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Altair Club Cars Nissan Ariya Vs Fisker Ocean / Brutal Analysis

Nissan Ariya Vs Fisker Ocean / Brutal Analysis

Nissan Ariya vs Fisker Ocean

While the ever-increasing number of electric vehicle choices is good for ending monopoly in the industry it does cause a small problem and that is the difficulty in selecting which vehicle to buy specifically the greater the number of choices you have for one thing the more you are overwhelmed by the decision each electric car is unique thanks to the features

It exclusively has this is the case when you consider the case of two new evs namely the nissan area and the fiskar ocean these cars are the 2023 model and will hopefully hit the road at the end of this year the thing is that both of these cars are electric and each has its pros and cons that you cannot determine just by looking at them at first glance you might

Be captivated by the car’s look however only if you go into the in-depth analysis of the car well you understand whether it is the right choice for you or not this is the purpose of this video we will be showing you today among aria and ocean which is the best choice for you personally so if you want to know which car you are better off buying keep watching the

Video to the end as we will deep dive into each vehicle’s specifications individually number one design considering the exterior and the design both vehicles are formidable competitors in the ev segment while both are compact suvs the area boasts a sporty look with angular lines and sharp curves and the ocean on the other hand offers more of a more mature and

Less aggressive look the latter is made to look more futuristic elegant and sophisticated number two engine and performance the aria gets its power from the torque split system that offers you to choose from either dual motor front wheel drive or front and rear motor all-wheel drive the front wheel model can take 7.2 seconds to reach 60 miles per hour from a

Standing stance while the all-wheel drive is claimed to cut this time down to a sub 5 seconds the top of the line model makes 389 horses or 443 pound-feet of torque the speed tops out at 124 miles per hour if you consider buying the ocean you can only get the all-wheel drive the 540 horsepower allows it to fly through the 0-60 test and it can complete it in less

Than 4 seconds despite having an engine that produces more power ocean still has the same top speed as the nissan number 3 range the most fundamental thing when buying an electric car has to be by all means its range if you consider any other thing when getting yourself an electric vehicle you are doing it wrong range decides how efficient a vehicle is and how

Much practicality it offers to the consumer it is a deciding factor that can either make or break the sales of a vehicle both nissan and fisker have given special attention to this feature to maximize the range in every possible way the venture plus trim of the area offers up to 300 miles of driving range per charge which is very decent in the world of electric

Vehicles while for the ocean the epa estimates a single motor model can travel 250 miles on a single charge the range can be increased to 350 miles using dual motors the area will be capable of charging at home on 110 or 240 volt outlets and also of course on the charging stations the same is the case with the ocean 2. one added benefit for the ocean is that

Roof mounted solar panels called solar sky can supply up to 2000 miles of range per year number four interior and related features the interior of the area is quite the opposite of its exterior a minimalistic and simple approach has been taken to design the interior the cabin is spacious at the front with a low floor and a smooth dashboard though the space at

The back is a little congested but still it is quite enough if only two people are in the back seats two 12.3 inch displays serve the purpose of a digital cluster and infotainment system the car may also include a feature that syncs with a driver’s schedule so that the car takes appropriate steps before you enter the car to start your day it will also feature

Nissan’s very own pro pilots version 2.0 along with the basics like lane keep assist adaptive cruise control emergency braking and so on fisker has also left no stone unturned in giving the best they could on an affordable budget don’t be fooled by the plain and straightforward dashboard the car is controlled by the central touchscreen which is just huge it is a

17.1 inch display like those fitted in the teslas the features that set it apart from others are the panoramic detachable sunroof panels removing which will give you the experience of a convertible the powered rear liftgate an adjustable steering column a slim digital gauge cluster and the use of attractive materials further beautify the car’s interior besides

The standard features like crews emergency brakes and such the ev also includes the fisker intelligent pilot a driver assistance technology number five pricing and finally let’s discuss pricing the entry level price for the fisker ocean is 39 thousand dollars and depending on the added features the most premium model retails for around seventy thousand five

Hundred dollars now when you look at the nissan area it is somewhat more expensive the base metal starts at 47 000 and goes all the way up to 60 000 for the top of the line trim variant so this was a comparison i have tried covering all the differences between these two cars hope now will be easier for you to pick the winner depending on your daily needs and

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