nouvelle toyota corolla cross hy
Altair Club Cars Nouvelle Toyota Corolla Cross Hybride 2021 Au Maroc | Int

Nouvelle Toyota Corolla Cross Hybride 2021 Au Maroc | Int

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Toyota 2021 Corolla Cross Hybrid Maroc

From the new home iota of morocco which sees its range of sii novice being made the importer of the japanese brand now offers its customers the new corolla crowe will be a compact suv with an elegant design which like many existing models in the the operator’s local range swears by the hybrid popularize hybrid technology for the attention of its customers it has been

For a few years one of the workhorses of you iota of morocco tdm which intends to convert a large fringe of its customers to the benefits of this technology and it must be said that the latter arouses more and more the interest of customers who are not insensitive to some of these advantages including exemption from the vignette the fact of having a vehicle that charges

Itself while driving being able to make 50% of its journeys electrically while preserving its fuel consumption an argument that is finally found in a good part of the range of hybrid vehicles you iota whether it is the city cars of the compacts and ds or life and the body the butt to which we must add the name harbor just as was the case for the yaris the corolla also has

A variation of 6 or long life of 4.46 m it is inserted between 1 ac at 4.36 m and a rav4 4.60 m even if it shares its name with the sedan of the same name this new is sylvie has its own style well asserted in the detail the front face is distinguished by a signature the narrow aid a massive grille a black apron and a silver bumper which complete the set the doors sculpted

Panels confirms its robust style at the rear a sharks-type roof spoiler gives the all a touch of dynamism on board we find the materials of the corolla sedan with a rather neat and refined atmosphere integrating a large central touch screen tablet-style the interior plays the welcome card indeed up to five adults can be comfortably seated the volume of the c low offer up

To cubic and 487 liters which remains very appreciable available in three finishes dynamic dynamic more distinctive the cros will be able to boast of an endowment of comfort of good quality from the entry of range even if only the start hands free the reversing camera the cruise control the star and stops as a bonus the machine has a complete safety equipment including

Seven airbags emergency braking assistance hill start assistance no surprise under the hood the crosseur called on the 1.8 liter hybrid of 122 horsepower driven by an automatic gearbox a winning ticket that flows happy days under the hood of other machines of the war restrain me iota to note that the port la crosse rade currently benefits from a specific offer accompanied

By a free credit from 1600 moroccan dirhams per month counted 280 8 thousand moroccan dirhams to be able to leave behind the wheel of the entry-level version corolla crowe will be d ‘toi iota body the butt instrumentation look well these are real needles in front of the conductor the instrumentation is partially digital a slab of 7 inches diagonal is framed by real needle

Counter the chromatic concordance between the elements is an illusion this set came out of a 9-inch touch screen placed at the top of the center console engine and price point 1.8 hybrid 122 horsepower hybrid energy architecture 4 cylinder displacement 1780 18 cubic centimeters fiscal power 10 hp maximum power 122 horsepower maximum torque 142 nioto m 7-speed automatic

Gearbox double clutch consumption in the city 4.9 liters per 100 kilometers road consumption 3.8 liters per 100 kilometers combined consumption 4.4 liters per 100 km co2 emissions 88 grams for km maximum speed 170 km per hour acceleration 0 to 100 km will parry 0 seconds price from 10

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Nouvelle Toyota Corolla Cross Hybride 2021 Au Maroc | Intérieur, Extérieur, Test Drive By Auto Moto Maroc

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