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Altair Club Cars Nissan NV 3500 HD SL Passenger Van Review

Nissan NV 3500 HD SL Passenger Van Review

This is our review of the Nissan NV Passenger Van. We are a family of 7 and thought that it would be helpful to others to give some addition info on the NV van from the point of view of a mom. We bought it new at the beginning of 2014, but it the van is a 2013. We hope you like the review and it is a blessing to you. Enjoy

Hello everyone this is our review of the nissan nv 3500 passenger van we recently a little over a month ago purchased this vehicle as our family was growing and this is the one we that the van that we chose and we’re gonna go over some points as to what we like about it what we’ve learned about it and i hope you enjoyed and great self explanatory big windows

Everyone can see from inside and just a couple points in this area um the mirrors are great and big and you can see all around you which is necessary in a vehicle such as this i have one of the things we liked about the van was the mirrors when you need to tow and they pull out it’s a little snug but they pull out for towing and then obviously go back in when

You’re not towing it is a little tight there but it works good at the back of the vehicle we have a stop door opens easily and locks kind of open that way you got your handle here to open your second door and this is how you’ll use it most of the time but if you need to swing your door open more there’s a latch here that you pull in your door opens all the way and

On this side there is on the side there’s a little magnet so it’ll keep it closed and if you need to load something larger we’ve got both you can open both those up and then load things in and there is also a handle here that you can access from the inside if you need to or watch you exit from this door you can do that from the inside magnets for keeping the

Door open you’ve got your sensors here for when you’re getting close to something one thing we did notice is we were hearing beeps at random while we were driving the vehicle and if a car gets close to you when you’re parked or at a stoplight or something they it’ll beep once so that’s what we learned that was and we have the tow package here and then there’s

The plug here for power another feature we liked is the sliding door nissan put it on as a standard feature for this van and a lot of the other passenger vehicles that you look at like the nice or the ford or the chevy they generally come with the swinging doors like a barn door and those are harder to use from a number of people we’ve talked to that have those

Especially with kids and families and pulling into parking spaces so the sliding door is much easier to use easier to get in and out even when there’s another car parked close to you it’s easy for kids to use the space to get in and out of the van is also wider and bigger so that just makes it very simple to use and we really like that feature that was important

For us to get the first past nissan passenger van that we test-drove was the base model and one of the reasons we decided we need the one we got now is the sl model we decided on this one for one of the main reasons was the seat this seat has a six way movement so it was easier my husband a 6-1 and he needed the seat to go back further this model the seat will

Go back far enough to give him enough legroom the other reason was i like to sit up high in my cars especially since this fan does have a bit of a nose on it and i like to be able to see over that as much as possible so this seat gives me a chance to raise it up and get it just situated just right to where i feel consoled riving the steering wheel is another

Great feature it’s relatively small and we were i was driving a suburban before and it this doing well actually on that was larger than this one they also has buttons for controlling different features your cruise control is on the steering wheel as well as volume for your radio you can change some different things on your radio from the steering wheel it also

If you have the navigation package there’s if your cell phone has bluetooth you can program it into the computer system here and you can answer your phone from your steering wheel there’s also some different voice command things you can do but there’s a lot of control here on the steering wheel itself the gauges in the front are easy to read your speedometer

There’s some different things you can scroll through here like your oil pressure transmission temperature or battery life those things are pretty easy to go through not super complicated got your gas tank engine temperature that’s about it so if you get the sl model you’ll have the navigation system which is also your stereo system altogether here comes with

An xm option and the screen is both touchscreen and there’s buttons on the side to scroll through some of the different options and settings for your radio and your navigation for a button placements will start on the side you have your light and one thing we did notice is there’s no automatic on option so you have to physically turn your lights on and off every

Time but something i did have to get used to my other vehicle had lights on all the time whenever they need to be so you also have your a defrost for your mirrors you can turn it on and off here there’s your mirror movement here so you can get your mirrors adjusted and there’s also the anti-skid button on the side you can choose to turn it off if you’d like to and

That displays when it’s when you push the button and displays off on your screen here on this side you have your controls for temperature there’s dual settings so i can set mine side a temperature i want to the passenger can adjust to their side as they would like and basic controls defrost it’s easy to see and read the buttons to change your different settings

