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Nissan LEAF – Test Drive

In this video, our EV Specialist Michael Coghlan takes you on a Test Drive of the Nissan LEAF. The model featured in the video is an SVE 62kw MY19.

Hi and thanks for your interest in nissan leaf my name is michael i’m a business manager and ev specialist with nissan today i’m going to take you on a test drive in the simply amazing 100 electric nissan leaf and i’m going to point out many of the features and benefits of the car the car that we’re going to drive today is a 62 kilowatt sve but i will be sure

To point out the differences between the grades as we go along okay so before we set off it’s important to get comfortable in the car and make sure that the seat is in the correct position for us driving there’s a bar at the front of the seat here which allows us to slide the seat backwards and forwards we also have a lever on the side of the seat here to adjust

The height of the seat once we have that done set the headlights to auto and set the wipers to auto okay so now we’re ready to go the first thing we’ve got to do is power the car up all nissan leafs come with a push button start and to power the car we put our right foot on the brake and press the power button once the car is powered up we get a ready to drive

Light on our dashboard here the one thing you will notice about the leaf when it’s powered up is how silent it is but rest assured pedestrians cyclists pets children are aware of the car’s presence thanks to a system called vsp which is vehicle sound for pedestrians and this operates in the leaf up to 30 kilometers an hour it’s a digital sound that’s outside

The car it then reactivates when the car goes below 25 kilometers okay so to get going the leaf has three driving modes there’s d mode b mode and eco mode we’re going to select d mode just to get going and to do this we slide the selector over pull it down and d comes up on our dash we’re now ready to go the sve we’re in has an automatic handbrake and this

Will disengage automatically as we drive off in an sv and an sv premium we will release the foot brake in the left foot well just gently press on the the brake release it and that’s it off we go okay so like i said the leaf has tree driving modes we’ve got d mode we’ve got b mode and we’ve got eco mode d mode is for general and motorway use b mode increases

The strength of brake regeneration and then eco mode extends our range to get the best range out of the car if we use the smooth acceleration of eco mode and the regenerative braking of b mode combined together this will give us our best range to select b mode as we drive along just slide the selector over and down like we did for d mode as you ease off the

Accelerator you will actually feel the car slow and break for you when the car is doing this it’s actually putting power back into the battery if we select eco mode by pressing this button we will actually see our range increase from 264 to 284 kilometers at the moment and glancing at the combi meter i can always see my battery percentage my battery percentage

Is at 73 percent at the moment i have 269 kilometers of range and when i select eco mode i have 284 kilometers of range i can also see the time i have traffic sign recognition in front of me as well which is showing me 80 kilometers an hour and i can also see the temperature which is 17 degrees my combi meter will always display the driving mode that i’m in so

At the moment i’m in b mode and i also have eco on and then we have e-pedal e-pedal won an innovation award at the 2019 irish car of the year awards e-pedal allows us to accelerate slow down and brake just using the accelerator pedal sounds a little bit daunting but believe me it’s one of the most comfortable ways to drive the car in traffic to select e-pedal

We simply slide the e-pedal button here down again it’s eliminated on our dashboard you will actually feel the accelerator pedal get heavier as you drive so as i accelerate away the car accelerates as normal but as i ease off the accelerator the car will actually break it’ll arm the brake lights to let the traffic behind know that we’re slowing down and it will

Come to a complete halt e-pedal will also hold the car on a hill so there’s no need to use our brake and we just accelerate away then one of the other things you will notice when you drive the nissan leaf is the power in the car the 40 kilowatt leaf has a 110 kilowatt motor which develops 150 brake horsepower and will take you from now to 100 kilometers an

Hour in just 7.9 seconds the car we’re driving the 62 kilowatt nissan leaf has a 160 kilowatt motor which develops 217 brake horsepower and that will propel us from knot to 100 kilometers an hour in just 6.9 seconds and if we press the accelerator you can really feel the power the nissan leaf has a 5 star end cap safety rating this comes as no surprise when

We look at the host of safety features that are standard across the range for starters we have intelligent forward emergency braking we have lane departure warning and intervention we’ve blind spot warning in our mirrors and we have rear cross traffic alert the sv and the sv premium nissan leaf come with intelligent cruise control the sve comes with pro pilot

Pro pi that helps us stay in lane it will accelerate for us it will break for us and it will keep a set distance to the car in front to set the intelligent cruise control or the pro pilot we simply press the button here and then press set the car is now steering for me it’s staying in lane and it’s accelerating and braking and keeping the distance to the car

In front i can change my speed by pressing the plus button and the minus button my speed is now set to the motorway speed that i’m on of 100 kilometers an hour the car will maintain this speed if i do come up behind another car a slower car the car will slow and keep the distance to it i can preset my distance to 30 meters 45 meters or 60 meters and just as a

Reminder even though pro pilot will steer the car for you it’ll accelerate it’ll break it’ll come to a complete stop and it’ll move off pro pilot is a driver’s aid and you should remain in control of the car at all times to select reverse in the nissan leaf slide the shift selector over and push it up the car is now in reverse it’s displayed on our screen and

In an sv premium and an sve that we’re in the around view monitor will come on this gives us a bird’s eye view of the car and is very very handy for parking so as you can see as i reverse into a parking space i can see all around the car i can see the cars either side of me i can see the white lines that i’m reversing into which allows me to park perfectly okay

And just before we finish a few green facts about the nissan leaf 60 of the interior of the nissan leaf is made from recycled material all the insulation that’s used in the nissan leaf is recycled clothing and 99 of the nissan leaf is recyclable at the end of its lifespan even the batteries are recyclable but the batteries have a second life as energy storage

And in fact the world’s largest energy storage facility is the johan cruyff arena in amsterdam and it’s powered by 148 nissan leaf batteries okay so that concludes our test drive i hope you found this video useful and helpful if you have any more questions on specification or pricing contact your local nissan dealer or log on to nissan.ia

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Nissan LEAF – Test Drive By Nissan Ireland

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