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Altair Club Cars *OFFICIAL* All-New 2023 Honda Pilot Teased – Ready for the trail

*OFFICIAL* All-New 2023 Honda Pilot Teased – Ready for the trail

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The third generation honda pilot has been out since 2016 which means here in 2022 we are ready for that fourth gen to come out and honda’s finally given us some teasers over the honda newsroom all new 23 pilot trail sport engineered 4 adventure and tested across the us and we’ll read this little paragraph before we get into the images here so tested on challenging

Terrain all over the country the all-new 23 honda pilot trail sport will be the most rugged honda suv ever so even more rugged than the passport trail sport that’s preceded it it will have standard all-terrain tires steel skid plates off-road tuned suspension and expanded all-wheel drive system capabilities so next-gen pilot and pilot trail support will revealed

This fall let’s get into these tasty images now i don’t remember seeing this blue color on a pilot before i’ll try to lick up and post what this color might be it’s like a sky blue fog lights down here at the bottom silver accent at the bottom of the bumper as well a pretty aggressive front bumper here and it looks you know kind of like the the new crv in some

Ways and that’s not a bad thing because i think the new crv is pretty handsome by the way make sure to stay tuned i will be sharing my driving impressions of the new cr-v on september 19th and i will be driving the hybrid this october and stay tuned because after we go over the pilot images we’ll talk about the crv pricing and packaging because that was revealed

Yesterday haven’t got around to it yet uh we also have these roof rail crossbars here look pretty pretty cool i guess the camera system here for the upgraded safety systems we have that orange trailsport logo um bright shiny chrome honda badge you see the 360 camera here i don’t know if this is a raindrop but this could be some addition to the camera as well this

Top portion typically we see this piece on just about every car that front camera we also have for their safety system like i said a camera up here blacked out mirrors on this trail sport we also have a black grill but a black surround around the grill as well we’re not done it looks like these are fully led headlights as well just keep that in mind we got more so

Here’s the back holy cow they put pilot in a large font with this black bar that kind of kind of connects the rear tail lights uh trail sport i think the trailsport orange goes really well with this blue that’s a really nice contrast there i would say these real rear taillights look pretty masculine what do you guys think they look pretty chunky pretty blocky um

Here’s the rear windshield wiper here’s a paint matched antenna of course we have those black roof rails that we saw earlier and just like on the front we had a silver garnish at the bottom we have the silver garnish on the back here and then also a hitch receiver as well the rest of the images here are going to be fully camouflaged so yes it just kind of gives you

An idea of the overall proportions of the new pilot there it is being tested off-road i can’t tell what size of tires and wheels the wheels might be 18 that’d be pretty cool um there it is going downhill of course it’ll have downhill assist control heck even the new hrv has that standard which is pretty pretty cool um next image even more cladding here as it’s

Being tested probably somewhere in utah would be my guess and then we have yes these blacked out wheels will be interesting because i don’t think we’ve seen images of the wheels on those teaser images uh 10 spoke wheels yes i had to count them i edited that out but no we don’t have an idea of what the actual wheels are going to look like so maybe they’ll look

Like these 10 spoke wheels here looking at sales of the pilot last year they rebounded quite heavily from 2020 2020 the pandemic year of course so sold 143 000 which was one of the highest years in recent memory when the pilot came out i think came out 2003 was selling a ton now there’s more competition on the market you have the palisade the telluride in there

I will be getting a rock creek pathfinder today to test out that’s pretty cool so yeah the the pilot has its work cut out for it with competition with the highlander the upcoming grand highlander the koreans like i mentioned the new pathfinder is pretty good and then you have the competition from the americans as well that i don’t really cover and before we get

Into the crv packaging and pricing what are the power trains for the pilot i think it’s it’s almost guaranteed that the v6 the three and a half liter v6 is going to stick around it would be nice to get a chain instead of a drive belt that would be great but i i just don’t see it happening uh the mdx has a belt a drive belt instead of a drive chain so it is what

It is i’m expecting the v6 to stick around what about a hybrid well honda doesn’t have a powerful enough hybrid that we know of to power something as big as the pilot um so yeah i’m only expecting maybe the 10-speed auto i think that’s a lock with the v6 i’ll see you guys down below what you think is gonna be powering this upcoming fourth generation pilot but

We’re gonna get into the crv here because we have well a lot of things to talk about here so this is going to be the second half of the video if you missed my walk around on the crv make sure to check that out it is the best-selling crossover since 1997 here in america a lot of people say no the rav4 is well the rav4 sells more per year now but that hasn’t

Always been the case so if you add up the cumulative sales going back to 97 the crv kicks uh the rav4s but maybe the next five years the rav4 can can surpass it and total sales it’ll it’ll be interesting there’s also a new hybrid model here and the starting price is a lot higher on the new crv uh they got rid of the base lx trim and it will start at 31 110 before

Destination including destination front wheel drive is going to be 32 355. but if we look at the outgoing model started at 26 8 before destination so if you had about it’d be about 28 000 after destination so we got about a four grand markup well markup’s a fun word right now but we got a four grand price increase from the outgoing model to the new model better

Standard equipment now as a result better safety better space better powertrain better revised cvt as well so also the sport and sport touring are going to be the hybrid models and those are going to be kind of like the range topping models of the new crv we don’t have like a limited or a touring trim here um exl is gonna be the highest trim you can get uh for the

Turbo model now what’s interesting with the fuel economy is that the hybrid kicks butt in town city driving up to 43 miles per gallon on the front wheel drive sport model but if we look at the sport touring which is going to have the biggest wheels the 19 inch wheels your fuel economy goes down it’s only getting 34 miles per gallon on the highway and if we look

