nissan z proto 400z update main
Altair Club Cars Nissan Z Proto 400Z Update Main Features Part 1 (He speaks )

Nissan Z Proto 400Z Update Main Features Part 1 (He speaks )

Everything you need to know is not possible in one video 😂😂.

Keep going okay back off a little bit wrap let’s open it up so so so hi there welcome to the channel auto digit vlogs um hope you guys enjoyed that little introduction there and enjoyed the review last night for us in the uk um a lot of information to dissect and go through uh so we know that the car is gonna come with a three liter v6 twin turbo

Um atom 68 horsepower over the previous generation um 350 foot-pounds of torque from 1 600 rpm to 5 600 rpm and they stating a 15 improvement in zero to 60 miles per hour acceleration so estimated figures would be for the automatic would be around 4.2 seconds and for the manual probably around 4.6 seconds um there’s no word on the way to the car yet but i’m

Sure we’ll hear about that pretty soon so we also know that uh the engine and the transmission have been tuned a little bit okay let’s not say engine but the transmission has been tuned to offer a sharper response and also the turbochargers were adopted as well as the turbo speed sensor to ensure the capabilities of the turbos are fully utilized between turbos

Balance power output and response time while the use of electronic variable valve timing intake file system ensures optimum response adjusting the intake valve timing on the fly to achieve excellent fuel efficiency in a variety of driving scenes the car comes with six-speed close ratio manual transmission from we already knew that from you know the previous gen uh

The later 370z and 370z lismo used the study high performance clutch and will also come with a 9 speed automatic gearbox from jack cole who also made that gearbox for mercedes c-class um this gearbox is tuned slightly differently the gear issues are on nissan usa’s website actually so an advanced quick response nine-speed automatic transmission is also available

Along with a six-speed manual transmission the six-speed manual transmission has advantage of the carbon fiber drive shaft so carbon fiber drive shocks probably less losses in horsepower from crank to wheels basically nine speed automatic comes with dtr paddle shifters okay and there are two trims with this car sport and performance the sport models come with

18 inch rims with a nine width and the performance models come with a 19-inch wheels and a 10-way for the back and the 9.5 in the front there also some specific options uh that only come with a performance model that might not come that don’t come with the sport we’ll go over the interior and exterior features in the next video there’s also going to be a limited

Edition z proto spec from gqr brakes yellow yellow paint um unibody paint um that’s gonna come um for the u.s market specifically limited to 240 units um it’s going to be a real scramble to get that um there’s no word on if that’s going to translate to other markets such as canada australia japan um but i’m sure japan will get their own special edition at

Some point in their lifetime don’t expect the nismo to arrive before the end of 2022. um it’s rumored to be at tokyo auto salon in january but that’s not guaranteed and it’s not guaranteed that the show is going to go ahead so i’m going to cover the interior and the exterior specifications in the next video with a bit more detail so a little safety features

You know the audio bluetooth all that good stuff the design of the car and things like that so stay tuned um subscribe for more and appreciate all the subs so far just approaching 200 subs um if you like this video hit the subscribe button hit the bell notification for updates i will keep posting so see you soon

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