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Altair Club Cars Nitto Recon Grappler A/T | Tire Review

Nitto Recon Grappler A/T | Tire Review

Nitto Recon Grappler A/T | Tire Review

Today i’m reviewing the new neato’s recon gravelers at foreign foreign with the nito recon graveler at this is a tires i put on my gmc yukon denali those the size is about 33 inches pretty close to the oem size i had already several tires on my yukon already had like the oem one i used to have like goodyear dura tracks for all year round even winter time

And all that so during the summer i’ve been testing those new neetos that’s already been on my truck for a several couple of months now i wanted to give you guys a real test of these tires overall you know i’m pretty impressed i think these tires are a good match especially for a big suv like this where i live the roads are pretty rough and there’s a bunch of

Like gravel roads and like like dirt roads and all that so that’s the main reason why i always switch for enough road tires for my suv and also you know i like the looks i think those tires looks really good it gives a more aggressive off-road look to my yukon so i really like that but overall you know i don’t make a big sacrifice by putting those off-road tires

On my yukon the the the ride is pretty quiet surprisingly i’ve been testing other off-road tires they’re really really noisy on the road i test trucks and suvs pretty much every week so i i’m starting to know a lot of the tires i like and the ones i don’t like especially sometimes when you have like the the falcon one they’re really hard uh they’re really noisy

And all that it’s not the case with those neato so that’s a big plus and also those tires are comfortable i’m driving in yukon i’m not driving a jeep so i don’t want to sacrifice my comfortable ride with my truck and i don’t make any sacrifice with those tires so that’s a big plus on this side performance wise on the drive pavement pretty good all you see these

Are awful tires they’re not performance tires so there’s a little bit less rubber touching the actual ground so obviously you make a sacrifice for the grip when you accelerate you you have a little bit of slippage but these tires are not that bad because i feel the compound is not that hard so you get that extra grip to make some hard acceleration same thing for

Braking distance and all that pretty decent handling wise of course you make a sacrifice this is an awful tires but it’s not sacrificing completely the handling of my truck if you can see my truck got some handling but the yukons are not bad with the independent suspension in the back and all that um pretty decent down the curve i could say probably the these

Tires are better than the one i had on my truck before handling wise and also performance wise and some wet condition with a lot a lot of rain on the road obviously these are not the best performing stars normal tires are more designed to evacuate the water these are more made to evacuate some mud or some snow and stuff like that of course you have to be careful

When there’s a lot of rain with off-road tires but still they’re pretty decent speaking of off-roading uh you know i don’t do any hardcore off-road with my yukon obviously it’s not a jeep it’s not a raptor it’s not a bronco but still i do a lot of gravel roads a lot of dirt roads and sometimes i go to some remote places actually to shoot off-road vehicles so i need

That extra grip from these tires i don’t have any issues in all kind of condition muddy you know rock and all that obviously these tires are not designed for hardcore off-roading i could say it’s a hybrid between you know not killing your fuel economy a quiet ride having some grip offroad wise but still being comfortable i think that’s pretty much the the mix you

Can find with those recon graveler at i think one of the big plus of these tires is the actual warranty here in canada it depends if it’s a lt uh tire or a metric one but it’s in between a 80 000 kilometers or a hundred thousand kilometers of warranty this is pretty decent uh i remember on my raptor i used to have my bf goodrich were lasting around 30 to 40 000

Kilometers uh one down point about these tires especially if you live in canada especially if you live here in quebec they’re not rated for uh winter use you can use it and some snow and all that if you live in the u.s or some provinces in canada but here in quebec we need that little logo on the side the little snowflake certification and these tires don’t have

This certification so that might be a done point for a lot of people uh tires are pretty expensive especially on a big truck like this so sometimes you can save some money by having only one set of tire uh all year round that’s pretty much what i was doing before with my uh goodyear direct track we’re rated for the winter use here in quebec i think the ideal mix

Obviously if you want some off-road capable tires it’s having those tires for the summer and having some real winter tires for the winter time obviously uh this is the best mix you know price wise those tires are right on the spot with the competition and all that but once again when you’re buying maybe one set for the summer and one set for the winter time it’s

Just double the amount of money spending on the tires so uh it can go easily from maybe two thousand to three thousand dollars having one set and having two sets can go for four to six thousand dollars it can get really expensive quickly but this is the law here in quebec so overall these new recon grappler at it’s one of the best off-road tires i’ve been testing

Uh so far you know this year it’s easily in my top three tires officially for an suv application for this one also for a pickup truck if you do a lot of highway and all that but you still need that off-road capacities mixed with a good look you’re upgrading the look of your actual suv or truck product i think it’s a really good choice and you know i like that nito

Brand coming back from owning a mustang i used to always look at needles to put on my mustang you know the drift the dragster and all that i like that enthusiast more like a tuner off-road brand i like the nito brand for my point of view but this is me a pretty good uh solid choice you know if you’re looking for to buy a new tires so let me know in the comments

What do you think about those new neetos uh what are you running on your truck or suv do you like something more aggressive do you like something it’s gonna be better on fuel economy better for the ioa maybe less aggressive trend let me know in the comments don’t forget to subscribe like and share and we’re going to see each other on the next entire review foreign

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Nitto Recon Grappler A/T | Tire Review By TORQ MEDIA

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