nissan nv3500 sl for sale
Altair Club Cars Nissan NV3500 SL For Sale

Nissan NV3500 SL For Sale

2016 Nissan NV3500 SL For Sale

Hello everyone i’m seth with exotic motorsports and this is our 2016 nissan nv 3500 sl just looking here on the front of the hood you can tell it does have some chips and some scratches there’s a small dent right over here some paint chips where it has rusted a little bit the hood in general is kind of just scratched can’t really differentiate the individual

Ones but you can tell like where the sun hits you can sort of see it kind of just goes throughout uh it’s not very distinct individual ones it’s kind of just a bunch of little ones all over the place scratch there scoffs there scuffs there chips there front driver’s side fender again the scratches just kind of go down this side a little bit too it’s definitely

A lot less but there definitely are some kind of up by the hood front driver side wheel no rash nice clean polished look driver side mirror cap it is a little bit discolored in places almost looks like hard water spots kind of you may be able to polish that out looking over the face of the driver door again there’s some scuffing a couple scratches up here by

The window trim a little bit not terrible nothing outstanding there’s stuff there heated mirrors with blind spot mirrors as well pretty nice looking at the face of the door so over here there’s a little bit of paint chipped out so along the inside of that seam and then over here by the edge there’s probably a six inch scratch that just runs to the seam of the

Door a couple blemishes there looking at this panel there’s also two oh not two but a couple different scratches that kind of meet over here in this area they are really light it’s kind of hard to see them another scratch there this one is a little more noticeable scratching there as you can tell the glass is all intact and in great shape as well as the tent so

There’s no defects with the glass at all moving around to the back having a look at the rear bumper here let’s ate up a little bit kind of damaged there a little bit too plastic is just kind of worn out there um but other than those two spots on the rear bumper that looks good looking at the face of the rear doors here looks pretty good there’s paint chipping on

The inside there moving around to the passenger side looking at the quarter panel here the trim is a little bit discolored kind of faded there especially on the black plastic edge it’s a little bit of orange peel right here looking at the rear passenger wheel a tiny bit of scratching there on the outside of that lip i do believe we skipped over the last wheel

Let’s go back and revisit that one don’t want to leave anything out so looking at the rear driver’s side wheel very minimal blemishes looks really good there is a little bit of discoloration on the inside there but it’s super minimal i’m nitpicking at that point so back to the rear passenger door where we left off so there is that chip i guess we’ll call it

The rest of the panel though from what i can tell looks to be in pretty good shape i’m not seeing any blemishes there a little bit of scratching on the inside of the door handle nothing major and then the front passenger door a little bit of scratching around the door handle but nothing big paint chipping a little bit on the inside seam there mirror cap on

The passenger side it’s a few small blemishes there nothing big though unless you’re like really really looking at it the mirror cap looks pretty good front passenger fender looking pretty good until we get to the headlight area there’s a couple scratches there just above it some other issues over here just above the headlight behind the headlight it looks good

There is another scuff right there just above the wheel right there in that area looking at the front passenger wheel there’s a little bit of rash not very much though just one small spot the front of the wheel is in great condition it looks good let’s have a look at the interior go ahead and start it up so we have 120 volt outlet we have heated seats both the

Front driver and front passenger we have the auxiliary port usb charger 360 degree sensors dual zone climate control navigation bluetooth auto dimming mirror with compass have rear climate control cruise control power mirrors power windows reverse camera this vehicle has 64 703 miles on it the interior is in great shape looking at that passenger seat i’ll go

Around to the other side and show the rest of the interior kind of hard to stick a camera back there without opening that side door go over here pull that back and then kind of locks itself there so the front three the middle three and then we’ll climb in and you can see the back seats back four all have excellent upholstery they all look great all the sheets

And carpet are in fantastic condition go ahead and take a look in the engine bay and there we go 5.6 liter v8 runs and drives very smooth also idles very very smooth as well despite its size this van actually rides really really nice super comfortable all stock no modifications and that is our 2016 nissan nv 3500 sl if you have any questions please visit our

Sales listing on our website at www motor thank you for watching

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Nissan NV3500 SL For Sale By Exotic Motorsports of Oklahoma

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