nissan gtr vs porsche 911 turbo
Altair Club Cars Nissan GTR vs Porsche 911 Turbo S – Fifth Gear

Nissan GTR vs Porsche 911 Turbo S – Fifth Gear

Tiff and Jason put two incredible cars up against each other in a drag race, g-force test and finally a head to head race.

Which one of these two nutters deserves to be crowned king of the high-tech supercar we’ll start with a drag race a brand new more astounding than ever nissan gtr versus the porsche 911 turbo s a freshly upgraded version of the nissan’s legendary arch-enemy both have 530 horsepower but we have no idea which one will be quicker you ready noodles place your bets

Full revs oh fighter stole just slightly better better to slip this of the line we catch them catch them catch them catch them attachment was coming back i think i just edged it it’s unbelievable although we’re in trouble in clothes there wasn’t though i was catching either you got lower gear in the kitchen 62 faster and then this was gary go talk on that thing

Right unbelievable i think we’ll find the porsche wondering hey the nissen costs 70,000 pounds and finished just whiskers behind the 125 thousand pound porsche but how will it fare in our second challenge which is all about grip this pair are designed to stick to the road like droid on bubblegum but which does it best this is gadget meshes lateral g-force it’s

Not an exact science but more grip equals higher g first up the turbo s which is packed with technology to make it grip right to be like its rear brakes automatically fight for milliseconds to help the front wheels turn in and then gain but not to bring up even the engine mount stiffen up to control its weight 1.07 jeez it sounds good to me well wang zhi is the

Milestone which all rope road cars struggle to beat so to get over 1 g if corner for something is pretty good time for the nissa it’s not as mean into the corner accounts you realize that name can be a hassle the new gtr has faster reacting suspension the newest model its value at 1 and the bodywork generates for 10% wall downforce 1.09 g that means i’ve made more

Than you owe by 0.02 and you could have just hit a bump and it would have made it clicker i think you’ll find it’s the way i’m not a very scientific test no but it is a bit less as you can tell tiff was not happy but by a tiny margin the gtr did win the test it’s one apiece and time for a decider a two-lap race well we’ll say which one is quickest overall if i’m

Honest i’m struggling to speak it’s that quick can a 70 thousand pound listen look faster than a 125 thousand pound portions don’t delay oh the thing i notice oh we pump in there all of your chance always be tied up inside all right clever boy i see moments there actually got the third one rabbit killed on the bus already brakes i love my ceramic brakes that’s

Not gonna help my cool what am i gonna go in there yes that was a bit late this thing is absolutely oh he’s having a girl why is he one come back come on jake me come on lads he’s coming back at me and see come back later for such as understand when you behalf broccoli doesn’t heat gun offender i think he’s better balance there’s all having a bit too quick to

Actually commentate what’s going on there that quick always till i get on them do you little cheeky devil you don’t let the back cover of a ceiling on the way out keep it cool now i can just fit the finish line makings one more corner that bit of top-end speed has just given me the advantage to get to the line that window days there’s barely a second between them

That was close but the turbo s coaches it crowning it king of the high tech supercar but the gtr is still an astonishing high-speed bargain laughs a paper away from just smoking the wall

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Nissan GTR vs Porsche 911 Turbo S – Fifth Gear By Fifth Gear

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