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Altair Club Cars Old vs New Jeep Cherokee: How Much Has Off-Road Tech Improved in 28 Years?

Old vs New Jeep Cherokee: How Much Has Off-Road Tech Improved in 28 Years?

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Which way here’s an interesting question what’s better off road is it old school or new school tech well today we’re going to find out in the mountains of colorado because we’ve got two vehicles that sort of kind of compete we’ve got a 1991 jeep xj cherokee and a 2019 gkl cherokee that’s right they’re 28 years apart but they’re very similar because well they

Both fulfill a similar purpose one of course has old school tech one has new school tech and since we’re taking him on a very difficult and i suspect maybe a little too difficult trail we’ve also got the tfl recovery rig now the only question that’s left is who gets to drive what so tommy come on over here howdy which one are you gonna drive i’m gonna go ahead and

Take the 91 cherokee xj all right that means i get the 2019 cherokee and that means that matt behind the camera gets the old disco which has a winch which we might actually use and which should have no problem with this trail yeah let’s go tackle this off-road adventure right now this video is brought to you by our friends at rugged radios check them out on their

Website by clicking on the link below and if you like the radio you’ll get a 20 discount by using the keywords fast radio all right let’s go for it first we start with the water crossing yeah i think this should be no problem for either of these all right here we go easy peasy lemon squeezy and here commences our off-road adventure with a water crossing i

Hate that this weather is turning nasty this is going to make our filming job difficult it’s going to make our off-roading task more difficult and we’re already going to be struggling from here i think so a lot has changed in the off-road tech department between this 19 trail hawk and the 91 xj first off this trailhawk uses a pretty sophisticated four-wheel drive

System that can manipulate torque front and back left and right depending on the situation and what the computer senses in terms of wheel slip we also have a low range in this jerky we have a real locking differential we have a bunch of different drive modes but we have a couple disadvantages compared to the old one now this old one relies on good old-fashioned

Mechanical solid axles and an old-fashioned mechanically actuated transfer case with a four-wheel drive low no locking differentials in this baby we’ve got no electronics controlling where the power is going left and right but we do have a couple of skid plates and a lot of ground clearance now another thing we need to talk about is approach departure breakover

Angle the new jerky has a much better breakover angle and a much better departure angle but this old cherokee definitely wins in the approach angle department with an approach angle of over 36 degrees so tell me there are three possible lines you can go around the obstacle you can straddle it or we can go through it you can try going through it but you’re gonna

You’re probably gonna run a little bit of clearance yeah i think we’re gonna run out of clearance so i think uh i’m gonna straddle it what’s your call sure we can straddle it hopefully uh this jeep will do okay it’s got under body climbing right yes tom eat those we’re about to find out because i’m about to go through this so far so good oh little scraping a

Little bit more scraping yikes i promise you that hurts me more than it hurts to jeep uh yeah that was no big deal we’re past the gatekeeper and on our way so my dad ran out of clearance there pretty good let’s see how this one does i do have a couple skid plates i have a skid plate option group which means i have one in the front one over the transfer case and

Then one in the rear oh sorry cherokee oh yep scraped a little bit there and a little little there and a little there okay so tommy this of course is the trailhawk version of the cherokee and you can tell that by those red recovery hooks and it’s the most off-road-worthy cherokee that they build right now yeah there was no trailhawk version in the old xj but you

Know there were a couple little options and this one being the trailhawk we have the more aggressive tires we have a little bit of a lift and we have a rock mode in our terrain response so here’s how we can do it you have your foot on the brake i do so i can put it in neutral like this and then um select four wheel drive low so it’s just a button on the top of the

Switch and this is actually a true low range unlike the renegade and then i can dial it into rock mode rock mode and we have a rear diff lock too if you really want to get ambitious yeah i think i’m going to lock the rear diff i believe in using all your off-road goodies so you don’t get stuck okay i’m not a big fan of like saving it until you are stuck because by

That point you may not get unstuck all right tommy this is where the rubber hits the road except there’s no road right yeah if you take the ruts right there’s no way it’s going to make it it’s going to bottom out and it’s center high center it’s gonna scrape but if i straddle it i may make it through here what do you think yeah definitely take this right line

I’ll help you over it all right jeep let’s talk we have a good relationship right so by showing just how good this is off-road and perhaps doing some damage you’re not going to get angry are you this is all in the name of trail ratedness oh my oh my i’m trusting big wheels in the air right now yeah look at there no problem see i told you you could trust

Me we’ve got that good relationship hey if the new one can do it i think i can do it too all right i’ll you same line this is not a line i gotta go way more passenger no this is where better tires would help keep it coming back up do you love going off-road do you love power sports you know motorcycles dirt bikes atvs side-by-sides even jet skis well tfl we

Love off-roading so much that we’ve started a brand new youtube channel called tfl off-road that’s anything that goes off-road that’s not a car or truck you can visit that channel right now by clicking on the link in the description below and checking out an entire new world of tfl off-world reviews just gotta kind of walk over this i think that’s probably

This keeps weakest point it’s just ground clearance it just needs like a two inch lift you’re not getting muddy you’re not having fun what did i say if you’re thinking about this or a subaru or a crv this one by far has the most off-road crud none of those other vehicles could have gotten this far at least not with um some pretty serious trail damage this

Cherokee is really good off-road it’s got a pretty decent amount of articulation for a stock vehicle actually pretty good ground clearance too the tires are letting it down out here i do need to get a set of meteor all or month terrains and let’s be honest attraction aid would be a huge help out you get a here bit of a departure test here the departure angle

This place looks like the back of the deep might hit you shall see oh no underneath the tube again feel the suspension flex low range is good transmission is easy to use plenty of torque all around all right tommy that was pretty interesting and pretty fun now let’s just take the disco out of the equation right it’s got a big lift big tires it’s just in a class

Of its own it’s out of here yeah it’s out of here so out of these two which one’s better off road just because this has that locking differential and the ability to distribu power left and right yeah it’s got to be the new one yeah i had no issues with traction i had no issues with approaching the departure angle i did have a lot of issues with breakover angle i

Really hit a lot and i know it’s got good plates but it still hurts my soul yeah i hit a little bit less but i’ll tell you what give me a thousand dollars i’ll throw on a set of cheap all terrains a lunchbox locker in the back and i’ll own this thing off-road you know i think it cost a little bit more than a thousand bucks but yeah yeah for a couple thousand bucks

That would be a monster and you would never worry about trail damage right that’s the thing it’s an old jeep well guys as always thank you for joining us on this off-road trail adventure as always this is roman and tommy saying check out tfl car and our new off-road channel tfloffroad.com for more news views and of course a hell of a lot of off-road reviews see

You guys next time ciao let’s go before we get too wet yeah hey what’s that uh game of thrones saying oh yeah winner is coming it is most certainly coming up here at 10 000 much sooner than probably for most of you

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