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Hello everyone welcome back to my channel and today we’re going to be going over the nissan 400z or as it’s called in this game what is it the prototype or something like that it’s um it’s pretty weird yeah the nissan c proto so um i would have made a video on this like a long time ago but i’ve been sick for the past like week or so so i’ve been taking some time off

And uh letting my voice recover so for uh for this car it’s got all blue in the engine bay actually it’s a blue car so everything else on the car is blue itself is there any like um is there any body kits for this thing i mean like there’s the aftermarket seat proto but is there anything else for it no it literally just shifts everything in weirdly it’s weird so

There’s no really body kits for it um can you um this would actually give you kind of like a good idea of like what spoiler would go on but anyway back to the car um rb26 forged um gtx 3070 60r so we can push that up two more psi um get a blue intake short ram air intake blue ecu um exhaust blue intercooler see i’m still sick um stage two clutch um so this

Makes like 6 39 now i think it made like 6 20 something i don’t know but um these wheels and tires i’m living for so let’s raise these up a bit more to 40 rears or yeah rears we’re gonna go 35 so these are obviously infinite because of the tires that come on the car z proto calipers that’s pretty cool the costal base kit um that’s probably one thing i will

Change in the future but these rims not changing the z protostock alloys they’re really cool i really like that whole vibe a costal base kit we’re going to go with just a hair just a hair of rear camber suspension that’s one thing we need to touch drop the spring length up the stiffness um i don’t think i did that on the front so we need to adjust that and um

Boom boom yeah like i said i’ve been sick for the past week so i would have you know made a video on this earlier but um unfortunately i just physically was not able to i could not speak for like more than like five seconds without having to like die coughing but this thing makes 639 horsepower um has the nixon cp 672 proto tires and uh yeah dirk rpm that has

A nice bluff okay oh crap i didn’t change the rear i didn’t change the rear psi okay i didn’t change the rear psi but from driving it it’s actually really good so this isn’t going to be the best because i didn’t change the rear psi so like the front’s at like 35 in the rears at like 18 so it’s not like uh it’s not a good estimate of like what this car is like

Good for but i mean as you can see it handles very well i’m able to get extremely close to the wall like look at that like oh dude that’s amazing that’s amazing oh man i looked up for like once oh my god we were able to save it oh my god so this would do with like maybe 30 psi in the room like because this is this is really good right now oh man i lost it

Oh right in the wall oh well okay well now we get to look at it without a bumper in it okay well basically that was a really good drive i’m very i’m very happy with that extremely happy with that so let’s change the rear psi and then let’s change the rear psi and let’s bump that up a bit but um yeah you won’t have to change the tires or anything like that and

Because there’s no body kits or anything like that the wheels and tires can just stay like it’s not that big of a deal um boop uh tire there we go oh it’s at 12 okay well then let’s maybe not go let’s go 28. um all right now let’s go back and drive it again yeah dude i’ve had like i was like coughing and sneezing like my nose was going like i couldn’t breathe

My throat was hurting it was terrible but um yeah it was it was not fun so yeah a little bit of slip right there which is kind of what we want so we can just go in here oh yeah that’s immediately better 28 so 35 in the front oh maybe not that may not be a good thing because i was not able to turn but as we saw it it’s all about tire psi because at 18 it did not

Do that but so if you uh up your tire psi you just got to be ready and prepared to um curb it like that um so you can adjust with it but you’re able to come in you just gotta be more like aware of like what your car is doing and how fast your like reaction time is gonna be to what it’s doing so it’s really good but yeah i haven’t recorded in like a week so it’s

It’s really weird it’s really weird not like like over the past week and not having to record oh my god that was so close oh my god that was insanely close but um oh no did i just screw this one up oh my god come on no i just screwed that one up man that sucks sad boy hours man that would have been a first place finished easy i think we should do one more i i

Think we should do one more one more is where it’s at because um we can get first we can get first but this car is amazing i i rate it i rate it high it’s not liking incredible incredible but it’s like it’s not bad like it’s it’s drivable and that’s what we’re looking for now in these new cars that they keep releasing because there’s already like the founding

Like like there’s the silvias and the skylines and stuff like that that are like cemented into the top like the 350 and stuff they’re like they’re always actually no i don’t know why i’m like surprised this thing dries well because the 350 and the 370 drive incredibly and this is in game probably based on the same platform as the 350 and the 370. so it makes sense

As to why this would drive well so it it works i like it i like it a lot and i think i’m gonna be driving with it more it’s not a first place finisher every single time like my 350 but um it’s definitely it definitely puts in work come on come on come on let me get first let me get first let me get first let me get first come on let’s go first place in the new

Z i’m i’m actually extremely excited for this thing for when they release more body kits and stuff like that and i want to keep it as close to like obviously there’s no vqs in the game so i can’t have an original engine but like that’s all but if you guys enjoyed this video please don’t forget to drop a like and also subscribe down below we are so close to 500

Subs we have like 12 more days like 12 13 more days left in the month so um if you’re not already just subscribe we’re almost there we’re like 20 subs away i will see you guys in the next one peace out

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