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Altair Club Cars Not OK 5 reasons Im trading my 2022 Tesla Model 3 after just 10k miles

Not OK 5 reasons Im trading my 2022 Tesla Model 3 after just 10k miles

Not OK!! 5 reasons I’m trading my 2022 Tesla Model 3 after just 10k miles.

It does have a few faults specifically when we talk about the build quality i’m going to talk about that later in the video good morning guys welcome back to the channel it is 8 10 we got 50 degrees out it doesn’t really feel like 50 degrees it feels a lot warmer than that i’m in a t-shirt i’m not freezing which is fantastic and the sun is shining we have a beautiful

Weather not a cloud on the sky as i can tell and we’re going to talk about five things i hate about my tesla model 3. so let’s get into it i don’t know if you can hear these crackles in the doors so if i just let go of the accelerator right now and listen really closely if you can hear these crackles and creaks going on in the uh in the door so i’m just gonna

Get up to 25 here and then let off do you hear that the whole car doors something in the connection to the door is just making this like it’s almost like it’s rubber on rubber noise after 10 000 miles i just don’t think a sixty thousand dollar car should do that i have a look at this look how beautiful this is hey dude that is so cool bye see you later that’s

Insane i’m so not used to seeing all this wildlife out here makes me so excited but also you got to be very careful when you’re driving here there was apparently a lot more back there as you can see family out really cool so we’re gonna park up here and i’m gonna tell you more about the other things that i really don’t like with the tesla model 3. one thing you

Can’t stand with the new software update i don’t think i have this in my old tesla but that is when you’re playing something for example and you have it in when it’s folded down like this it’s very hard to hit the timeline instead you’re hitting all other stuff icons and so on because this timeline just look at how tiny this is this is the bar that you need to

Hit in order to get to you know fast forward or get to the point in the song where you want to go to and it’s kind of tricky to do that i just think it would be a lot easier to just uh have it be a little bigger and not make it so hard to hit the actual timeline and get to where you want to be in the song or the podcast one other thing that my wife lindsay had had

Some issues with is connecting the app to the car so whenever she goes to all locked or goes to the car it should recognize her app and it also should unlock the car but it doesn’t do that most of the time she has to just pick up the app and open the app in the phone and then open it manually which is kind of annoying when you’ve owned the car for 10 000 miles you

Would think that it would wreck to stop recognizing who the owners are apparently that’s a kind of a problem for a lot of people when you have several drivers onto onto the car it doesn’t recognize all the time when you’re walking up to the car and then unlocks the car you have to do it manually through the app another thing we need to talk about are these wheels

So these are the turbine wheels and as you can see they have all been severely dinged and not to throw anyone under the bus here but i didn’t do any of those i do fix every single thing it seems to be apparently an issue having these bigger wheels because they seem to hit curbs very easily and i feel like every every week i have to bring out my little can of the

Original paint for the wheels because i know that i’m gonna have touching them up every now and then pretty often and that’s what i’ve been doing hopefully we don’t get more dings on the wheels i don’t know i guess i’m not too hopeful maybe we’ll get a few more but the thing is good thing i bought a full little jar or can of this paint so i have enough paint to

Touch these up for the foreseeable future i’ve heard that if you have the wheel caps the i think the 18 or 19 inch tesla wheel caps they also have a lot of dings on them and because they stick out a little further and i think it this also looks like they kind of stick out a little bit more than used to seeing on on wheels i’m not sure if that’s the case all right

So talking about this interior what i think about this interior is that it feels it feels a little cold and i would want to have not just everything being located and situated within this display here you have all the settings for the car except for drive and park and so on here in the display it makes it a little bit inconvenient specifically when you’re driving

You want to go to a setting quick you need to toggle around in here and figure out where it is and then you’re bouncing around when you’re driving on the highway you can’t really hit everything so i want to have a few tactile buttons for the most important settings or functions of the car they did this update recently like when you put it in drive here for example

And we put it in the indicator now you can move this around to different areas to whatever position you want but still when i turn this car i want to have the display right here i love the set the layout of the new couple of audis have that and also the ionic six the brand new one ionic six has exactly the layout that i wish tesla would have in their evs as well

It has a more cozy nice designed interior and it also has the big screens right here which naturally when you’re driving and you put the indicator on you don’t want to look center you don’t want to look here to see the to see the camera you actually want to look over there close to the mirror so you can have your peripheral vision also covering the blind spot

