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Conheça os detalhes das funções da Nova Central Multimídia do Novo TOYOTA Corolla Sedan 2023 e Corolla Cross 2023. O interior do Corolla 2023, está equipado com central multimídia Multilaser com conectividade para Android Auto e Apple CarPlay sem fio via Bluetooth, com função MP3, entrada USB, conexão auxiliar Aux-In, Bluetooth e conexão via Wi-Fi. O Corolla 2023 é um veículo com 5 estrelas no LATIN NCAP e conta com pacote de segurança com 7 Air Bags.

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Here in the city of joinville santa catarina today in the toyota 0km frame i want to show you some details on how to use the new multimedia of the corolla sedan and also corolla cross 2023 let’s go for another personal video today i want to show you all the details of the new multimedia in the corolla sedan line and also the corolla cross is a multimedia that has become

More intuitive more sensitive to the touch and the details i will show you here in the course of the video this is the multimedia is from the multilaser brand it has a one year warranty but it is already installed from the factory direct to the dealership it does not need to be installed at the dealership as it was being done before with the multimedia wings connects which

In my view was not a good decision by toyota this multimedia was criticized by not having a good processor for not having a touchscreen that had a fast response so unfortunately it was a target of a lot of criticism by toyota consumers this multimedia that is here is 8 inches so we have here a floating multimedia there is no longer that tube tv that we had back here also

Target of criticism in the corolla sedan 2020 and now this new multimedia it has an interesting detail connectivity for for the android system auto and also apple carplay wireless so you can do it in three ways either via usb or via wi-fi or via bluetooth you choose these three options to make the connectivity there’s only one detail your smartphone has to be compatible

With this technology so for me it was a nice step that they took in choosing this multimedia just because you are making the option via bluetooth to pair your cell phone via android auto and apple carplay so for me it was really a very big difference another detail here processor it got faster i pressed the home key we have the voice command key and the volume key here so

We got more responsive it got faster than the multimedia wings connect that was placed because of the lack of semiconductors worldwide way toyota put wings connects so that the vehicle would not run out of multimedia but it was not a good decision now for me it seems they made a good decision so we we have the radio here that it responds very quickly here for you to make

The changes for you to jump between stations stopped at the station you want you press here to save the radio you want there is an option here for 12 stations for you are doing this saving for leave it on your favorite radio here we already have the phone, just click here if i click here on the galaxy 10 then i’ll stop filming because it will connect via bluetooth here on

The device so just click here it will take a while to do this process but it finds the device i am using and we also have it here, very simple and fast android auto and apple carplay, just click here and you will already have this message, right or connection via usb or connection via bluetooth for you to start then and this key here to be able to go paying just press it

Again it lights up this will help in a trip if you don’t want the screen to stay lit and here are the general settings that we have in the multimedia so we have the c general configuration regarding the clock 24 hours mode the settings android auto the automatic startup that you can turn on so that toyota doesn’t appear at the beginning the language the advanced settings

The view of the rear camera you have all the details to make this general configuration here from multimedia this part of audio that you can put the sound of the keys subwoofer sound that you can put here the intensity the volume of the media of the phone of the speech and also navigation and here the part with the touches that you can be doing and the equalizer that you

Can be typing here and you can make the adjustments referring to the part here that you want to use the digital equalizer and also here this part where you have a sound that you place here on the left side if you want to the right side of the sound or if you want to go forward, you make the adjustments, you just need to press the button no if you take the yellow ball here

, Select the side you want er you can also do this in a very intuitive way it was very easy to use the screen part you can set the daytime brightness to the intensity and the night brightness if i turn on the car headlight here it will already reduce the brightness you noticed now it lights up the headlight of the car it returned to the daytime brightness so really these

Details configuration via bluetooth there we have here the general settings that you can make the devices that i may be selecting it may be doing the apple carplay device search and reset the wi password -fi and the device name that is here is car multimidia toyota and it has the vehicle number and you can be doing here change of the change of this name referring to the

Device and here we have the detail referring to android auto you can come to your right device i will show you here we have this device that is here has a samsung galaxy a10 and then in this detail if you lower this part here and with rent it here o bluetooth then it will do the search right then it will do the search here referring to this device so that we can find it i can

Do which way i can come here in the general settings of the vehicle i can come here in bluetooth i will pair this galaxy a10 here and it will do the research so that i can do the connectivity through the android auto system or apple carplay only with a detail like 10 here i can’t do my wireless mirroring so i’ll close here and i’ll go to the second step with a usb cable and

Then we have this detail here that you connect here and connecting and it will already do the pairing here to use it, put the usb cable and it automatically stops in android auto so it is very simple and easy for you to do the use now if he had wireless technology, we are connected the way you like and he would also make the connection so we have google maps here you can be

Typing here it will open the the one here is very different from the other multimedia much faster intuitive than the android that we were using before which was that multimedia wings connects so it really does the whole process here in a very simple way to use if i put it here in settings it it will open here the settings that i can see about satellite traffic navigation i

Can make these uses if i also want to put it here in the search and use the voice command i can also use the voice command and use the categories and the saved here to use the destination i need to look for if i come back here i can put it here in this spotify option for those who like music it’s a device so you have to log in first as i’m using my cell phone for the first

Time it it will appear there to use the login if not it will open then we are here toyota smart device that you can wirelessly mirror your cell r also in case you need to podcast the part here with the phones and the general settings that you also have here of android auto to make use of it so we have all this part here very fluid as you can see it was really much better

Than before if you down here is news weather weather whatsapp business and also the general customization that you can do here from android high a if apple carplay is used in the same way also very fast very fluid without much fuss to be able to be using it then it is very simplified to use the only thing that it will not have in this multimedia because it is a multimedia

That is being used due to the lack of semiconductors is the following you will not be able to see here on the screen is the part with the average consumption of the vehicle nor cruising speed and if it’s the hybrid version you can’t see the use there in the multimedia referring to battery recharging or fuzzy hybrid system showing how it is in the original multimedia but i

Thought that for me it was a big leap that they made a better multimedia and it will certainly make you all very satisfied we have the screen off here we can pay for the screen here when you are traveling so we don’t get in the way then these were the details that i showed you of this multimedia that was for me better than the multimedia wings connects so i believe that in

This line 2023 will serve the toyota public well until the lack of semiconductors is resolved if you liked this video leave your comment about the multimedia share this video for those who want to use this multimedia these were the details that i showed and here on the channel and now we will have the participation of save toyoteiro for you who followed this video until

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