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Altair Club Cars Nouveau Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 2022 & Int

Nouveau Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 2022 & Int

Mitsubishi 2022 Outlander

This time it’s very real after having modernized its old houtland air many times without making any changes in mitsubishi finally presents a deeply renewed product the team of automoto maroc was able to test the new mitsubishi outlander 2022 at dawn of its arrival at the dealerships here is what we thought a new cousin before falling into the analysis of the vehicle a

Context is essential since 2010 this mitsubishi is part of an alliance with the manufacturers renault and nice in august the year 2022 is the first for mitsubishi to use a platform developed by this new conglomerate under its body signed mitsubishi outlander 2022 thus shares several with the nice in dress also renewed just a few months ago the 2 v us yet competitors on

The canadian market are equipped with the same platform but also the same engine and the same transmission the family resemblances between the two vehicles are moreover obvious especially when you get on board the interior presentation of the new mitsubishi outlander is practically modeled on that of the rogue the touch screen the gear lever and the layout of the controls

Are identical from one model to another even the steering wheel is at almost the same except for the logo affixed in the middle now all this is far from being negative the nice in a 2021 dress has received a lot of praise since its arrival on our roads and the mitsubishi outlander 2022 deserves the same consideration let us mention that the two engineers of mitsubishi we

Brought you to this new model a dna of its own and which clearly differs from what nice has achieved with its rock the storefront of august 7 lander 2022 does not seem to be unanimous but we will not be able to reproach mitsubishi for lacking in daring loot landër is also distinguished from its cousin slashes competitors by its all-wheel drive and its look its third row

Of seats offered as standard and its generous guarantee of e 10 years or 160 thousand kilometers on propels the motorcycle group on the road on board we are immediately impressed by an irreproachable workmanship and an excellent quality of the materials the hard plastics ubiquitous abroad of the previous generation have been replaced by materials pleasant to the touch which

Gives this model an aura more luxurious than ever it must be said that the vehicle tested was a gt version with a price exceeding 40 thousand dollars that said the entry-level variant to 31 1998 dollars is free and with a rather exhaustive list of equipment including the full routing which has made the reputation of mitsubishi for decades from the first turns of the wheels

We discover a competent vehicle whose road behavior makes a big leap forward compared to the models previous loot landër has a steering that is just enough communicative as well as an irreproachable visibility we also like the comfort of the seats in the front and t in the second row those in the third row must however be required to be named at most they are not made for

Long journeys and even children will quickly feel cramped in the center of the console a big wheel allows you to choose between six driving modes eco normal tarmac gravel snow emulated which changes the efficiency of the behavior of the vehicle we particularly appreciated the word of tarmac which makes driving a little sportier and which allows the transmission to pick up

The best of the motorization this engine borrowed from nice in is the same block with 4 cylinders of 2.5 liters which nest under the hood of the rogue strong of its 181 horses and 181 pounds foot of torque it allows honest acceleration al hout landër in maintaining a very reasonable fuel consumption at the end of our test having developed mainly on motorways the average

Consumption is 8.7 liters / 100 km the variable automatic transmission continues cvt it also used in nice doing a good job and almost makes you forget this unpleasant sentimental elasticity that we too often reproached cvt boxes some consumers will continue to abandon the v6 engine which includes in particular louplande r towed until at 3500 free loot lander 2022 is limited

To a towing capacity of 2000 pounds is still there this figure seems rather generous when especially we know that nice in announces a capacity of 1350 pounds with the rogue and 2021 technology from a techno point of view the alliance with nice running once again has the advantage of mitsubishi outlander 2022 is equipped with several dead-driving technologies including one

On the highway which is squarely modeled on the clean islands of nice system at the push of a button loot lander engages adaptive cruise control and law-keeping system to provide an easy driving experience on the highway the driver must keep their hands s on the steering wheel at all times a light snowfall we also demonstrated that it does not take much to block the sensors

Allowing this system to function well the touch screen which sits in the center of the console is also the same as the one found in the rogue measuring 9 inches as an option the screen houses an infotainment system which disappoints by its graphic quality and the slowness of its execution compatibility with auto law and apple car play fortunately delivered standard which

Allows to get around this problem we would have preferred the screen to be a little closer to the driving position its more set back position forces the driver to stretch to access certain menus positive mitsubishi had a big mandate raised with august 7 lander of new generation and we can say that it is successful with a starting price of just over 30 thousand dollars raised

Us japanese offers a lot for a surprisingly reasonable bill no dou you the mitsubishi outlander is a big step forward with this new version remains to be seen if the rechargeable hybrid variant is expected during the year

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Nouveau Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 2022 & Intérieur By Auto Moto Maroc

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