More it feels unnatural to move down here and look at the side camera okay last but not least this is a big one because we’ve had this tesla for about 10 000 miles now and it’s been it it does have some problems quality wise for sure for example when i first got the car if you watched my videos you remember that i had to fix the the liner for the for the wheel

Well right here because this was flapping around and was very loose so i put some foam inside behind here to push it out so it doesn’t stay loose and flap in like 45 miles per hour that was the first issue i had to do and then look up here this thing is actually coming off this this is out of out of alignment this piece feels like it’s just glued on here you can

See down here how it’s coming off this is another problem i recently discovered i don’t know if this is going to fall off eventually and then we have this right here i’m not sure if this is supposed to be like this or if this is like a protective this this might be a protective uh i don’t know sticker on here but this just looks ridiculous so i might as well i

Don’t know if this is supposed to be here but you know what my yeah i might as well just rip this off right here because it’s coming off eventually anyway and this is what it looks like underneath uh looks a lot worse than with this thing on so i think maybe this is supposed to sit on here but as you could tell it was coming off already so sooner or later it was

Going to come off no matter if i pulled it off or not the the panel gaps on this specific model 3 i think are pretty good for tesla you know tesla wise this is a little big up here but they look like they have symmetry to them at least and there’s not a lot of big differences in the panel gaps but they are pretty large looking at this gap for example and this is

Something that i think you know tesla’s been around now since the model 3 has been around since 2018 i believe and i think that they should have stepped up their quality game a little bit this is a 2022 model so they had four years to figure out the quality issues but things like this it’s just not acceptable on a 60 60 whatever we paid for the 65 000 car it just

Feels very cheap and i think the interior just adds to that it just feels like a uh very to almost too simplistic interior that i thought i was gonna get used to after a while have been driving tesla models for a long time now but i still miss this homey feeling of the interior and i wish that’s something that will that they’re gonna update in the next generation

Model 3 and also of course the build quality needs to be a lot better another thing that’s pretty annoying with the tesla’s is the charging so when you back into a tesla charger the charging cord itself is so short that you need to get really close to the charging station itself i can’t tell you how many times i’ve seen people try this two three four times just to

Reach the charging cable so when you do this make sure you don’t back too far and hit the charging stations trying to make this work so those are just a few quality issues that i’ve noticed so far but i’m sure pretty sure it’s gonna be a couple more and during our ownership of this tesla model 3. don’t get me wrong it’s still a pretty fun car to drive specifically

The performance because you have all this torque instantly available to you but does it feel maybe a little artificial yes it does it feels maybe like you’re in a inside of a video game it’s a little cold the experience which i’m sure a lot of you know by now that evs they don’t really have that soul that you have when you hear the engine revving and you you

Engage with a shifter and so on but other than that it’s a pretty comfortable car i like that it’s what everybody should do do a little more of uh what what you’d like to do just took the first one i i found and i guess this is lindsay’s cup i like my cat better than most people pretty accurate so to sum it up does tesla have problems with their with the cars

Absolutely one the build quality is the most important thing that they need to figure out but also the pricing i think this is too expensive for what you’re paying specifically the tesla model 3 performance yes it is a performance car but i think they could reduce the price specifically when you have an interior like this that i don’t really see where the money

Is going and it is an electric car so it doesn’t have the same amount of moving parts as an internal combustion engine car so i’m not really sure where the money is going probably to development of some new uh some new products but i think tesla needs to really i think they’ve been very comfortable for a long time and i think they need to start thinking about

Stepping up their game because there are a lot of other competitors coming in right now like hyundai we have kia ub6 with a much in my opinion a much nicer interior and a lower price point in most cases and also you have the same performance as the teslas these days or even more we also have audi with a lot of evs coming out bmw not a fan of those designs but bmws

In technology and interior design is pretty nice so they really need to step up their game if they want to be competitive in this coming market and that’s my five i think it was five i’m not even sure but my things about the tesla model 3 that i really don’t like let me know if you have additional comments to this i’m sure some of you gonna get a little agitated

By talking and negative things about tesla’s but that’s okay that’s how you make products better you point out the areas where they need to improve thank you for watching and i will see you in the next video thank you

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Not OK!! 5 reasons I’m trading my 2022 Tesla Model 3 after just 10k miles By Bembli 2

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