night driving in the nissan gt r
Altair Club Cars Night Driving in the Nissan GT-R – Jay Lenos Garage

Night Driving in the Nissan GT-R – Jay Lenos Garage

Night Driving in the Nissan GT-R. Jay and his buddy Sam tour Tokyo in the homegrown supercar known as the pride of Japan.

Koko de ggrf krub yeah you know it’s midnight in japan and i’m told there’s a meeting of the gtr club somewhere in tokyo i think i found it sam you’re hurt aren’t you too hon yeah i’m good it’s the same mitanni he broke the story on the gtr a couple years ago on road and track and this is where the guys meet yeah this is a little private little meeting of gtr

Owners they ride together i’ve always been fascinated by the egr cuz it’s a car that is not available in america and japan is a spiritual home of this car it’s a homegrown supercar that guys here really covet something yeah they do and we get you know a good turnout here we got you know very very loyal owners and they all seemed to be earlier cars some of them

Going back to the 90s right yeah early 90s yeah now if i’m not mistaken the gtr is the highest powered supercar ever built in japan isn’t it uh yeah it’s the 485 to 500 horsepower sure that car was well over a hundred and maybe $20,000 the u.s. so it’s a hard card for the average guy do it to attain in japan it is yes some of my friends gtr owners they’re even

Cup ramen noodles every night so they could since i could drive this car right you’re a lot of pride in the gtr absolutely yeah the gtr is is really the pride of japan right now yes cars pretty much conquered the world as in you know getting a fan support just enthusiasm all indian in general so yeah it’s they’re very proud of the stuff i would love to take the

Gtr around tokyo and see what it’s like on the right-hand side driving in tokyo in the conditions in which the car was developed and just see a little bit of the time would you go with me yeah let’s do it cool let’s do it this is kind of neat driving a gtr after midnight on the streets of tokyo every time i get out to get what a big car this is you don’t really

Get the sense that it you’re carrying almost two tons with you you know the combination of the four-wheel drive and the tremendous torque it it moves along you know anytime you’re not on the gas it’s a nissan you know it’s not until you hit the pedal you realize what tremendous power this thing is capable of you know you could give this to your grandmother she

Could run errands with it and have no idea just how how powerful it is you know i can’t help but think i’ve seen these streets before in a video game you know i play all those driving games and i must be one cold streets of tokyo because i feel like i’m between looking at this dashboard and it being nighttime when i’m going through a tunnel i feel like i’m and

Then a live action video game while what a thrill this has been driving japan’s premier supercars to downtown tokyo after midnight just sounds cool you

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