s good but

It’s smooth it’s not one of them silly cars where you feel the need to go crazy in it because you don’t it handles superb you’ve got the bentley dynamic ride on this car as well remember so that it’s an impressive impressive power but any man this car weighs a lot it’s not a light car but it’s not wallowy so you expect the car this size with ground clearance to

Go on cars and feel like no absolutely not just if god sounds unbelievable let’s go back to the features and the design and the looks of this car onyx black now this is the s so the s has some features on it which you’ll know by looking at right away it’s not your standard bentley bentega so it’s fully decrimed that’s a grill that inserts in the bumper around

The headlights it just looks brilliant of this one’s got an extra section on the front bumper what you call the front splitter which identifies right away that this is the yes but then you have things like the detailing on the headlights it’s got that lovely crystal knurling effect in the casing of the headlight and it’s a little thing for me that make all the

Difference that the detailing on every little part of it just looks great obviously have the adaptive led headlights headlight washers and then you’ve got things like do pretty bumpers now this car’s got full 360 camera system front rear parking sensors adaptive cruise control and part of the touring pack you get things like heads-up display and night vision some

Of them things you’ve never used which is nice to have it as you come to the side of the car you’ll see the color-coded fenders which is the art kit and then you’ve got them absolutely amazing wheels they’re called the 22 inch s directional wheels you can see the s in the spork and they’re only available on the s model so again that’s a new design wheel particularly

For this car and they look great and all of the 22 inch in wheel size you would naturally assume you might lose a little bit of comfort absolutely not road noise non-existent they’re just enhance the way this car looks now as you come out to the side of the vehicle you’ve got all the black window surrounds some protection glass and this car’s got the full tilt and

Sliding panoramic roof you’ll notice in the back shoulders of this car the black arches what we call shoulders it’s got quite a harsh aggressive lining going on which again so i naturally goes to the back of the car i’m not looking suv for me it’s got the same lines as the flying spur so again it looks good the back of the car the same as the front you have that

Knurling effect crystallized rear lighting system you press the bentley b to open the army tailgate but rear diffuser on this back on this car is completely different being the yes you’ve got the more aggressive the more sporty more refined rear diffuser within vertical slats and then the quad tail pipes the shape is completely different but i stand by what i say

It’s the sound for me what up her it’s just it’s beautiful when you open the build you’ll notice right away all seven seats are up but you’ve still got boot space now that is impressive very impressive is it every day going to use all seven seats more than likely not but when you do you still have space for luggage shopping maybe even a push chair so it’s not a

Case where some seven seats you put the seven seats up and you can’t get a handbag in the back this one you can plus more now with bentley you’re getting build quality you are getting reliability you’re getting the panache the wow factor and it’s a bentley it just feels it feels insane quiet this car is now going back into the interior now you’ll see you’ve got

The lovely single torn lever multi-functional steering wheel with the multifunctional sort of heated steam wheel there you’ve got all that adaptive cruise control you’ve got the bluetooth voice control everything’s at your fingertips the panel shift you’ve then got the full digital dashboard there with a virtual cockpit with a navigation is displayed the rev counter

Which obviously goes all the way to 200 miles now mainly man the top speed on this car is 180 miles an hour which is again very good you’ve got a very nice up-to-date media system touchscreen you’ve got apple cam player android auto navigation bluetooth dvd radio on this car you’ve then got the front seat comfort package which gives you the heated seats and the

Ventilated seats the electric seats the memory seats and then you have things like dual saw climate control the two keys the tracker system because you need tracking a car like this and you have obviously the normal parking assist and the different bentley drive modes around the stop start button there is miles and miles of leather on this car but what you’ll

Also notice around the lever and the dashboard is there’s lots of s-bagent because of cars and s so as you open the door you’ll see the entry tread plate with the s on which illuminate you’ll see the s on the piano black interior inlet on the dashboard you’ll see s embroiders onto the back of the seats and just nice little touches just subtle but enough to make a

Difference there’s a lot of chrome and metallic finish on this car but none of it is cheap none of it is tacky it all feels absolutely feels expensive how’d you go past that noise this is a bentley bentier it isn’t supposed to make that sort of noise water sound you’ve sat high up there’s lots of glass quarter glass so visibility is absolutely brilliant obviously

Until the sliding sun move this then has the full leather roof lining so the whole roof line is leather leather stitched and again that’s brilliant as well let’s live on the dashboard the knee pad area and that contrasting color of the black and red for me works extremely well my own personal opinion i think that anything in my eye line should be black so it’s just

Definitely looking at is black and just below the eye line is red sections of it is red and it works even the embroidery or the s that’s red but so many little bits of it and it’s it it’s a nice red not something red you think it looks too faked up well not this one absolutely not there’s lots of usbs and usc’s around the vehicle it’s got everything it needs for me

Like i said there’s night envision which you’re probably never going to use but you press the button on the center dash the night vision will start working but it’s not light right now so you don’t really see it for its full potential but for me it’s um i look at this car and i think like what else can you get or what else do you compare this car to and i know a

Lot of my clients would probably say well what about the rsq8 i don’t think it’s in the same boat for many reasons this is a lot more money than they are with kuwait and then someone says well yeah the euros i agree the use is more powerful but as a daily driver i think this is more suitable for me and from the us would be a little bit too jumpy a little bit too

Loud in your face outlandish but they’re a fabulous car i love the users personally but i think this would be a better daily driver because it’s comfortable it doesn’t stand out enough but it does enough if you know what i mean now sometimes you can get away with it it’s one of them type of cars but really enjoy what you have because it is it’s brilliant i like

This car actually i love it and it drives brilliant it’s smooth it’s comfortable it’s just everything it needs to do the color combination is right now this car is going live i did my research already it’s what we do this is the best value seven seater with a two impact front seat comfort pack on it available on the market today on a 72 registration with hardly

Any miles now bear in mind it’s difficult to get this castle in the first place the waiting list is ridiculous on any cap a minute especially the more high-end premium type of vehicles like this sort so what’s your options you’re going to order one and wait 12 months 18 months if you get it at all or you pick the phone up after seeing this video and you reserve

It you buy it and you collect it the same day because the car will be fully prepared when it gets packed back up again guys for me this is a brilliant car thank you for watching like and subscribe bye now

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