For where you want your air to come out of or defrost feet and face all that stuff on the bottom here you have your usb outlet to plug in there and you also have your seat warmers passenger and driver have warmers for high and low and your button here for charging there is a regular outlet plug inside your console here and you can choose between 400 watt when

You are parked or it will charge at 120 volts with you remote actually moving down the road so we did that was something we learned afterwards is that when you’re actually traveling you can’t charge at the higher power and they have your tow mode button and also there is a button where you can turn off or on your sensors in the front and back for a distance wise

For proximity so if you’re getting close to something you can choose to turn that off if you want to where that would come in handy what we learned is we got some snow and ice and the sensors got covered with some ice and they were thought we were right next to something and beeping the whole entire time we were driving so we turned it off so for storage in the

Front part of the vehicle there’s a drawer under the driver seat that pulls out and as a mother of small children the first thing i thought when i saw that was that’s a great place to put some diapers so i have some diapers in there and some first-aid stuff it’s completely out of the way doesn’t get trampled on or anything so i like that drawer another thing in

The center console is huge it does the front does move up and to become like a writing tray for it’s a work van or something i haven’t personally used that or anything but could come in handy for the center console is huge it’s basically a big open space there’s a regular outlet plug in there that i mentioned before it comes with a tray you can put your smaller

Items money at in the top there and it’s a big open space and fit bags or cds or whatnot you have that you need to put in there also on the center console you’ve got four cup holders here and there’s a little cubby hole kind of down further another slot up top for different items there’s definitely a lot of storage and space to put things from this driver seat

On your side doors both on your passenger and on your driver side there’s a slot it’s big enough to hold water bottles and books i put various items in there sometimes but it’s just a big sturdy deep space to put things in that sun both both sides one last storage spot on the driver’s seat is there’s a pocket in the front right hand side here specifically for

Your cellphone and i was all excited to use it and i put my phone in there the first time and then i forgot it was there and it was lost for two days so don’t forget you have that there to use it but it is handy to slide your phone in there and especially when your phone rings if you have it plugged up or hooked up with the the bluetooth it’ll ring and you can

Answer it without having to pull it out of that slot so just don’t forget it’s there so the top console above your head here controls your temperature for the back of the vehicle got your heat and then your fan lights there there’s a reading a lot on either side that you can turn on if you want to individually and there’s also a slot for sunglasses up there in

Your sun visors are large and they are one thing we did notice was there is not a mirror on either side of that there is a little pocket that you can slide some papers paperwork into if needed one of the things that we liked about this vehicle as well over some of the other ones that are on the market are the seats they are designed for a full-grown person and

Anyone who’s had more than one car seat in a car at a time and they take up a lot of space and so this and our children are going to grow and become full-grown people so they have all the seats have headrests on them and one of the best things that we liked was the seat belt they are all attached to the seat itself so as you’re climbing into the back it’s very

Easy to get back in and out you’re not climbing through and around and under seat belts and getting strangled by them which i have had happen before so we really like the seats they’re very easy to use there’s also different ways that you can move them around they’re easy to take out and put in if needed and the row the first two rows are three seats and so it’s

A double that are together and there’s a single seat and in these first two rows there are two cupholders that are underneath the seat here that slide out and then back in when they’re not in use so your first two rows are going to be that way in your back row is a four seater and so it’s two sections that come out separately if you want to or you can take out

Both to have the full-back open and there’s a lot of variety and versatility in the way that you can situate your seats move them around as needed and and it was just a good feature for us to customize exactly how you need it when you need it the lights at the top and there you can have different settings of off all the time you can have it turn on when you open

The doors or on all the time and there are there’s a set of lights for each row and you can also turn them on as of reading light or off and one thing i had my kids were in the back row and they wanted to read some books so they turned on lights back there when we were driving at night and it didn’t interrupt my driving ability at all so it was kind of nice for

Them to be able to go back there and and see what they were reading in the dark and not bother me while i was while i was driving overall we really do like the nissan nv it’s a vehicle that is easy to drive it will grow with our family it’s comfortable inside and has versatility that and options that you don’t always find in a vehicle of this size so i hope you enjoyed today review

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Nissan NV 3500 HD SL Passenger Van Review By Greg Thames

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