nv200 overview
Altair Club Cars NV200 Overview

NV200 Overview

Our small affordable, everyday campervans are economical, simple, functional, and filled with character.

Hello i’m kurt campbell of caravan outfitters and i’m excited to talk to you about the freebird camper it gets 25 miles the gallon it’s fun to drive and it has an exclusive slide in slide out system that converts the vehicle from a camper to a cargo van in less than five minutes over here we have a battery tender so you can plug in at home or at the campground to

Make sure your auxilary battery is always fully charged here we have a battery isolator this isolator separates the auxilary battery from the main battery so you never have to worry about waking up with a dead battery welcome to the surprisingly spacious freebird camper as you can see we have a very comfortable full-size bed with a full down backseat that acts as

A nightstand the bed is six feet four inches long so as you can see it’ll fit probably you we have a fan up in the ceiling here we have led lighting all the way around and we have easy to use curtains simply unfold tuck in and say good night at caravan outfitters we’ve really thought of all the details at least that’s our attempt right here is our base floor system

Everything is designed off of that that is what allows everything in the freebird to slide in and slide out here we have the kitchen box now the kitchen box we’d mute knew needed lots of storage so here we have a 27-inch drawer here we have a 30 liter frigerator and then left of the refrigerator we have our stove drawer this uses butane and can be moved and taken

To a picnic table if you’d like below that we have more storage so what caravan outfitters we thought of even the smallest of details like what happens when you want to power up that laptop or your cell phone at night well here we have two usb power ports that are operated off the auxilary battery along with a 12 volt adapter this switch right here allows you to

Know whether the refrigerator is on or off welcome to the interior of the free burgers you can see this is very very spacious i’m six foot tall i have designed this so that up to six foot two can fit in here comfortably we have a table for two we have led lighting all the way around we have curtains on every window we have a roof vent one of my personal favorites

For nighttime really keeps the air moving through the van we have a split screen window that keeps the bugs out at night and we have two lights here for nighttime reading here we have a large storage box with built in fire extinguisher room for your personal items and a deep cycle battery that’s separate from the car battery so you’re never stranded and you can

Still power everything within the camper the freebird is a multi-purpose vehicle that can be used for a work or play set yourself free today by finding out more at caravan outfitter calm soldier campbell nissan located in edmunds and everett

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NV200 Overview By Caravan Outfitter

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