nissan nv2500 v8 starter replace
Altair Club Cars Nissan nv2500 v8 starter replacement

Nissan nv2500 v8 starter replacement

Hey what’s going on so today we have another client uh the complaining is that for weeks it’s been key on and off trying to get it started it wasn’t starting at all um you just said he got stranded i want to diagnose and the pseudonoid or the starter is the only thing kicking and then eventually will start so we gotta change the starter and this is a 2500 um

Nissan nv uh v8 so we already had the starter and nissan decided to put it right underneath the intake manifold so we gotta rip the intake manifold bar to be able to get to the starter so let’s just start off here by we got to remove the the intake piping and click on the warning other harness see what else the hardened the hose a few holes all these little

Things here so it’s going to be a little bit but let’s just start by removing the intake piping on filter and then go from there all right i’ll give you a poster right now so for the intake is removing this um the sensor but i don’t think i’m gonna go this far i’m just probably gonna go this far out just so i have this space here i just gotta remove it from

Here so yeah let’s do that we’re going to remove this pipe for that um we’re going to be removing the the pvc valves piping one as well and then we got some water supply underneath the throttle body so i might uh just take the throttle body out of the plastic and leave it hanging that way i don’t have to mess around with the water so i might just do that

But okay i i’ll give you guys post in a second right guys so we remove the piping and already loosen up the here are the two pipes that goes to the intake and the throttle body i already loosen it up so we got that out of the way so now we’ve gotta sorry about that uh we’re just gonna work our way down by unplugging and releasing all the pipings that are

Going to be in the way and uh yeah i’ll give you guys suppose uh to see what i find all right guys so i already did a few things uh we unplugged all the injectors we took all the uh bolts out of the uh monofolding i don’t know if you can see the little holes you can see those it’s like one two three four five on this side five on this side i took the sensor

Here out of the bracket just because it was easier and then i’ll hook it from the uh here put that aside to go anywhere we got that fuel rail uh let me see where that one is at oh it’s over here i started right underneath here so let’s look at one of those quick connects that you put a little plastic in you push the holes in and then release we got that all

The hoses we got all the bolts on this side and all the uh fuel injectors so pretty much at this point it’s already loose so i want to see if i could take it off of one there’s nothing else hooked up nope so there we go so that’s what we’re working with that’s your starter right there oh my god i love freaking nissan i hate them i don’t like anything at all

But seeing they’re they’re not even smart enough that they put the bolts the other way around so the balls are facing this way that hold the starter makes no sense why didn’t just thread the block you know and you threw it in i don’t get it i don’t i really the engineers are they’re getting dumb over the day so so you can see the bolts are on the other side

So now it’s even harder to get to the ball down this side i mean obviously there’s space and it’s doable but you know this thing is like i’m barely gonna reach so it’s a pain in the neck these people don’t think square about anything but anyways so uh at this point i’m gonna have to loosen up the battery cable just because the positive is over there and uh we

Gotta trace this cable here which is like a sensory connector back there uh so positive off and then we’re gonna hook any uh all the stuff and put a new one in so i’ll get back to you guys right now all right guys so we got the starters out i’m about to put the new one in uh but first you can see all that mess and we got some meds over here going on too so i

Might hook up my vacuum and clean this out real quick before i put a new stutter on and then yeah start putting everything back together again so i’ll keep you posted in a second all right guys so we already did vacuum we uh got this starter back on so now we’re just going to clean up a little bit and put the new uh then another new the manifold background

So we’ll clean that up put the new manifold back on the sensor is put back to where it was that was tight the two bolts are tight so everything it’s back to normal in that sense now we just gotta put the manifold back on and reverse the process of uh disassemble so yeah so keep you guys posted right now once i i do a little bit all right hold on tight all

Right guys so pretty much we got the monophone back on he got all the bolts all the injectors clicked back on the pipes where they’re supposed to be the bracket the little clips for this harness uh you got the the breathers back on you got that sensor tied back down on the clamp right there we’re supposed to be the fuel rail uh supply the little holes in the back

All the injectors click back on the manifold is tight on this side then plug for the starter back on throw our body back on so now we’re just missing a install the the pipe and we should be able to give it a start so let me finished the little pipe here and then let’s give it a start all right be right back all right guys so everything is back together we’re

Gonna go for four star let me see if i can set up this camera here yeah it’s pretty pretty hard to set up the camera uh all right so that being done it starts like a brand new car a couple of times and everything ends ready to go so yeah she’s good to go so if you have a starter or ignition that it doesn’t start when you cycle it then most likely have a

Bad starter and this is a process on how to do that on the v8 one so it’s pretty straightforward uh probably time frame if you have an idea of what you’re doing it will probably be anywhere from two to four hours depending you know your knowledge but yeah it took me not too much it’s just a little bit i was answering phone calls and talking to customers and

Yeah not too big of a job but anyways all right guys like always uh help me help you share like subscribe uh give it a thumbs up if you like the video if the content it’s you know helps you thumbs up and and it kind of helps you to recognize that i’m doing a decent job i guess and hopefully here in the future start making more videos i’m trying to upload at

Least two or three videos a week and you know it’s time consuming but i got to get it done if i want to grow on youtube and kind of get a name out there but anyways guys all right like always show like subscribe help me help you and until the next one

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