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Altair Club Cars Nissan Z Proto Electric (400Z) | well done Nissan | Electric Car Design

Nissan Z Proto Electric (400Z) | well done Nissan | Electric Car Design

What if the all-new Nissan Z proto was electric?

Hey and welcome to electric design in this video i’ll going to design the electric version of the all-new nissan z sports car so let’s jump into photoshop and have some fun with design the nissan z proto is the latest concept out of the japanese manufacturer but it’s easy to see this sports car is almost a production ready model and the design probably will

Stay as it is and wow look at it so simple so direct such a cool and clean design in a world full of complex car designs with so many details shapes and forms the side view is my favorite nissan kept the famous z proportions with the samurai sword sliced greenhouse combined with the minimalistic lines and beautiful curvatures in the sheet metal great job nissan

It really looks like a little aston martin great job in order to differentiate the electric version i covered much of the frontal area including the big squared grille though i did kept some hatches for cooling and aerodynamic purposes by the way the squirt grill is the only out of place graphic in this overall excellent design but i didn’t want to take it away

Because it’s a very distinguished and different from other competitors so in order to break up a bit the centered square i sharpened up the front shoulder line with a crisp and a slight depth over the lower part of the bumper in order to resemble the nose design of the datson 240z i also create an l hatch to let the airflow go through the front and to shoot out

From an opening on the bonnet like in the bmw i8 by the way if you like what you’re seeing please subscribe to the electric design channel there’s a lot of electric car designs content already and much more coming so be sure to subscribe now let’s move on with the design moving on to the back view i like the design so i will not change much but rather improve

On the existing layout first i got rid of the tailpipes therefore it’s an electric car i also like the blacked out taillights running across the back end but i think nissan could go on a bit more modern with the graphics though they really nailed it in terms of relation with the 240z back end design so i created a z-like shape as the main light source as well

As connecting both sides with a led strip that contrasts well with the dark background and there you go the electric nissan z proto sports car whatever what do you think do you like the minimalistic design approach tell me in the comments and personally i can’t wait to see the next nissan gtr but i have the feeling nissan will go much more crazy and expressive

With the styling of this one but we’ll have to wait and see and don’t forget to check the electric design channel for more electric car design content and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button it really means a lot to me thank you for watching and i’ll see you the next time

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Nissan Z Proto Electric (400Z) | well done Nissan! | Electric Car Design By ELECTRIC DESIGN

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