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Altair Club Cars *OFFICIAL* The 2023 Acura TLX Type S PMC is STUNNING – but itll cost you…

*OFFICIAL* The 2023 Acura TLX Type S PMC is STUNNING – but itll cost you…

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If it wasn’t for hurricane ian i would be in ohio right now seeing the last nsx specifically the type s of the second gen be built by hand at the performance manufacturing center but we know what happened this past week in south florida and instead i’m at home and i’m able to give you some exciting things coming from the pmc center sort of the performance manufacturing

Center for acura this year’s pmc vehicle is going to be an all-new tlx type s so let’s get into it so acura’s giving me this press release i’ll read through it but it won’t bore you guys with the text i’ll be flashing the images of the vehicles for you as i go through this so we have reservations for the limited production run of the acura tlx type spmc edition

It opens tomorrow october 6th there will only be 300 units produced by hand and it will be available in three nsx derived colors curva red 130r white and a long beach blue now that the nsx has concluded they got to keep these workers busy they got to keep these hand builders of the nsx busy and what better way to do it with some exclusive hand-built type s models

From the acura side i won’t be surprised if we see some mdx type s hand built for next year stay tuned for that tlx type s pmc edition will be available for reservations starting at 10 a.m pacific time october 6th now we said 300 units 100 units will be offered in each of the three nsx premium colors that the curve at red the 130 r white and the long

Beach blue so the cover red of reservations open on october 6th the white reservations open up on november 9th and the long beach blew on december 8th we don’t have official msrp yet but it looks to be in the low to mid 60 000 range and just keep in mind that’s about 10 grand more than a normal tlx type s exclusive to this pmc edition are going to be berlina black

Painted roofs antennas and door handles as well as black chrome quad exhaust finishers the 21 inch nsx inspired y spoke wheels are going to have that copper finish and it’s the first copper wheels i believe we’ve seen on an acura model additional exterior enhancements include a carbon fiber a deck lid spoiler a carbon fiber rear diffuser lower side sill garnish and

Gloss black exterior badging inside the pmc tlx type s is more carbon fiber interior trim panels illuminated side sills and premium floor mats with type s badges and colored accent binding so the curva red painted tlx’s are going to have a black interior highlighted by red contrast stitching the long beach blue will have the orchid interior with a blue stitching

And the 130 are white is paired exclusively with a sporty red interior you will have a serial plaque on the lower console designating the limited edition vehicle in terms of the powertrain it is identical to all the other tlx type s’s the three liter turbocharged v6 355 horsepower of course super handling all-wheel drive standard brembo brakes in the front and

The double wishbone front suspension as well of course it has the 17 speaker els audio system the 16 away driver in front passenger sport seats with adjustable bolsters we have the accurate watch standard safety features and each pmc edition of the type s tlx receives the same quality control process as the nsx including a dyno check paint inspection rough road

Simulation each tlx type spmc will be wrapped in a special designed car cover and transported to acura dealers via enclosed single car carriers so the pmc edition tlx type-s essentially is given the kitchen sink of dealer installed options with all that carbon fiber and that of course is going to raise a price and what else raises the prices is that it’s hand built

By the master craftsman who build the nsx by hand so pretty cool what do you guys think would you be dropping over 60k or no more performance than a standard tlx type s does this exclusivity warrant the 10 grand upgrade that will be up to the buyers to decide what do you guys think i’ll see you guys down below if you enjoyed this quick little rundown of the pmc

Edition tlx type ass it’s a mouthful if you enjoyed it smash the like button subscribe for more acura news updates even though i didn’t make it to ohio to see the last nsx be built at the pmc center i’m just grateful that i’m okay my family’s okay i have a house to go back to and we have power and internet so i can entertain my kids and hang out with you guys man

Internet’s a beautiful thing i’m going to check you guys in the next video thank you so much for watching take care of yourselves and peace out

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*OFFICIAL* The 2023 Acura TLX Type S PMC is STUNNING – but it'll cost you… By Kirk Kreifels

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