At the exl all-wheel drive it gets 32 miles per gallon on the highway so if you’re driving your crvs mostly on the highway the hybrid might not be that much of an upgrade in terms of fuel efficiency in terms of performance i think it will be but stay tuned because i have to drive both of them to find out also what i find interesting is the huge price difference

Between the spore all-wheel drive which is about 34k well let’s look at after destination 35k to roughly 40k so from sport all-wheel drive to sport touring all-wheel drive is a 5k difference and you’ll get uh the same fuel economy you get the same hybrid powertrain the equipment will change the wheels get bigger you get a better sound system so let’s get into

Uh the packages here base exl gets a turbo 190 horse 179 pound-feet of torque peak torque comes in 300 rpm earlier than the last model now the base model comes with a seven inch touchscreen his standard apple carplay and an and android auto but it also has a tuning knob and physical buttons for the radio system with an upgraded nine inch screen does not we have

Heated front seats we have partial digital instrumentation dual zone climate control one touch power sliding moon roof so moon roof is standard that sometimes people don’t want a moon roof on their vehicles so that’s interesting now you don’t have a choice moon roof is standard you also have heated outside mirrors led headlights is standard and 18 inch wheels are

Standard on that ex trim going a couple grand or more so we’re going from the ex let’s say two wheel drive 32k to the exl which is 35k so almost three grand more i’m just kind of rounding up and down here about three grand more features the same engine and cvt as the ex trim but you get leather seats you get the bigger screen which gives you wireless carplay and

And wireless android auto you also get a wireless charger and an upgraded eight speaker audio system and low speed braking control now we’re transferring to the hybrids honda wants to sell half their model starting in 2023 as the hybrid and i think the sport models the sport model hybrids will do well especially this front wheel drive model getting that lovely 40

Miles per gallon combined has the 2-liter four-cylinder engine it has been updated it has 204 horsepower the traction motor peak torque rises to 247 pound-feet which is up 15 pound-feet of torque they’re saying compared to the turbo we have much better fuel economy 43 miles per gallon in the city for sport versus 28 miles per gallon for the ex and exl in town so

If we look at the fuel economy not just in town but average so the sport ex and exl get 30 miles per gallon front wheel drive but the sport front-wheel drive gets 40 miles per gallon combined that’s an increase of 33 percent versus the front-wheel drive model and it should give you better performance as well and just like the turbo models the sport hybrids come

With 18-inch wheels but these are berlina black 18 inch wheels and on the inside we have a unique interior unique seats we have a leather wrap shift knob and steering wheel are standard we also have unique gloss black exterior accents of rectangular exhaust finishers so the range topping sport tour rate which is going to be roughly right 40 000 after destination

Which if we looked at the outgoing model it went up to 38k before destination so it’s really not that much because if you add destination it’s a little over 39k so what is the new top of the line sport touring model on the crv gets you we already mentioned the 204 horsepower hybrid 2-liter setup so there’s nothing different there but it does get 19-inch wheels

Which are the largest on the the product stack for the new crv it has a new 12-speaker bose audio system and it has honda satellite length nav system and a wi-fi hotspot so really when i see the sport touring it’s going to have the bigger wheels and the the biggest sound system is that going to be worth about five grand more than what we have on the sport trim not

Not so sure i’ll know if i’m sold on the sport touring right now the sport looks to be the deal with that hybrid setup best fuel economy best power and a good amount of equipment as well they’re saying the new all-wheel drive system can send up to 50 percent of the torque to the rear wheels and we have a new hill descent control system enhancing the crv’s off-road

Capabilities sports for touring models add a sport mode while the other models just get normal econ and snow mode so where are they making this new crv so we have the east liberty auto plant in ohio the indiana auto plant and the honda of canada manufacturing uh they’re saying since 2006 honda has produced more than 5 million crvs in north america roughly half of

Those built in the us and if we go down here they’re saying that in 2021 more than 95 percent of all honda vehicles sold in the us were made in north america that is going to go even higher now because the insight and the clarity are no longer being imported so we’re i mean i don’t know what vehicles are not made in north america at this point because the hrvs made

In mexico the salia plant we have plenty of uh volume coming from that canada plant and most of the volume coming from the united states of america the honda civic type r i think is the only vehicle and that’s what a fraction of one percentage um for the total honda lineup so yeah we don’t really have any hondas made in japan anymore how do you guys feel about that

Doesn’t bother me as long as the quality is still there so based off the pricing packaging and hybrid or non-hybrid which model are you going to be getting or would you be getting of the new crv i think the sport front-wheel drive as long as you don’t need all-wheel drive the sport front-wheel drive to me looks to be the winner most power most fuel efficiency um

And it should look pretty decent as well i just don’t see the value and spending an extra 5 grand more or so on the sport touring model even though it gives you a better sound system and bigger wheels but is is it worth five grand i just don’t i i’m struggling and are you excited for the new pilot make sure to stay tuned and make sure to stay tuned for my driving

Impressions on the crv turbo and hybrid later this year oh i also forgot to mention it will go on sale september 22nd so driving to margo in september 19th uh sale date is september 22nd and then hybrid models will be sold in october i will be driving the new crv hybrid in october as well forgot to mention that but i’m gonna end it there if you enjoyed today’s

Honda pilot and crv breakdown make sure to smash that like button subscribe for more honda news and reviews uh honda and acura are bringing me up to their performance manufacturing center uh early october so i’ll get to see the last nsx type s be built pretty crazy anyways i’m getting there gotta cut myself off at some point thank you so much for watching take

Care of yourselves and peace out you

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*OFFICIAL* All-New 2023 Honda Pilot Teased – Ready for the trail By Kirk Kreifels

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