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Altair Club Cars Nissan Leaf 2022 FACELIFT – FULL REVIEW (exterior, interior, infotainment) N-Connecta

Nissan Leaf 2022 FACELIFT – FULL REVIEW (exterior, interior, infotainment) N-Connecta

Taking you on a full tour & review of the new Nissan Leaf 2022 Facelift model.

Hello guys welcome back to the channel welcome back to a new video today we are in sofia at the car show and we have the redesigned nissan leaf in front of us so this is the 2022 model the facelifted version so let’s see what’s new not much has changed but we do have a bit of a different design so let’s start with the front where you will notice the new nissan

Badge looking much more modern and suits this electric vehicle much more than the previous one we also have a bit of a redesigned front grille and here we have a well-known led lights with the nice data running leds this is where you charge the car your charging port and i believe this is also the new color what’s also new are the wheels so the wheels are 16 and

17 inch these being these 17 inch 245 50 r17 to be honest i’m a big fan of this design so almost everything is in gloss black but we do have this chrome elements on the edges we also have the new nissan badge on the wheels that’s a nice detail let me show you the car from this angle pretty aggressive side skirts and from the rear well there we go i will go

To the different side actually maybe we’ll see more it’s a well-known shape of those lights at the rear we also have the new nissan badge let’s see if it’s better from this angle because the car is close to the wall yeah there we go let me open the trunk 435 liters on this one because this is the version with a smaller battery if you go for the version with a

Bigger battery then you get 420 liters i believe there are also some convenient features such as this you can put some smaller elements on this side so that they don’t go all around the car and yeah well that’s pretty much it when we talk about the trunk of course you can fold the seats and if you want to close the tailgate this is where you do it leaf lettering

I quite like the new design of the badge and now without further ado let’s step on board let’s see the interior is a lovely speck with the blue color and bright interior uh first thing you notice is the new badge on the steering wheel but let’s see some details here this is nice in leather gloss black finish here to be honest not a huge fan we have the cup holder

Here or should i say actually the door pocket with this section for your bottle without further ado let’s jump on board because this is b pink since we have the lights on all right then new badge in front of us and this is a well-known layout so you have the classic dial for the speedometer but digitalized uh panel on your left this is the touchscreen here nice

Slider actually and the various functions for the ac and for the temperature are here that’s always nice to have heating off the seats this is where you would start the vehicle wireless charger for your phone usb c and usb the classic one so both ports are here 12 volt power supply this is the well-known gear selector basically it would go to to your left and

Then towards you to go into drive or b which is the mode for maximum recuperation neutral and reverse would be the opposite way so on your left and then and then you go straight let’s say something like that cup holders they are not adjustable electronic parking brake and some small storage area here as well speaking about the storage areas another one of course

Here the glove box and let’s see if we can turn this on and we managed to get the key the keys are in this box not gonna open it but we do have the infotainment system here this car has also the possibility of apple carplay android auto nice navigation and actually this is pretty responsive as you can see you can change the views so let’s see this if we zoom

In various information and nice 3d shape of the buildings that’s quite cool i quite like this navigation system and if you press this you change between night and day mode you go back with this button camera let’s see if we can have the camera view i believe the car would need to be turned on for that menu this is your main menu and then you can swipe it to

The left or to the right you can also customize the menu so you can put various widgets and shortcuts depending on what you usually use and what you usually need probably media radio telephone and navigation would be like the most common things that you know the driver uses settings are here here’s where you adjust navigation settings for example map settings

You can have the 3d map split view which can be useful on road trips and yeah well more settings let’s see this map color standard emphasize roads emphasize text and emphasize traffic let’s put the standard one and you can also customize the map text size and well actually bunch of options for the navigation let’s go back and let’s see actually more settings

Okay yeah that just let’s go back sound settings the volume and beeps i believe you can have the button beep yeah now we have like the beep i quite like it so i will keep it on clock mode clock format and and settings for the camera system updates language and actually display settings brightness contrast black level all can be adjusted here so actually

I think this is really a decent infotainment system and with this seven inch screen you basically have everything that you need this car also has the pro pilot which is the semi-autonomous driving system and i quite like the fact that the ac is on this switch is here so air blower is here then the temperature can be adjusted here and yeah well that’s pretty much

It when we talk about the infotainment system and i just realized that i haven’t shown you the seats so there they are a bit more details and from the rear similar pattern as on the front let’s just do this anyway let us now jump on board and it’s a decent amount of room here this is your view on the front let me show you how much space i have for my head okay

And this is the situation so just about right i’m one meter 87 let us now talk about the technical details i will open deep on it this is the version as i already told you with a smaller battery and we don’t have hydraulic struts so i’ll be back with you in a moment there are two battery options for the buyers 40 kilowatt-hour battery or 62 kilowatt-hour battery

As i told you this is the model with the 40 kilowatt-hour battery and 150 horsepower if you go with the larger battery then you have 217 horsepower electric motor so those are the options and of course range is a bit different because on this one we have a range if we take a look here of 270 kilometers by wltp standard where with the bigger battery you would get

Around 385 kilometers of range by wltp standard in order to open the charging port you need to press this button here and now you see this opens and there you have it and that was the quick look at the new nissan leaf tell me in your comments how do you like it but now let us check out these specs for the model in our video name of this trim is an connector with

40 kilowatt-hour battery length of this vehicle 4 meters 49 150 horsepower and as i said 270 kilometers of range by wltp standard this is the equipment that this car has and the leaf connector price is here this is in bulgaria i will put the euro amount in the description so you can check it out for more details and that’s it for now tell me in your comments how

Do you like the car and yeah well let me do another walk around and show you the car from this angle there we go thank you very much for watching subscribe and see you on the next one bye bye

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Nissan Leaf 2022 FACELIFT – FULL REVIEW (exterior, interior, infotainment) N-Connecta By crospotter13

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