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Altair Club Cars OEM Alcantara Armrest | 2022 Hyundai Elantra N

OEM Alcantara Armrest | 2022 Hyundai Elantra N

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I’m loving this new mod! I never expected such a small change to make such a huge difference in looks and comfort. Check out the links below for where I bought my Alcantara armrest and the installation video I followed to install it in right around 10 minutes.

What’s up youtube so today i’m going to show you the newest thing that i’ve done to my 2022 hyundai elantra n so what i did is i ordered an alcantara armrest from shark racing which is based in south korea i’m absolutely blown away with how fast i got the armrest i ordered it on a monday night and i got it on a friday afternoon they had a great price on it free

Shipping to the us as it replaces this is the oem us one and this is basically just you know some kind of um soft injection molded uh plastic rubber this is just one of those uh hyundai parts that you know you look at and you can tell it’s pretty cheap there’s nothing special about this whatsoever this just basic econo car armrests i did not do an install video

Um there’s already a great one by paddyboy i’ll leave a link in the description for that too he’s already got an awesome diy i used that so thank you paddy boy and it took all of 5-10 minutes to put the arm rest on so let’s take a look at it installed in the car oh look at that so fancy all right so here we go and there it is and you can see i mean as soon as you

Get close to this and get it start getting in you have a great view of it and the stitching matches the seat stitching so well let’s get in take a look but uh yeah it’s the the alcantara matches perfectly to the sea alcantara the stitching is the performance blue to match the stitching on the seats excuse the dirty seats i just cleaned this too but um yeah it’s

Uh it’s not super uh squishy it’s actually a little bit it feels maybe a little bit more firm than the rubber one or plastic whatever but the of course the alcantara is just so smooth and fuzzy that it just actually feels so much better on the uh on the elbow just resting it on there for the passenger and for the driver and um it just matches so perfect and with

Such a an inexpensive little mod to do to just really make the interior look so much nicer let me go to the driver’s side and show you what it looks like from there all right guys so this is it from the driver’s side again matching the stitching perfectly matching the alcantara perfectly and um yeah just feels so nice i love to rest my arm like totally on it like

This when i’m driving you know with my you know my hand on the shift knob and uh it’s just it changes the whole feel of it it’s just really really nice i love it i really love it i didn’t think i was gonna like um just something so simple and small as much as i do um they do make an alcantara cover for the e-brake and they also make an alcantara shift knob and

Boot and i’m just undecided on those i guess you can even get a steering wheel amazingly enough steering wheel that’s alcantara but i would never do that just based on constantly you know using this it’s going to wear it out pretty quickly this is a lot cheaper to replace than the steering wheel and a lot easier and so i’d rather you know if i have to replace

This every couple years with another one because it’s worn a little bit i’m fine with that e-brake i use it every day of course i’m not touching it i think it’s fine it’s an e-brake i don’t care that much about it this is one that i can’t decide on yet i love the leather shift knob i don’t want i really don’t want to change that but it would be cool if this was

On cantera and i knows that it comes with the shift knob and the alcantara boot so what i might do is buy it swap them out so keep the leather with the alcandara boot and sell the alcantara shift knob so that’s it guys if you want to spruce up your interior with this simple modification i highly recommend it i think it’s a great addition and yeah for the price

Really just an awesome mod so until the next video peace out

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