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Altair Club Cars Nissan GT-R review: R32, R33, R34 and R35 back to back

Nissan GT-R review: R32, R33, R34 and R35 back to back

The GT-R turns 50 this year, but the Godzilla legend really kicked off in Australia 29 years ago, where it instantly tried to ruin Australian motorsport forever by being too good before being banned after just two years. We love a good villain though, and today Malcolm Flynn got the very special chance to drive the best of them, back to back in front of their very trusting owners.

The gdr turns 50 this year but the godzilla jan really kicked off 29 years ago where it tried to ruin australian motorsport forever before being banned after just two years we love a good villain though and today i’ve got the very special chance of driving the best of them back to back in front of their very trusting owners sekou r32 gtr the car that really started

The legend yeah nearly destroyed australian motorsport almost but you know that’s where legends are born so this is where it all started with the rb 26 twin turbos or will the driver will steer yeah yeah i’m not about any organism that he is 30 years old 30 g’s i think with the for drive system we’ve got a g course sensor here in the middle steering angle sensor

The throttle position sensor axle sensors and it sends fluid from that rare pump to the board one clutch pack that’s the ignition system and then the kicks ins a little bit less with them when they kick in you are pointing in that direction and going that way yeah so well they go on a bit tronic wizardry still a lot of mechanicals to make it all work so a lot

Of these guys modifying your gtrs but you’re trying to keep your stuff as possible is there any deviation from standard i do have garrett – knife to her bows yep way bigger than stocks probably yeah a little bit but the advantage they have steel turbine blades yep stop gdr had ceramic lights very very responsive that was from really love it was too great oh

Yeah that was a second second life said so why a 933 race the second generation of the b engine gtrs yeah to be honest i always loved the gtrs like from when i was young i loved them one day one of my friends who owns one of these let me go for a drive in it and it only took one one driver and it was a 15-minute drive down the highway that convinced me i just

Had to have one it’s a special formula it is so these bigots yes and respectability in the rear it’s a big difference in spot that’s the to get those laughter like that is what people that actually reverse it and take it back to the non v-spec stuff really yeah i think it’s just it’s better off when you’re making big power to have an on v-spec ii list in the

Back so standard turbos sander turbos obviously feels botched getting here is a little more stand so from that yes sites that completely stock set the nice and responsive from just that you never take me off to do granted yeah and it feels like a bunch of bigger into the two point six liters yeah and by i suppose that between the twins you know then very smooth

Responsiveness in a lot of people like that’s really response and stuff viterbo’s nowadays will be just as responsive you might need to get his placement on hell’s this ceremony 1996 so this is 96 month so but yeah they’re like it’s a really big car so far put it on your race and it doesn’t feel big or heavy or you know it just feels tight yes even a lot of

People are saying it to go old it is but yeah people call them a boat but i mean i’ve found it handles fairly well feels tiny next to the other so the r34 was the last gdr to have the a b-26 twin-turbo manual and the manual variant and it got a lot quicker than the outfit it’s read in that so the shorter by sort of wheelbase by 55 i stated place gets she’s

Breathing heavily a heavy yeah so this is the first time i’ve driven our thirty force and so on you that’s great to be there okay when i drove the r34 i drove our 35 two weeks later it was brand-new and 34 more oh jim hatten yeah well i tell more nimble you know she feels more nimble but obviously not as quick more raw more fun as the drivers came in and look

You know i’m a big fan of the basalt blue but this what’s what’s this this is a local athletes or f flippers on the 200 something believe we’re one of two well it still feels great okay when did they stop making these to say it feels feels be tired of the r33 which hope but you can tell it’s the same engine under there and we’ve barely driven slowly today but

There’s nothing to suggest it’s not worthy of the legend now approaching its twelfth birthday which is forever in terms of your typical model life the gdr has been updated yet again for 2020 they’re celebrating the godzilla nameplates fiftieth anniversary with this special edition i’m driving right now aside from the return of the r34 legendary bayside

Blue paint option only the biggest gtr fans will spot the external differences which include a slightly different wheel design blue exhaust tips and little inserts in the front corner ducts but the changes under the skin are even more discreet new turbos are five percent more efficient plus different brake actuation and calibration tweaks to the dual clutch

Transaxle or wheel drive system and adaptive suspension the biggest change for daily users is the new multimedia system from the leaf and navara that also brings apple carplay and android auto to the gt-r for the first time the nismo version has been dropped if the gt-r is still split into premium premium luxury and track edition trim levels with the built order

50th anniversary edition not limited by build numbers it’s based on the premium luxury and can be distinguished by contrasting decals inspired by a 1971 haku sky racer 50th anniversary badging and a special gray trim color on the inside even more than decade later the gdr is still a mammoth car the 911 turbos may now be quicker and listen they have stopped

Quoting 0 to 100 times and nurburgring figures with each successive update there’s still no other car around that can match it’s brutal looks with such aggressive performance and thrills for the driver this is a big heavy car and it’s still really quick while the 2020 changes aren’t quite enough to disguise its age it’s still pretty fantastic the listen continues

To develop it as there’s no other car that can mentions distinct character you

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